Chapter 248 Xiaohu Group

    "OH ~ the brightest star in the night sky, please guide Shit near you!"

    In the living room of the hotel's business suite, Zhang Junzhi just finished singing a song.

    It is Lu Chen’s "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky."

    Chen Feier first slammed the palm of his hand and cocked his thumb and praised him: "Xiaozhi sings really well!"

    This little handsome guy is 15 years old this year, but he has already passed the voice change period. His Voice is still pretty good. This "The brightest star in the night sky" is obviously practiced, the tone is sung very accurately, and the breath is quite in place.

    At such an age as him, it is worthwhile to say such a degree.

    But quite professional Singer, Zhang Junzhi is not enough.

    Lu Chen can hear that Chen Feier can of course also, even Li Jie one's own is very clear.

    "You don't want to spoil Xiaozhi, Mayfair, he is fresh and fun, talent is not good enough!"

    Ms. Li said calmly: "He wants a chance to try it out, one's own can't do it."

    If you change to an ordinary person, Zhang Junzhi wants to take the Singer road. It is basically difficult to get through. His lack of voice can make the memory deep, and nothing is left in the circle of Beijing.

    But he is not an ordinary person after all, and Father Mother is the upper class in the circle.

    As long as you are willing to take the effort to hold it, even those who are worse than him can also take it.

    Lu Chen thought about it and asked: "Xiaozhi, have you really decided to go to Singing?"

    Zhang Junzhi nodded very seriously and said: "Yes, I want to be a film and television song "Tristar!"

    Film and television songs and amphibious, have succeeded in three aspects, I am afraid it is the dream of countless artists.

    There are not many that can really do this.

    Not everyone can qualify for the amphibious superstar!

    "Well, my ambition is good…"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Then you have to work harder than others."

    He does not criticize Zhang Junzhi for being so good. It is not a bad thing for a teenager to have lofty ideals and aspirations.

    Zhang Junzhi also has a foundation and capital.

    Lu Chen indulged for a moment and said to Li Jie: "Li Jie. If you want me to give your opinion, then my opinion is not to let Zhang Junzhi go solo. ”

    Li sister’s eyes lit up: “Do you mean grouping?”

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes, I suggest you sign another two newcomers with similar age and appearance to form a young male team. I think there should be a market appeal."

    At present, there are dozens of popular Musical World, male and female groups. The male group is particularly affected by Japanese and Korean. There are even many male members who are artists from Republic of Korea or Japan.

    Therefore, the market for the men's team is still very large, especially among young people.

    The most important thing is that the formation of the men's team can greatly compensate Zhang Junzhi's shortcomings. Highlighted his strengths.

    If Chen Feier has something to realize: "Like MSN?"

    Speaking of this name, the sister of the day quietly glanced at Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen felt it, and smiled bitterly: "Yes."

    Miss Li has doubts: "Is the age of Xiaozhi too small for the men's group?"

    Most of the domestic men's team members are from trainees. After long time singing and song and dance training, the time of debut is usually 18 or 9 years old. It will almost be in its early twenties when it matures.

    This age group is currently the most popular.

    Zhang Junzhi is only 15 years old and looks too young – can young fans like it?

    Lu Chen said: "Small is a little small, but there are markets after zero!"

    After the birth of 2000, the largest is just 15 years old. This market is usually classified as a children's song. No men's team will deliberately cater to fans of this age.

    Lu Chen’s idea is undoubtedly quite new.

    Li sister frowned and thought about it.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "I feel that this idea is good. Songs can be created specifically for specific purposes. ”

    "How do you think Xiaozhi?"

    The key is to look at Zhang Junzhi's decision of one's own.

    Zhang Junzhi is very happy: "I like to organize. So I have a companion, Mother. What do you call us? ”

    He can't wait to get a loud name for the team of one's own.

    Lu Chen’s suggestion is really great!

    Ms. Li sighed: "You, Mother, I am old, I don't understand the ideas of your young people."

    Zhang Junzhi can only continue to ask Lu Chen: "Lu Chen, do you want to give a name?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "That is called Xiaohu group. It is the same as MSN. Your nickname is Xiaoshuaihu, and the other two are Xiaofeihu and Xiaoyuhu. How about?"

    "Little Tigers?"

    Zhang Junzhi seems to be hit by lightning, and he is stupid: "Little Shuaihu, me?"

    The most fascinating thing about his age is this one.

    Adults perhaps feel naive, but for these teenagers, it is simply an irresistible temptation!

    Little tiger group? Xiaoshuaihu, Xiaofeihu and Xiaohaohu?

    Chen Feier and Li Jie look at each other in dismay.

    After all, Chen Feier is a big coffee in the circle. After a little thought, she understands Lu Chen’s whimsy: “Very nice!”

    Li’s reaction was a little slower, and she clapped her hand and said, “Good! Then give Xiaozhi a male group, Xiaohu group, I will go back and register the brand first, and find someone to do the publicity plan! ”

    She is the CEO of Celebrity Manager Corporation. The more she wants to be, the more excited she is: “The logo of the brand is designed as three cartoons, Old Hu, which can be authorized in the future. Customized shoes, stationery, games, anime…Can do it! ”

    She couldn't help but stand up, walked back and forth two times, and thought more and more in her head.

    Domestic and foreign, male or female groups are not uncommon examples of large brands. Many Celebrity groups have launched their own clothing, cosmetics and even food, earning a lot of money.

    Xiaohu Group is mainly engaged in the low-age market of 15 years old, and the consumption power of this group is not low!

    Of course, Miss Li did not forget who came out of the idea: "Lu Chen, this brand is what you want to come out, Li Jie, I can't take you with you, I use Sancheng shares to exchange with you!"

    In the circle, Li Jie’s bold and well-known atmosphere is well known, and the clothes are not allowed to be eyebrows, and the work is very particular.

    Lu Chen only provided a name, and she decisively gave up 30% of the shares to Lu Chen, which was really very angry.

    Li Jie is not a simple-minded person. She has made a world in Beijing from a small woman who has no power or no appearance and no inland appearance. It is impossible to be savvy in Beijing.

    But she still gave a good time.

    In fact, from another perspective, the existence of 30% of the shares can make Lu Chen tied with the Xiaohu group, and whether the brand can start, and Lu Chen's support is absolutely inseparable!

    Just like the MSN that is now popular, if there are no songs written by Lu Chen, can it be so fast?

    Absolutely impossible!

    So Li Jie is definitely not a joke, or a time is hot.

    For the development of her son, she can sacrifice all the benefits of one's own, not to mention the 30% share.

    Chen Feier said with a smile: "Li Jie, see who has a share, then what about me?"

    Li sister smiled and said: "If you are willing to contribute, you will be given 20%, so that you can take half of the couple."

    Chen Feier said: "What a couple of things, I am joking…"

    Li sister Hehehe: "I am not kidding!"

    Chen Feier really wants, she really wants to give, there is support for these two plus one's own, Xiaohu group is not red!

    For this 30% share that fell into one's own hand, Lu Chen said that it is definitely not tempting at all.

    Of course he will not be willing.

    In addition to this idea, Lu Chen can come up with more things.

    He got up and went to the study and soon returned with his guitar.

    Because he had to live in Jinling for a while, Lu Chen brought a lot of things, including this guitar.

    Chen Feier suddenly said: "You are not going to create a song to the Xiaohu group now?"

    The so-called Xiaohu group is just an idea, and the eight characters are not a single one!

    She knows that there is no talent in Lu Chen’s creation, but this is too bad.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "The answer is right, but there are no prizes!"

    Zhang Junzhi’s plays are running out, and they will go back after the two days.

    Li Jie must follow him back to Beijing. Since the filming is down, it is sure to start to form a small tiger group.

    Lu Chen’s shooting work has just begun, and it’s impossible to have time to participate in it, so he simply comes up with a song, so that whether it is recruiting members or preparing albums, there is the most basic thing.

    It sounds a bit unbelievable, but a song that sings a Singer, or a team, is normal in the popular Musical World.

    In order to save time and improve efficiency, Lu Chen also refused to be shocked, and there were not many people on the scene.

    He took the guitar for a moment and then plucked the strings.

    Li Jie is very clever, she can't help but marvel, and quickly take the action machine to open the recording function, and she is in front of Lu Chen.

    “Baiyun crossed the hill and tried to find its home.

Xiao Yu wakes up the sleep in the dream and starts to smile.

I made youth a kite to climb the sky.

    The shell climbed onto the beach to see how big the world is,

Caterpillars look forward to having a pair of beautiful wings tomorrow.

The river lie in the embrace of the forest singing the song written in spring.

I slowly weave a picture of the years.

    Dream is the butterfly's wings,

Young is a paradise for flying,

Let go of the long line of kites,

Put love on the face of the years!

    Heart is the growth of Strength,

Like the wings of the butterfly,

The louder the wind,

The higher the song!


    In the clear and clean voice of Lu Chen, Li Jie and Chen Feier were completely stunned.

    They thought that one's own heard, it would be a rough and original inspiration, because the Xiaohu group is a temporary idea, and it is not a strange thing for Lu Chen to produce music.

    But no one thought that what he sang was a complete work.

    Whether it is the lyrics or the melody, it is simply tailored for the Little Tigers!

    Chen Feier stared at Lu Chen in disappointment.

    She wants to know how many miracles there are in Lu Chen's body!


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