Chapter 210, her pride, you don’t understand

    I can not?

    Lu Chen took a look at Chen Qian, unintentionally unlocked the screen, opened the address book and looked for Su Shi’s number.

    Li Murong's husband and wife, Li Mushi and Li Mubai's private phone, he has a number record.

    This kind of temperament, spoiled girl, is a good return.

    Originally, Lu Chen didn't want to poke Chen Qian. Everyone was going to play in the past to finish the game. However, Chen Qian tried to play Lu Chen, so he didn't have to be polite!


What Lu Chen didn't think was that he just found the number of Su Shi, and Chen Qian suddenly cried.

    I cried with pears and rain.

    She cried and cried: "You all bully me, my mom doesn't want me, my dad is a bad gambler, my sister…"

    Chen Qian cried a lot, crying in the confined space of the underground parking lot.

    The Regent Hotel's parking lot is not just Lu Chen and Chen Qian. Some people have heard the movement coming over, and some people are looking at it.

    Lu Chen shook his head helplessly and put down the cell phone and said, "Forget it, don't cry…"

    As a result, Chen Qian cried even louder as if to demonstrate to him.

    Lu Chen smiled.

    He asked: "You say, what do you want?"

    Chen Qian cried for a moment, suddenly jumped from the front of the car, and untiedly opened the door and sat up.

    She was in the co-pilot position and said, "I want to go home."

    Lu Chen finally got a sigh of relief and quickly got on the bus and left.

    If you don't leave, you have to be watched!

    When I opened the underground garage and came to the road, Lu Chen asked: "Where do you live?"

    Chen Qian wiped the tears and said with hate: "You control where I live, just open." Where to count! ”

    Lu Chen could not help but start his heart.

    To be honest, he knows a lot of girls. I have never seen such a temperamentality.

    I feel like everyone seems to owe her something!

    叮 铃铃~

Lu Chen was going to rebel, his cell phone rang.

    Because driving the car, Lu Chen directly clicked the Bluetooth button on the steering wheel to answer: "Hello…"

    Su Shi’s gentle Voice came from the car audio: “Lu Chen, is Little Qian by your side?”

    Lu Chen looked at Chen Qian and said: "Xunzi, yes."

    Su Shi lowered the voice and said: "Lu Chen, Little Qian is still young, not very sensible."

    "You take care of her with a donkey. If she is naughty, don't worry about her." How are you? ”

    Su Shi clearly knows that Chen Qian’s performance at night is a bit abnormal, so I am worried.

    Lu Chen was silent and said: "Okay, scorpion."

    Chen Qian, have a good sister!

    Su Shi’s reminder of Lu Chen is the one’s own mother’s side.

    Fang Hao also broke his heart for him.

    Lu Chen’s heart could not help but be softer. After hanging up the phone, he was silent and kept moving forward.

    Chen Qian did not speak.

    It’s only about half an hour since Lu Chen opened. She finally couldn't help it: "Where are you taking me?"

    You are not saying where to count?

    Lu Chen’s lips twitched a touch of Xiaoxiao’s curvature and said disdainfully: “Afraid?”

    There was a spark in Chen Qian’s eyes.

    Lu Chen said faintly: "I will take you to a place."

    After another few minutes, Lu Chen found an empty parking space on the side of the road to park the car and brushed the card.

    Chen Qian followed, his face was very bad, and he had a bit of gnashing.

    She is not worried that Lu Chen will sell one's own, this is a prosperous business district. It’s very lively.

    Lu Chen looked at her. Then I'm free to go.

    Chen Qian bit her teeth and followed her up – she wanted to see what Lu Chen was playing!

    Walked a hundred meters along the sidewalk. The two came to the exit of an underground passage, and Lu Chen took the lead.

    Chen Qian followed him and entered the underground passage.

    This underground passage is very spacious, with bright lights coming and going. The walls on both sides are covered with various light boxes. The light of the LED box lights is projected into the aisle through the color spray, casting colorful light and shadow.

    On the right side of the channel against the wall, there are one or several people who are busy at every other distance.

    Most of them are Singer, who have a guitar and a band of street bands.

    It is a well-known Xidan underground passage connecting the subway and the Xidan underground cultural square. It is said that there are hundreds of Singers who have long been licensed to sell.

    Unlike the street Singer, which has a good level of performance, it has a certain strength in the Xidan underground passage. No matter the level of singing or playing, there is no shortage of Expert.

    It’s just that the pedestrians are in a hurry, and few people stop for these Singers who sing.

    There are only a few Singers with wonderful performances in front of them, surrounded by people in threes and threes, holding a cell phone in the camera.

    Lu Chen stopped at a corner.

    There are also people performing here. It is a woman in her 30s who looks ordinary and thin and black.

    Like most of the Singer, she holds a guitar with an open violin case in front of it, with a few coins and a few small notes scattered in it. The harvest at night is obviously not good.

    The woman Singer sat on the ground, her legs curled unnaturally, and there was a cane next to it.

    When Lu Chen and Chen Qian came over, she was playing a classic ballad called "Pencil Box". The fingering was very skillful and sophisticated. The slightly hoarse Voice was very pleasant, and the singing was not weaker than the ordinary professional Singer.

    In Beijing, which has a population of 30 million, people who have talents but are obscured do not know how many. There are so many Singers in Beijing, and only a very small number of people can stand on the real stage.

    Lu Chen quietly listened to her singing, and then put a prepared banknote into the box.

    The 50 denomination made the female Singer a little surprised. She looked up and said, "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Sister Sun, I haven't seen you for a long time, how are you?"

    Female Singer suddenly smiled and smiled: "Small land?"

    She instinctively wants to stand up.

    But this simple action is not easy for her to complete.

    Lu Chen immediately walked over and leaned over to give her a hug. Said: "Don't go up, sit down."

    Sun sister holds the guitar in one hand. The other hand patted Lu Chen’s shoulder.

    She smiled and said: "You are getting more and more handsome now, I have seen you in the newspaper, huh, huh!"

    Lu Chen helped her to sit back again.

    Sun sister curiously looked at Chen Qian who stood on the side and asked: "Is this your girlfriend?"

    Lu Chen shook his head: "My friend's sister, how are you doing?"

    Sun Jie said: "It’s always the same, you can mix it, everyone is taking care of me…"

    She said with emotion: "Someone mentioned you, saying that you are now superstar!"

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "What superstar, it's a small artist, and not many people know when walking down the street."

    This is what Lu Chen said is a bit modest. But just a long way along, no one really recognized him.

    Sun sister smiled and said: "Even if you are a small artist, you will be able to become a superstar in the future. I have sang a few songs you wrote, you are too talented!"

    Lu Chen smiled.

    Sun Jie said: "You can come to see me, I am really happy, you must be very busy? Don't come over specifically. ”

    She looked at Chen Qian again. Said: "Go, I will go back later."

    Lu Chen nodded: "Then I am gone, Grandma, if you have something, you call me, my number has not changed."

    Say goodbye to Sun Sister, he returned with Chen Qianyuan.

    When I got to the car, Chen Qian couldn't help but ask: "You brought me here. Let me see this…What do you mean? ”

    Lu Chen said faintly: "Sister Sun came to Beijing seven years ago. She came to Beijing with her husband to cure the disease, and the result was not cured. Still owing a lot of debt, she will continue to work in Beijing to earn money. ”

    "But it didn't take long for her to have a car accident. When she was crossing the zebra crossing, she was hit by a red-lighted speeding car. As a result, the driver escaped after an accident. Because it was a set/brand car, he never caught it and did not compensate. ”

    "Sister Sun’s legs are so embarrassed, and her original job is lost…"

    “Later she borrowed money from others to buy guitars and speakers, and taught herself to play here. Some of the money earned was used to pay off debts, and part of the money was sent to the parents of the home to feed the children.”

    Chen Qian listened to it.

    She did not expect Sun Sister's life to be so pitiful.

    Lu Chen stopped and Shen Sheng said to her: "I brought you to see her, I want to tell you…"

    "Don't think that everyone else owes you, no one is sorry for you, the whole world should revolve around you…"

    "Your biggest Luck is a good sister!"

    "If you compare it, you can't even compare one of Sun's fingers!"

    Chen Qian bit her lip and bitten her lips.

    Her expression was still stubborn, and she did not show weakness in Lu Chen. She asked: "Why don't you help her?" You can make money now? A song can sell hundreds of thousands, just give you 50 pieces of fun? ”

    She obviously has a good understanding of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen sneered: "I only give fifty, but Sun Sister does not need other people's sympathy and charity. She can't own one's own and her child. Someone used to donate her. She turned back to charity. !"

    "Her self-respect and pride, you don't understand at all, because you will only reach out and ask your sister for money!"

    Lu Chen's reprimand is like a sharp knife, and instantly penetrates Chen Qian's psychological defense.

    It hurts too much!

    The most painful thing is that Lu Chen said that it is true that she is squandering a lot of money from her sister.

    Chen Qian is speechless, and she is so shy that she wants to open the door and escape.


    Lu Chen’s eye is fast, and the door is locked in an instant.

    He said faintly: "I promised your sister, I will send you home."

    Chen Qian pulled the handle hard and did not open the door.

    She grabbed one's own face, whispered, and heard that crying was really sad.

    Lu Chen felt that the little witch of the Meyland Road could still be rescued.

    Only he is not interested in continuing to be a doctor.


The second is sent! (To be continued~^~)

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