Chapter 244, sister and sister

    Success comes from hard work!

    This is Lu Chen's compliment to the three members of MSN, and is also a spur to one's own.

    With a memory of the world, he can lie on it and eat it all day long. It doesn't take much effort to exchange money and honor that others can't earn for a lifetime.

    But Lu Chen’s goal has never been a locust.

    His efforts are no worse than anyone's coming. Every day, the wind and rain are unrestrained martial arts exercises. When you work, try to take time to go to Jingyin to charge the class. In order to write the script, you often work late into the night…

    Lu Chen hopes that if one day the memory from the dream world suddenly disappears, he can still rely on his own ability to find a world, and will not live up to this wonderful life!

    The story he tells lies in the ears of different people, and naturally has different feelings.

    The top of the Fei Shi record is happy because they got an excellent publicity material.

    The MSN support group and Lu Jiajun’s fans heard the impression.

    Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia, and Ning Yu, can't restrain their inner feelings from being touched.

    Ning Yu’s eyes were red, and she bit her lip and stood up in her chest, with a hint of reluctance in her pride.

    Mu Xiaochu lowered his head and gently sobbed on Su Jiajia's shoulder.

    And Su Jiajia has burst into tears.

    Their efforts, they are one's own most clear, even if they have won success, they can not erase those unforgettable memories.

    Lu Chen finished the story of one's own knowing MSN. He looked at the three girls who were crying and said apologetically: "I am really embarrassed. I have said so many unhappy things. Let me play a song." Still don't understand." Please have three beautiful and brave girls to sing for us! ”

    The audience suddenly burst into applause and everyone stood up.

    They are all cheering for MSN.

    The three girls were embarrassed to wipe the tears from their faces. Embrace each other.

    Lu Chen sat in front of the piano.

    He brewed his emotions a little and then pressed the keys confidently.

    Now Lu Chen's piano level has made great progress compared to before, and a prelude plays like moving clouds and flowing water.

    The banquet hall was quiet again, everyone went back to the position and listened to the girls' Singing.

    Ning Yu first said: "Why don't you understand the heart that I love you…"

    "I really love you!"

    This is the frontier dialogue of "He still doesn't understand."

    "What to say,

The cups are empty,

Close your eyes and snow in your heart.

    It’s cold and frozen,

Is it here,

When love is checked out,

Only the loneliness of their respective purchases.

    Why do I open the door when I open it?

Didn't he come to pull me?

    He still doesn't understand,

Still don't understand!

    Leaving is wanting to be retained,

If the opening is just the gentleness I want to come.

    He still doesn't understand,

Never understand!

    A hug can replace everything,

Love can definitely shake me!


    As a woman's chorus song, "He still doesn't understand" is very different in style from the popular women's group. Soothing and affectionate with a touch of grief, can easily evoke the helplessness and powerlessness of love in people's hearts.

    Compared with the sweetness of "Lover's Unhappy", the theme of this song is more adult, but it still gets a lot of fans' favorite, and is considered to be the most enduring work on this album.

    In the eyes of professionals, MSN sings quite well, but for the emotions and moods expressed in the works. It is not very well grasped.

    the reason is simple. This Love Song lyrics mainly describes the woman’s heartache for men who don’t understand love, and girls like MSN. How can there be such a realization and experience?

    Seriously, there are a lot of boys who pursue them. The heartache is the one who can't ask for it.

    However, among the three, Mu Xiaochu sang more emotions. If Su Jiajia and Ning Yu's emotional performance scores are four or five points, she has at least seven or eight points – the perfect score is very!


What to use,

Melt this silence,

Sigh in the cold air around me,

Turn into a smoke.

    The past,

Rolling into a snowball in my heart,

I am afraid that I will flow first without tears.

Love is not that he does not give much,

I don't know what I want.

    He still doesn't understand,

Still don't understand,

Leaving is wanting to be retained,

If the opening is just the gentleness I want to come.

    He still doesn't understand,

Never understand,

A hug can replace everything,

Love can definitely shake me!


    Save me at the first time! ”

    After singing, the three girls held hands and immediately thanked the guests and fans under the stage.

    The applause is on the rise!

    They turned around and saluted Lu Chen again.

    The three girls are very clear that they can get today's success, and Lu Chen is inseparable.

    They all hope that they can always maintain friendship with Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen got up, smiled and applauded.

    The three girls looked at each other and showed a smile of joy.

    Next, they sang the third song "Love" tonight.

    Still is the accompaniment of Lu Chen.

    Although there is no gorgeous arrangement of the electric sound, but this kind of cooperation makes the fans feel more real.

    "Love" ends, Lu Chen is ready to end.

    At this time, someone at the stage shouted: "Come the first men and women to sing!"

    Many people suddenly smiled and started to swear: "Yes, come to the first men and women to sing!"

    Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia and Ning Yu, look at me, I will look at you, the latter two will hold Mu Xiaochu right and left, and smile to push her to Lu Chen: "Let Xiaochu and Lu Chen greatly Come and sing!"

    This is actually a Program that was scheduled for this evening, and it is an "egg" for fans.

    The person who just called the men and women to sing, of course, is the support for the flying stone record.

    For the fans, the truth is not really important. What matters is that they are pleasantly surprised and happy.

    At this moment. 【Whale TV] Lu Chen live broadcast room, the online number has exceeded the million mark!

    After re-signing with [Whale TV]. Lu Chen is no longer a pure network anchor, but a Celebrity spokesperson for [Whale TV], and the treatment he enjoys is very different from before.

    Like this night's MSN Platinum Celebration meeting, Flying Stone Records, [Whale TV] and Lu Chen Studio have already had communication, and [Whale TV] has obtained the exclusive online live broadcast rights.

    Due to the continuous expansion of the online live broadcast market, Entertainment Manager Corporation has long been eyeing this cake. Several websites are associated with a media company, focusing on cultivating one's own network reds and then transitioning to the Entertainment Circle.

    Conversely, there are two C-list Star artists who were dismissive of the network anchor. Also interested in the network live broadcast, individual Celebrity opened a one's own live broadcast, in order to gather popularity and fans.

    Lu Chen's success is an excellent example. He is famous on the network platform. He completed the leap on the star with the help of the netizen's Strength, and still retains the identity of the network anchor.

    It is said that Fei Shi records also intends to let MSN open a live broadcast in [Whale TV], the two sides are negotiating.

    In the evening, live broadcast in the live broadcast room of Lu Chen. It is the beginning of cooperation.

    When Mu Xiaochu was introduced to sing with Lu Chen, the live broadcast screen was full of screens!

    "Hahaha, men and women sing, who thought of it? I want to give him a compliment! ”

    "I guess it is Xiaochu sister, Xiaochu sister formidable might!"

    “The youngest sister is the most resistant, and it feels very suitable for her to pair with Lu Chen!”

    "Khan, brother and sister relationship. It is a brother-sister relationship! ”

    "Why not sing with MSN?"

    "you're so dumb. MSN is three girls, how to sing? ”

    "So why is Mu Xiaochu?"

    "It's very simple. Xiaochu’s younger sister is Lu Chen’s big sister, Su Jiajia and Ning Wei are dry sisters. ”

    "Pro-sister +1!"

    The friendship between Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu was first established when he participated in "Singing China". At that time, Mu Xiaochu was in the live broadcast of the Internet and sang songs.

    Lu Chen's fans, I really like this pure and lovely girl, like her jealousy and shame, like her touching voice, affectionately call her younger sister.

    In their eyes, Mu Xiaochu is Lu Chen’s sister.

    In contrast, Su Jiajia and Ning Yu are going to be a lot worse, so everyone sees Mu Xiaochu and Lu Chen singing, they all take it for granted, otherwise there will be dissatisfaction.

    Despite being a pre-arranged program, Mu Xiaochu, who was pushed to Lu Chen, was still a little red face.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Then we will sing a song together for everyone."

    Mu Xiaochu nodded hard, like a little rabbit in his arms, excited and excited.

    There is still some uneasiness.

    Because of this, the two only rehearsed once, and she was afraid that she would not sing well.

    Lu Chen gave Mu Xiaochu an encouraging look and sat down in front of the piano.

    This male and female singer was written on the temporary request of Fei Shi's record. The original Fei Shi record meant to let Lu Chen choose the song of others, but Lu Chen put forward a better opinion.

    He will provide a new song, a new song for men and women to sing!

    Of course, Fei Shi’s record was overjoyed and immediately said that he would buy this piece.

    The big sale of "Lover's Unsatisfied" has made this old record company's confidence in Lu Chen reach its peak. There are already many Singers in it, and the idea of ​​cooperation with Lu Chen is expressed through the manager.

    There are so many porridges, Lu Chen has recently been busy with the shooting of the drama series, and it is impossible for Fei Shi records to ask him how many songs he must write to one's own, and wait for the right opportunity.

    Now Lu Chen volunteered that it is just the middle of their minds – the price is not a problem at all!

    And it is also an excellent gimmick for this celebration meeting.

    Lu Chen once again played the piano and played a prelude to his first male and female chorus.


Note: "He still doesn't understand" lyrics: Xu Shizhen / Composer: Wang Zhiping

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