Chapter 203 Business and Private Affairs

    Beijing has the most high-end clubs and private clubs in the country.

    Some high-end clubs have strict procedures and the entrance fees are extremely expensive. They constitute a special small circle. When Lu Chen was working in the grass, he heard many rumors of club clubs, and some were quite bizarre.

    In the eyes of ordinary people, these places are unusually mysterious.

    Li Mushi’s private club, which came with Lu Chen, is called the Borui Club. It is located near the CBD of the Second Ring Road. It is quiet near the park. The exterior building is made of steel frame and glass. The style is very modern.

    It’s still not dark, and the parking lot outside the Borui Club is full of various luxury cars.

    The number is large enough to open a luxury car exhibition.

    When Lu Chen got off the bus, he saw several security personnel wearing black uniforms, sunglasses and headphones.

    Li Mushi is obviously a frequent visitor here. She took Lu Chen’s path and went straight in. She did not show any cards all the way, and the security guards and waiters saw the ceremony with respect and respect.

    I have to say that this kind of power is sighing.

    Lu Chen is a bit fresh and curious, but he can't say envy. Everyone has their own way of life. He also has his pride.

    The decoration inside the club is unexpectedly not magnificent, but a deep and restrained design style, not a touch of nouveau riche, so it is very special.

    Li Mushi said to Lu Chen: "Let's talk about things first, then eat again?"

    Although it is the meaning of the inquiry, there is a strong decision in the tone.

    Lu Chen nodded quietly and said: "The guest is with the Lord, I listen to your poet."

    Li Mu Shi glanced at him and smiled and said: "If you really listen to me, then it will be fine."

    She said a little embarrassed.

    Lu Chen smiled lightly. There was a hint of vigilance in my heart.

    Directly telling him that this Miss Li Jiatai deliberately brought one's own here today. I am afraid there is no good thing!

    But he is not afraid.

    Following Li Mushi, the two took the elevator to the third floor of the club.

    Going to the right on the third floor, there is a lot of space inside, and there are three platforms in the middle and left.

    There are plenty of fitness equipment around, and large-format mirrors on the walls on both sides.

    At the forefront is a long row of floor-to-ceiling glass that allows you to see the bustling sights of the central business district in the distance.

    The black ceiling is covered with lights, and the bright lights make the whole space shine. Dozens of men and women are doing fitness exercises. There are people on the three platforms who are practicing and having a lively scene.

    "big sister!"Ms. Poetry! ”

    See Li Mushi. Many people came to say hello, and looked at Lu Chen with a look of curiosity and curiosity.

    Li Mushi responded with a smile and smiled, giving her the impression that she is like the queen here.

    Patrol the territory of one's own!

    The two sat down at the rest of the window, and the waiter sent tea.

    Li Mushi personally gave Lu Chen a cup of tea and said: "Before talking about business affairs, there is a family venture capital is very interested in our crowdfunding network, want to acquire a part of the shares. At least 25%! ”

    Lu Chen suddenly got a spirit: "How much does the other party offer?"

    Frankly speaking, in addition to facilitating one's own album, he also wants to make quick money.

    It is a good thing to have a venture capitalist who is willing to hold a shareholding!

    Li Mushi said: "Their valuation of the crowdfunding is 20 million…"


    Lu Chen frowned. This valuation is a bit low.

    If it is Lu Chen's own alone, if someone else is willing to pay 20 million, then he will sell it without thinking.

    But now, the crowdfunding network has Li's shareholding, and it has obtained a copyright protection certificate. The value of natural water is rising.

    the most important is. Crowdfunding has completed its first crowdfunding project and is very successful.

    This Internet business model is undoubtedly feasible. It also has great potential.

    The future prospects are expected!

    Li Mushi said the words and said: "This valuation is definitely low. Frankly speaking, I am very optimistic about crowdfunding. If you are willing, I can buy 41% of your shares according to the valuation of 50 million!"

    Lu Chen’s heart jumped wildly!

    50 million valuation, 41% of the shares are 20.5 million!

    The price of Li Mushi is undoubtedly very sincere. It is necessary to know that the crowdfunding network has been in the short period of two months from the establishment to the present, and Li Jia has made great efforts. Lu Chen only provided an idea.

    A creative exchange for more than 20 million, in today's era, is the miracle of the Internet!

    However, Lu Chen was not stunned by the huge amount of this sudden fall. He calmly asked: "Why not buy all? Leave me 10%? ”

    Li Mu Shi smiled and said: "At least for now, crowdfunding network needs your existence, especially in projects involving the entertainment industry, you can play a very good role."

    The first project of Crowdfunding, which is Lu Chen’s debut album, was completed entirely by his fans. It proved that Lu Chen’s appeal was also erected in the Entertainment Circle. A good example.

    In terms of crowdfunding, we have received several inquiries from Entertainment Manager Corporation.

    And for the crowdfunding project in the entertainment industry, its publicity effect is not comparable to other commercial projects!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "In this case, I agree with your offer, but the 10% stake I hold must be turned into a non-dilutable founder!"

    When he first cooperated with Li, he promised to transfer most of the equity in the future.

    However, Lu Chen still insists on the interests of one's own.

    The so-called non-dilutable founder stock refers to the fact that no matter how large the company expands in the future, no matter how much the investment amount increases, the 10% of the shares he holds are fixed!

    Li Mushi was very surprised.

    She originally thought that 20 million can easily collapse Lu Chen, but did not expect Lu Chen to be able to propose such conditions. His problem was obviously in the know.

    She is really a little careless, or underestimated Lu Chen.

    10% of the non-dilutable founder stocks say that there are not many, saying that there are actually a lot less!

    However, Li Mushi is not so easy to admit defeat. She indulged for a moment and said: "I will consider it first. Let this public release in advance, let's talk about private affairs."

    Lu Chen asked quietly: "Is it about Chen Qian?"

    Li Mu Shi stared at him, his eyes a bit sharp: "Yes, what did you do to her last night?"

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "What can I do to her?"

    He said that he went out with Chen Qian last night and let Li Mushi or Li family rest assured.

    After listening to Li Mushi, his eyes were softer.

    But she did not intend to let Lu Chen out of this, said arrogantly: "Who makes you more meddling? She is my sister, can't be bullied by you! ”

    Lu Chen could not help but be surprised, because in his impression, Li Mushi is not the kind of unreasonable person.

    Lu Chen asked: "What do you want?"

    Li Mushi did not hesitate to point his finger at the front of the platform and said: "It is very simple. As long as you defeat me on it, then this matter will be written off. I also promised your stock purchase conditions!"

    "If you lose…"

    There was a sly smile on her lips: "Then you apologize to Qianqian, and she is happy!"

    Lu Chen feels that one's own can't keep up with Li Mushi's thoughts: "You mean you want to play with me?"

    Li Mushi nodded: "Yes, Qianqian is a judo self-defense with me, she said it is not your opponent…"

    This woman!

    Lu Chen saw the excitement of the flames in her eyes, showing the meaning of militancy.

    She is playing really!

    Lu Chen shook his head and said frankly: "You are not my opponent, I don't beat women."

    Li Mushi sneered: "Do not try to know? You don't have to be when I am a woman! ”

    She thinks Lu Chen is really boast shamelessly.

    Lu Chen looked at Li Mushi and suddenly smiled: "If this is the case, you will agree to a condition, then I can compare it with you."

    Li Mushi can't wait to ask: "What conditions?"

    Lu Chen said faintly: "It's very simple. If you lose, you won't be harassing my sister again."

    Li Mushi is a Les, commonly known as Lala.

    Lu Chen didn't know it before. Later, Lu Xi told him several times that Li Mushi was strange to her.

    Lu Chen did not feel right and asked Li Mubai, who said that he did not understand.

    But Lu Chen already understood.

    Lu Chen does not discriminate against Les, and Li Mushi does not do anything excessive, but he still hopes that one's own sister will not be bothered.

    Li Mu Shi stunned and immediately laughed and ate.

    She looked at Lu Chen with a fascinating look and said: "In fact, I like your sister very much. Since you have opened it, I will give you this face, but only if you have to beat me."

    "Come on!"Lu Chen stood up without hesitation and said: "I will solve the problem early."

    His self-confidence and calmness made Li Mushi frowned.

    However, Li Mushi did not pay attention to it because she did not believe that one's own would lose to Lu Chen.

    "Change clothes!"

    The hall facilities here are very complete, and soon someone sent Lu Chen a new suit.

    After Lu Chen was replaced, he climbed the platform in the middle.

    Li Mushi has been waiting for him.

    Lu Chen wore a black GI suit. She wore a white tight-fitting suit, which made one's own body look strong and sexual/feeling, especially a pair of long legs that were full of power and beauty.

    And when they saw the two playing, the people around them gathered around to watch the fun.

    These people have men and women, they are not old, but all of them are well-proportioned bodybuilding. Obviously after a long period of exercise, many of them are close to the muscles, which is undoubtedly not an ordinary fitness enthusiast.

    The confrontation between Lu Chen and Li Mushi attracted everyone's attention!


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