No. 200 Chapter Chen Yu

    Across the table, sitting opposite Lu Chen is a pure lovely girl.

    She is no more than 19 years old. It is the best age for young girls. The flower is still young and still alive, and the pitifulness is like a cherry blossom. It is worth cherishing.

    Chen Qian, Su Shi’s biological sister.

    It is also the "blind date" object of Lu Chen this evening!

    Chen Qian's appearance is similar to Su Shi's at least six or seven points. The skin is more beautiful than snow. The pair of big eyes are watery and seem to speak. The girl who cuts the bangs and the ivory tower is no different.

    She was introduced to Lu Chen by her sister. She looked very shy and kept her head down and didn't talk.

    Su Shi took Chen Qian’s hand and smiled at Lu Chen: “Xiao Chen, Little Qian just came back from abroad, she is also learning Music. You two must have a lot of common topics. Do you have to be friends when you know it? ?"

    Su Shi said so, Lu Chen can say no.

    He quickly nodded: "Okay, scorpion, I will treat Little Qian as one's own sister."

    Lu Chen keenly noticed that Chen Qian’s body was shrinking slightly when he finished this sentence.

    He also can see that Su Shi really loves this sister.

    Su Shi smiled and got up and said, "Let's talk about it, talk about Music, Little Qian, you have to learn from Xiaochen."

    Chen Qian gently "hmm".

    Su Shi took the initiative to leave, apparently wanting to create a separate opportunity for the two.

    But when she just left, the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

    After a moment of silence, Lu Chen touched his nose and asked: "Chen Qian, what kind of Music do you study abroad?" Modern or classical, instrumental music? ”

    Chen Qian said softly: "I am learning modern Music…"

    She didn't seem to want to continue this topic, looked up and quickly looked at Lu Chen. Said: "Lu Chen, this is too stuffy. Can you accompany me to go outside? ”

    Lu Chen stunned, but still agreed.

    In fact, he did not like this occasion very much. Everyone was dressed in a well-dressed hall, with a false mask to meet the entertainment, and said insincere words.

    Many people still enjoy it.

    Therefore, Lu Chen does not want to get involved in the business district, nor does he want to go to the mall. He knows that one's own has no commercial talent.

    Engage in the crowdfunding network, purely want to earn a penny to pay off the debt of the family earlier.

    When the shares are sold, he will be able to retreat.

    Chen Qian is very sensible. Before she left, she found Su Shi and said it.

    Su Shi did not object. And very happy, she said to Lu Chen: "That morning, you will take Little Qian out to play, she is not used to such an occasion, trouble you to send her back home before ten o'clock."

    Although Lu Chen is the legal representative of Mu Chen Crowdfunding, it is Li Mushi who really plays the leading role at night.

    So after the completion of the previous ceremony, it doesn't matter if he leaves now.

    Su Shi is very trustful to Lu Chen, and he is very confident to hand over one's own sister to him for care.

    Lu Chen just took the opportunity to leave. Leave with Chen Qian.

    When he left, he greeted Li Mubai, who was turning around a beautiful girl.

    Knowing that Lu Chen had to go out with Chen Qian, Li Sanxiao laughed and laughed quite a bit.

    He said profoundly: "Morning brother, take care of your body!"

    Lu Chen gave him a punch without a word.

    Lu Chen and Chen Qian took the high-speed elevator and went down to the underground garage of the Regent Hotel.

    Because of the identity of the chairman of the morning camp. Lu Chen night did not have to talk to people. Also drank a lot of wine.

    But in fact, he is not drinking real wine, but brewing drinks.

    This is a small secret in the business field. Otherwise, as the main party, if you drink too much drunk, it will be ugly, and it is not polite to talk to others with a mouthful of alcohol.

    Therefore, Lu Chen can drive out one's own car without worrying about drunk driving.

    I found the Chinese X7 of one's own. He just opened the lock with the remote control key and listened to Chen Qianxi. "Lu Chen, you drank the wine, let me drive, if the drunk is caught, it is not. it is good."


    Lu Chen is a bit scratching his head. It’s hard to say that one’s own is actually a drink.

    Chen Qian is really pure and doesn't know anything about the store.

    Probably Su Shi would protect her too well.

    It's a bit like a flower in a greenhouse. I don't know how I was willing to send my country to study abroad.

    She is wearing a floral lady's dress tonight, and it looks really pampered.

    Lu Chen hesitated and asked: "Do you have a driver's license?"

    Chen Qian nodded and said: "I took a driver's license in United States and returned to Domestic to change the license. Lu Chenge, you can rest assured that I am driving very slowly and very stable."

    She stared at her eyes, her eyes were full of anticipation, a little eager to try.

    It is an obediently female who wants to find a little life stimuli.

    But men, especially young men, can't really refuse her request.

    Isn't that just driving a car?

    Little meaning!

    Lu Chen is of course a man, a normal young man.

    But he did not wait for Chen Qian to send the car keys, but smiled lightly: "Chen Qian, I think I am one's own, I can't stand the road." The little witch's toss."

    Meland Road Little Witch!

    When I heard these words, Chen Qian’s face suddenly changed.

    She seems to be like a wild cat who has been treaded on the tail. All the cats are erected. The original lady's style is gone, and the sharp light in the eyes is full of heart-rending danger!

    Lu Chen was not surprised, and smiled lightly.

    Meland Road is a winding mountain road in the suburbs of Los Angeles, United States. Due to the steep terrain, there are often rich children who drive crazy on this mountain road and have several lives.

    The title of the little witch of the Meyland Road belongs to the "obediently female" in front of me!

    Chen Qian replied in a cold voice: "How do you know?"

    This matter, her sister Su Shi did not know, Lu Chen, who met for the first time, actually knew very clearly.

    Debunk all her disguise!

    How can Chen Qian not be ashamed?

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I also know that you are very dissatisfied with your sister's arrangement, I don't want to kiss me at all, I even hate me, so I want to one's own drive to toss me, so that I can suffer some bitterness. ?"

    If it is not known to Chen Qian in advance, Lu Chen will really be fooled.

    Chen Qian’s acting skills are very good. To be honest, he has never seen any flaws before.

    Until the fox tail was revealed.

    Chen Qian is speechless.

    She really did play such an idea, driving the morning car out of the arrogant, not scared to death Lu Chen also toss him!

    Chen Qianxi, but Su Shi, wanted to find Lu Chen out.

    She dressed up like this evening, both to make her sister happy, but also to let Lu Chen not be vigilant.

    Who can think of such a pure and lovely girl, is the famous Lucy Road Little Witch in the sports car circle of the Greater Los Angeles area?

    Lu Chen converges with a smile, and Zheng Zheng said: "Chen Qian, in fact, I did not pursue your thoughts, and at the moment I don't want to make a girlfriend, but my nephew is united, and I don't want to give face."

    "So we are not enemies, now it is clear, then can I send you home?"

    Chen Qian slammed Lu Chen, and the light in his eyes gradually became softer.

    She indulged for a moment and finally nodded and said, "That's alright."

    The little witch of the Meyland Road took the initiative to extend her hand to Lu Chen: "I was really embarrassed, I apologize to you."

    Lu Chen sighed with relief and took Chen Qian’s little hand: "You don't need to…"

    What he never imagined was that Chen Qian’s five fingers suddenly forced his hand to hold, his arm jerked up and pulled back, while lightning-twisting his back against Lu Chen, just putting his arm On the shoulders!

    Her left hand also grabbed Lu Chen’s arm and bent down to try to get him out.

    This is a very standard over-the-shoulder-shoulder action. Those who have not been trained for a long time can't be so perfect and perfect, and Chen Qian's affliction has no warning in advance. It can be said that it is unexpected!

    She has full confidence and will smash the nasty guy in front of her!

    However, Chen Qian was hit by Lu Chen, and she caught Lu Chen’s arm and completed the attack of shoulder-shoulder action. It was only the last step that went wrong.

    Lu Chen seems to be like a mountain, and she can't help but let her use her strength!

    This guy is very strong!

    Chen Qian was shocked.

    But she did not panic, raised her right foot without thinking, and stepped back towards Lu Chen's footboard!

    She is wearing a pair of crystal high heels, but the heel is very thin!

    However, Chen Qian’s plot was once again frustrated, because at the moment she lifted her foot, Lu Chen’s other hand rested on her waist and slammed in the direction of the side.


    Chen Qian instantly lost her balance, and the whole person turned around in a hover and couldn't help but scream.


    The next moment, her ass and the hood of the Chinese X7 came in close contact!

    It turned out to be placed on the car by Lu Chen.

    After a while, Chen Qian was finally awake, and a pretty face suddenly rose red.

    Lu Chen retracted his hand and smiled and said: "Is there enough?" Play enough, I will send you home…"

    Although his face was smiling, his eyes were all impatient.

    For this kind of savage woman who doesn't know in any case, Lu Chen doesn't have a good feeling. If it is not because of Su Shi, he really will let Chen Qian taste what it means to be painful.

    In the situation just now, if Lu Chen’s reaction is fast enough, I am afraid I will suffer a lot.

    I don't know where the other party learned from the sinister tricks!

    Chen Qian looked at him with glare, and his face looked stubborn and looked very unconvinced.

    Lu Chen shook his head and took a step back and took the action machine. He said, "Then I will call your sister…"

    "you dare!"

    Chen Qian screamed.


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