Chapter 246 Theme Song

    The weekend drama "Blue Life and Death", jointly invested by Lu Chen Studio, Chen Feier Studio and Gande Brothers Films, was launched on November 17th.

    Lu Chen returned to Beijing with Chen Feier after attending the opening ceremony on the 17th. On the morning of the 23rd, he left Beijing to return to Jinling. This drama series has taken six days and took the first two episodes.

    Relying on the modern and mature film and television production system, the current drama series shooting speed is very fast, especially the weekend drama. The six-seven-day shooting is a normal Speed. Many low-cost internet dramas can even shoot one episode a day. High is something that practitioners could not have imagined before.

    However, after two days of shooting two episodes of "Blue Life and Death Love", Lu Chen was still worried.

    With such a short time, can you shoot the quality he wants to achieve?

    From the memory of the dream world, Lu Chen took the high-speed rail back to Jinling with an uneasy feeling. He couldn’t wait to see the first video of the filming, which is the so-called “original film” in the industry.

    Nowadays film and television production has long abandoned film, all using high-standard, high-quality digital video cameras, and "original film" refers to the unedited content of the film and television drama before the filming, without the late dubbing, soundtrack, Special Effect, etc. Processing, belonging to semi-finished products.

    The “original film” completed the post-processing and became “slices” before it could be released to the market.

    However, by watching the original film, you can basically see the quality level of film and television shooting, as well as the level of Director, actors and the entire drama crew.

    Lu Chen’s doubts disappeared after reading the original two episodes of the first episode!

    Director Fang Hui is worthy of her reputation in the circle, and the beginning of "Blue Life and Death" is very delicious.

    With the ancient city of Jinling as the background, the young Era, who is the protagonist of the male and female protagonist, is fully displayed. The director combines the feelings of non-blood brothers and sisters with the twists and turns that are destined to become tragedies. It constitutes the basic background of the whole world, and people can't help but be tempted to continue to look at it.

    In a hospital. Two babies were born on the same day, but because of the relationship of a child, Yin Junxi, the nameplates of the two children were changed.

    The two babies started two very different lives. The family-born baby went to a single-parent family, while the other baby, who was born in a single-parent family, went to a family that was both wealthy and happy. Happy growth.

    The story is also kicked off here!

    The two transferred babies lived in two very different families for 14 years, but because of a traffic accident in Yin Enxi, Professor Yin knew that one's own daughter had been raised for 14 years, and one's Your blood type is different!

    Under the tracing, I learned that because of the hospital's mistake. The two babies born on the same day were exchanged, but after discussing with Mrs. Yin, I thought that nothing happened, and I was willing to get people.

    Professor Yin’s true daughter, Cui Xinai, has lived a very hard life in that single-parent family. When she knew that one's own was originally a rich daughter, she decided to leave her single mother who raised her one's own for 14 years. Go to the wealthy Professor Yin.

    Cui Xin loves jealousy Yin Enxi, so she managed to make Enxi live one's own life before, and Enxi knows that one's own is going to return to her biological mother, so she has to look forward to her favorite adoptive mother and her brother immigration United States …


    When Lu Chen came to Jinling, the third episode had already started shooting. According to the script, he will appear at the end of this episode. The original film of the first two episodes will immediately enter the post-production process.

    Because there is not a lot of Special Effect. The post-production of Speed ​​will also be very fast.

    Lu Chen was writing the "Blue Life and Death" script. I did not fully copy the memory in the dream world, and made appropriate adjustments in the plot and settings. More realistic with the situation.

    In addition, he will write a suitable theme song for "Blue Life and Death"!

    So next Lu Chen's work will be very busy.

    Therefore, he simply rented a long-term business suite in a hotel near the film studio, until a total of 20 episodes of "Blue Life and Death" were completed.

    According to the average shooting speed of two episodes a week, he almost needs to stay here for two months!

    Li Feiyu also followed, and Lu Chen rented a single room for him.

    The cost of renting a hotel is calculated in the cost, there are specific provisions in the contract, so no need to save.

    On the afternoon of the 23rd, Chen Feier also came to Jinling.

    Compared with Lu Chen, the day-to-day work of this song is basically full, but in order to shoot "Blue Life and Death", she pushed off many of the original scheduled activities and rushed in advance.

    If she calculates the cost of benefit, her gains in "Blue Life and Death" may not be able to make up for the loss of this time.

    However, Chen Feier is very happy, because in the next two months, she will be with Lu Chen.

    She lives in the same hotel as Lu Chen, and the room is next door to Lu Chen.

    Then come to Jinling, because I know that I have to live longer, so Chen Feier comes with a big bag and a number of assistant bodyguards. There are three cars in the car alone.

    When she settled in the hotel, it was dark.

    But she did not hurry to eat dinner, but first knocked on the door of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen just opened the door, and the beautiful woman rushed into his arms with a fragrant wind.

    He quickly hugged Chen Feier, and at the same time, his eyes closed quickly, so that he could not be seen by others.

    Of course, ordinary people will not appear here. I don’t know how many Celebrity hotels have done a good job in security. Even journalists who are pervasive don’t want to harass.

    But being careful is always right.

    The two are still in a sneaky underground stage and cannot be exposed for the time being.

    Chen Feier glared at Lu Chen’s waist and raised her head and smiled at Hee Hee. “Did you miss me these days?”

    As a mature woman, once she let go of her heart, she was bold and enthusiastic, as if it was a midday sun, emitting light that people could not look straight.

    Lu Chen felt that one's own heart was melted and said: "Think!"

    He bowed his head to Chen Fei's red lips and the two had already broken through this limit.

    However, Chen Feier smiled and turned his head to prevent him from succeeding. He said: "You are still very embarrassed to think about me. Who is going to talk to other girls, and you are singing in love with my love song?"

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

    Lin Zhijie is really not wrong, Chen Feier is really jealous.

    He explained: "I was a younger sister, you didn't know it long ago?"

    Chen Feier said: "When you were a younger sister, Xiaochu didn't treat you as a brother. Do you think I don't know?"

    She sang softly: "I want to ask you, is there any temptation to me?"

    It is a paragraph in "You are a song in my heart", and the lyrics are sung very accurately!

    Chen Feier stared at him: "Is it right?"

    On that day, MSN Platinum Celebration, she received a warm invitation from Fei Shi Records.

    Chen Feier did not go because she had work arrangements on the one hand, and the identity was not very suitable on the other hand.

    But the video of the celebration will be seen later.

    See it on the blog.

    Chen Feier certainly knows that Lu Chen has no relationship with Mu Xiaochu, but watching the two people sing in the stage, and this song, her heart can not help but sour.

    I have to vent it until now.

    Fortunately, she did not watch the live broadcast of [Whale TV], otherwise it would be directly blown up.

    N many fans shouted to let Lu Chen be with Mu Xiaochu, not many people mentioned her name.

    In fact, this layer of outerwear after opening the sky, Chen Feier is not much different from ordinary women.

    Those who like it must be occupied by others and cannot be shared by others.

    Lu Chen did not explain, and directly blocked her mouth.

    This time he succeeded.

    Chen Feier was beaten by surprise, she resisted, but she did not have the strength to Lu Chenda, but she had to admit her life, but she quickly greeted her with enthusiasm.

    Deeply kissed for a few minutes, Lu Chen was reluctant to let go.

    Chen Feier is faint and red, and the whole body is soft.

    Looking at some smug Lu Chen, she did not sigh with anger: "Don't think that's all right, you have to write to me also love Song Song, I want to put it on the new album!"

    Chen Feier’s new album has received enough works so far. In addition to the three songs that Lu Chen wrote to her, the other nine capitals are from the hands of famous people, and there is no problem in quality and style.

    If she is not going to shoot "Blue Life and Death", she can start recording this important album.

    At this time, it is undoubtedly to disrupt the plan by changing to a love song that is sung by men and women.

    But she doesn't care, it's so capricious!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "No problem, I am trying to write the first theme song for "Blue Life and Death"."

    Chen Feier suddenly brightened her eyes: "This idea is good, are you inspired?"

    Lu Chen said: "There is already, but first of all, we have to discuss with you to see if it is appropriate."

    The theme song of a drama series is not particularly important, but a good theme song definitely gives this drama series a lot of color and has a promotional advantage in publicity.

    Many classic drama series theme songs are still being sung!

    This idea was created by him temporarily. Although he had the intention of being happy, Chen Fei was also an objective need.

    Most importantly, this will be an excellent publicity point.

    The only question is which love song to sing Love Song is more suitable for "Blue Life and Death"!

    In the memory of his singing, Love Song is not a minority.

    Chen Feier is happy.

    She and Lu Chen starred in the drama series, the theme song with Lu Chen, and then put it on the album.

    The relationship between the two is naturally very close.


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