The 208th chapter keeps the cloud open to see the moon

    "The lover is not full" MV, took a two-day time at the Northern Music Academy.

    Originally, I was able to finish the required content in one day, but Fang Hui felt very good, and added a play code. As a result, she took several scenes. In the end, she still said nothing, regretting that this preparation was not enough.

    Lu Chen is it does not matter, shooting MV is a very fresh experience for him, even if it is a dream in the world, never MV, not to mention his one's own itself, it is very interesting.

    His greatest achievement was not to find the feeling of filming, but to know Fang Hui.

    Fang Hui is a very famous female Director. She is in her 40s this year. She looks ordinary and even a bit ugly, but she has a very delicate heart and has a unique understanding of that kind of youthful love.

    There are not many plots of MV, and Fang Hui is very good at grasping it.

    Her reputation in the circle is not great, and the strength and talent of Director is beyond doubt!

    Flying Stone Records invited the owner to shoot MSN's first main MV, which is undoubtedly very correct.

    During the filming process, Lu Chen had a communication with Fang Hui and was greatly admired.

    Fang Hui is very fond of Lu Chen. This kind of good feeling is like Bo Le found Thousand-li Horse. The sculpt found the peerless jade, and could not help but reveal the idea of ​​one's own.

    At present, the movie market of Domestic is showing a revolutionary situation. After more than ten years of baptism and impact from foreign commercials, the audience of Domestic has begun to get tired of the popcorn movies piled up by stunts and CG.

    The affluent life brought about by economic prosperity cannot fill the spiritual demand. When the "visual feast" becomes synonymous with boring, people are eager for a higher level of pursuit.

    So many films with distinctive features and connotations, such as nostalgic films, youth films, and comedy films, gradually seized part of the market. Xin Rong has great potential.

    Fang Hui is aiming at the market of youth films.

    She wants to shoot a small-cost youth film at the end of next year and release it on Valentine's Day in 2016.

    But the problem is that Fang Hui can pull up a team. Can pull a few investments, but has been unable to find a suitable subject.

    Or more accurately, a script that will make her feel at ease!

    Fang Hui feels one's own If she can determine the script, then Lu Chen is one of her ideal male lead candidates.

    Lu Chen's appearance conditions and acting skills have made Fang Hui extremely satisfied.

    Of course, her thoughts are still on paper for a while, and the perhaps are abandoned for one reason or another. Perhaps has found the right script, but Lu Chen may not be the right protagonist.

    Fang Hui did not promise anything to Lu Chen, and the two parties exchanged contact information happily.

    Lu Chen remembered this matter in his heart.

    But for the current Lu Chen. It doesn't matter what you make in the movie. The important thing is that he wants to go home!

    On the second day of the film "Lover's Unhappy", Lu Chen and Lu Xi returned to Binhai.

    Going back to one's own real home.


    Fang Wei, who was cutting vegetables in the kitchen, heard the key opening the door and turned his head. When Lu Chen and Lu Xi came in, they could not help but scream: "How come you?"

    The kitchen knife almost cut her finger.

    Lu Chen, who is at the advanced door, said with a smile: "Mom, my sister and I are here to give you a surprise!"

    In fact, it is not just a surprise. On October 18th, there was a platter concert in Hangzhou. He will sing 2 songs as an invitation to Singer to go on stage. The contract for the performance was signed last week.

    The so-called platter concert is a concert that many Singer artists are organized by the performance company or Manager Corporation, and the rewards are calculated according to the coffee position.

    Compared to the singer on the tall, the risk of platter concerts is much lower. It is also more recognized by the audience.

    At present, this market cake is very big. Basically, most of Singer has participated in one or even more ensemble concerts, and even some artists specialize in "grabbing the platter." It is also earning a lot of money.

    The amount of the contract signed by Lu Xi to Lu Chen is not high, only 150,000, but it is still in line with his current position in the circle, slightly lower.

    However, because the place for the performance is Hangzhou, it is half a home of Lu Chen, and the organizer includes Zhejiang Dongwei TV, so Lu Xi did not hesitate to decide on the decision.

    In fact, this time to find a lot of performances in Lu Chen studio, Lu Xi just did not abuse.

    Lu Chen's location is not the kind of second- and third-rate singers.

    Since I want to come to Hangzhou to sing, I must first go home to see, so there is a surprise today!


    Lu Xue got out of the room and screamed and flew into Lu Chen’s arms.

    Her feelings with Lu Chen are much better now than before.

    Because Lu Chen secretly gave Lu Xue a lot of pocket money, and with Lu Chen's reputation growing, and people are beautiful, she is almost a Celebrity figure in school, and even Teacher looks at each other.

    "Look at you, this is Lu Chen's sister!"

    "Who is Lu Chen?"

    "Lu Chen, you don't know? That is the one who sang "The Same Table", "The Flowers", "The Night Sky…"

    "Ah, she is Lu Chen's sister!"

    These arguments have greatly satisfied the vanity of the little girls.

    Her recent days don't mention how much moisturizing, and every day is a smile on her face.

    Although Lu Xue is not such a superficial girl, but after experiencing family changes, she knows that these beautiful things are hard to come by now.

    She clasped Lu Chen like an octopus, just like holding the whole world.

    Later Lu Xi could not help but rolled his eyes.

    Lu Xuechong’s sister spit out her tongue and looked like a smug look.

    Lu Chen hugged his sister: "Well, a lot of fat."

    "Where is it!"

    Hearing this sentence, Lu Xue was like a cat that stepped on the tail and frowned. He quickly jumped down: "Where is it!"

    Lu Chenhehehe.

    Lu Xue is guilty: "There are people…Up to two pounds, how can there be a lot! ”

    She slammed her hand to Lu Chen: "What about my gift?"

    Here, the two brothers and sisters are playing, and Fang Xingxing hurriedly took off the apron and said: "I went to the supermarket to buy more food. You two are really. Don't call me first! ”

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi looked at each other with a smile.

    Lu Xi originally wanted to make a phone call, but it was given by Lu Chen.

    Because Lu Chen wants to give a surprise to one's own mother. A huge surprise!

    Lu Xi said: "Mom, I will go with you."

    For Lu Chen, there is nothing better than a family reunion, eating a meal made by a mother is happier.

    With the help of Lu Xi, Fang Hao made a full table of dishes.

    When you open the meal, the sky is completely dark.

    Lu Xi opened the bottle of red wine bought from the supermarket, and poured it on Fang Hao, Lu Chen and one's own. Even Lu Xue had half a cup.

    Fang Hao's eyes are red.

    Only when I lost it, I know how precious it is. It used to be common for a family to eat together all day. Now Lu Chen and Lu Xi are working hard in Beijing. In the foreseeable future, there will not be many such days.

    The atmosphere in the small living room is a bit sullen.

    Lu Xue was very clever and quickly said to Lu Chen: "Brother, you have to sign more names for me, my classmates want it!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You told me ten times, this time I brought a lot of CDs back. Send the record directly! ”

    The compilation and discovery of the CD album "You at the Same Table", Lu Chen was all handed over to the Fei Shi record to complete. Before he came to Binhai, the CD had been completely completed, and the surrounding products were also in the process of intensifying the production.

    So he took dozens of pieces back.

    Lu Xuexi looked out: "Great!"

    She took a close look and kissed Lu Chen’s face: "My brother is so good!"

    Lu Chen dislikes: "It's all oil!"

    Fang Wei and Lu Xi both laughed, and the atmosphere of repression just disappeared.

    Lu Xue took a look at his brother. Also very curious to ask: "Brother. Are you really with Chen Feier? ”

    The anecdote of Lu Chen and Chen Feier both went to the entertainment headlines, and Fang Hao and Lu Xue certainly knew it.

    Fang Hao is quite happy. The result is a happy one.

    Lu Xue is not dying, thinking that if there is a day after the one's own nephew – it is handsome and beautiful!

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Isn't it already ruined?" I have cooperated with Chen Feier. You can manage one's own by your child's family. Don't ask adults! ”

    Lu Xue muttered: "I am already 18 years old…"

    Lu Chen was afraid that she would swear again. The other party said: "Mom, I made a fortune by selling the shares, so I am going back this time to prepare to pay off all the debts at home!"


    Fang Chai’s chopsticks fell to the table, and she said with surprise: “What are you talking about?”

    She can't believe the ear of one's own!

    Lu Xirou said: "Mom, this is true. Lu Chen cooperated with others to open a company. Now the company is value-added to sell shares. The money earned can not only pay off our debts, but also redeem our villas. Come."

    Fang Wei couldn’t speak at all.

    At the beginning, Lu Qingsheng borrowed a total of 15 million from relatives and friends because of the business difficulties. Later, he went bankrupt and paid off all but only 500 million, leaving her and her three children with nearly ten million debts.

    The debt bite his teeth.

    She once thought that one's own family was still unclear for a lifetime. I didn't expect Lu Chen to go to Beijing for a year's time. Suddenly, she embarked on the road of performing Celebrity, and gathered more than 2 million before and after.

    There are still 7 million debts, Lu Xi is aware of the situation.

    Now Lu Xi actually said that he can pay off all the money, and he can redeem the villa that was taken away by the bank…

    How much did Lu Chen earn?

    Fang Wei is really unbelievable, as unreal feeling in a dream.

    Lu Xuexin did not simply, jumped up directly: "Really? Can we move back to live? ”

    In that villa, she has the most beautiful memories of her life.

    Lu Chen loved his sister's head with affection: "Of course it is true, we can go home!"

    This is his long-standing dream.

    Originally thought that it could never be realized, and later believed that it could be completed in two or three years. Now…

    Keep the cloud open to see the moon!


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