The second hundred and four chapters of the sky high bird flight

    In Lu Chen’s impression, Li Mushi belongs to a very beautiful and very smart modern woman.

    Aside from her sexual orientation, the Miss Li Jiada, who graduated from Wharton School, has a keen sense of business and has a keen business sense. Murray crowdfunding is full of vigor and vitality under her control.

    Lu Chen still admired her.

    It’s just that Li Mushi, who is standing in front of Lu Chen at this moment, is completely another image.

    She is like a female leopard with a claw, beautiful and dangerous!

    In particular, Li Mushi stared at Lu Chen's eyes, shining with excitement, as if staring at the delicious prey, eager to slam.

    "Haha, who is this guy?"

    "Compared with our big sister, isn't that looking for abuse?"

    "Do you say that this brother is really courageous, or do you not know that we admire the poet?"

    "He definitely doesn't know…"

    If you only talk about the body shape, the height of 180+ Lu Chen will be pressed against Li Mushi, and after a long period of persistent exercise and nutritional supplement, his body is quite strong.

    Plus Lu Chen is a man, it is reasonable to say that the onlookers should be worried about Li Mushi.

    However, the fact is the opposite. Those who are surrounded by the ring and the gaze are mostly ridiculed with ecstasy, and even have compassion and sympathy.

    Someone recognized Lu Chen: "Hey? Isn't this the Chinese champion Lu Chen? ”

    "What sings China? You said that he is singing? ”

    "Ok! It’s singing, singing very well and very talented. Have you heard it at the same table? That is what he sang. ”

    "Oh, Mu Shijie is going to abuse food!"

    Their arguments were clearly introduced into Lu Chen’s ears, and his mouth could not be pumped.

    I used to be a singer?

    It seems that I have not made a mistake.

    Li Mushi noticed the look of Lu Chen. Lightly laughed: "You can rest assured, I will be very gentle."

    Lu Chen felt that one's own mouth had cramps.

    He sighed. Said: "Mu Shijie, you take action first."

    Li Mu Shi’s eyes flashed, and suddenly he stepped forward and approached Lu Chen in an instant.

    Like a leopard in the jungle fighting prey!

    In the close-knit state, she swayed her right arm, her right hand four fingers were close together, and the thumb bent against the root of the index finger. A standard palm knife slammed into the neck of Lu Chen, and it quickly broke through the wind.

    If you change to an ordinary person, I am afraid that there is no time to respond, and you will be thrown into the ground in an instant.

    It is very possible to become a fainting past!

    But Lu Chen has been prepared for it. He lifted his left arm without thinking, and blocked the trajectory of Li Mushi's knives with his elbows. At the same time, his right hand clenched his fists straight toward Li Mushi.


    Li Mushi’s knives smashed Lu Chen’s elbow and did not complete the victory.

    In the face of Lu Chen’s fist, she slid softly and sideways, twisting her waist and suddenly leaping, and the slender right leg flew at the same time. A beautifully rounded kick!

    The two sides are short-handed, Li Mushi's dodge counterattack action is wonderful, and the flying legs are full of power.

    "it is good!"

    The onlookers around the ring are simultaneously applauded, all of them are very exciting!

    In their view, Lu Chen was lost. Li Mushi’s strength in free fight, although not comparable to the top Expert, is definitely easy to take a song.

    Even Lu Chen looks very different.


    But when it is disappointing. Li Mushi’s roundabout kick was actually blocked by the left arm lifted by Lu Chen!

    Haven't waited for her body to fall. Lu Chen side came over and it was a punch.

    This punch seems to be slow. The strength of the boxing is silent.

    The volley hit the belly of Li Mushi!

    Li Mu's poet was in the air, unable to dodge, and with a muffled sound, her whole person flew out like a broken kite, and fell heavily on the platform a few meters away!

    The sounds around the ring were abruptly stopped, and the onlookers were all solidified, like a ghost!

    how could this be?

    In their view, Lu Chen, who dared to compete with Li Mushi, was destined to be beaten. It was nothing more than the length of time that persisted. There was no suspense in the outcome of the outcome.

    But now the two sides have just played against each other, and Li Mushi was shot and landed, which is actually a blow.

    This completely overturned everyone's common sense, and suddenly it was silent!

    Lu Chen gathered his hands and smiled lightly: "Mu Shijie, let in."

    Just under his smile, hiding the pain.

    Despite unexpectedly defeating Li Mushi, Lu Chen was not unscathed. The left arm of the hard-swinging kick was numb and sore, which was estimated to have hurt the muscles.

    The strength of Li Mushi's foot is very strong, and his tempering of the body is not enough.

    Li Mushi struggled to climb up and stared at him with a look of shame and disappointment.

    Her right hand was pressed on one's own abdomen – Lu Chen's fist was heavy.

    There is no bit of pity and jade.

    After a moment, she said awkwardly: "I lost…"

    Miss Li is a very proud person. If she loses, she will lose. She will never make a reluctance to deny it.

    But she is really not convinced!

    Lu Chen sighed with relief.

    To tell the truth, Li Mushi's work is very strong, just to win the enthusiasm, in the absence of an absolute advantage of the situation, actually made a roundabout kick like this, simply do not put him in the eyes!

    The martial arts mastered by Lu Chen came from Mo Ran.

    Although the actor in this dream world does not have much fame, but in the martial arts forging body has been a great hard work, and there is no lack of experience in fighting against others, there is true Kungfu in the body.

    Since waking up that day, Lu Chen’s daily and unimpeded exercise, his basic physical quality is good, and he has talents in this area. Until now, he dare not say that he has done his best, and Li Mushi, who defeated the underestimator, still has no problem.

    In time, Lu Chen can be stronger than Mo Yan because he is still very young!

    If Li Mushi is steadily fighting and fighting in the morning, the result is hard to say. Now she can only swallow the bitter fruit of failure.

    Li Mushi also lost, she quickly calmed down. Re-starting up and talking to Lu Chen: "Next time, you are not so easy to win me!"

    And next time?

    Lu Chen shook his head – it didn't mean to beat a woman, and there was no glory.

    If there is an opportunity, he would like to find other people here to practice a few games.

    Lu Chen’s eyes swept to those around the ring, and there should be suitable opponents among them.

    Lu Chen’s heart also produced a good idea.

    However, the timing is not yet mature.

    He went down the ring.

    At this time, the onlookers looked at Lu Chen's eyes completely different, surprised, awe, curiosity…

    Lu Chen went to the locker room to change the uniform and replaced it with one's own clothes.

    He returned to the original rest seat and sat down.

    Soon after, Li Mushi also came.

    The Miss Li Jiada has completely calmed down and seems to accept the one's own fiasco to Lu Chen.

    But the flash of light in the eyes. Explain that she does not intend to give up.

    "Lu Chen, where did your Kungfu learn?"

    Li Mushi is really curious. She has read Lu Chen’s information. There is no such thing as Lu Chen’s practice.

    The fact is that his skill is very good.

    Miss Li feels that one's own abdomen is in a dull pain, and the face is inevitably a bit more gnashing.

    She has never lost so badly!

    Lu Chen knows that Li Mushi wants to set one's own words and smiles and says: "Self-learning…"

    He reached out and tapped on the table and asked, "The conditions you promised. Will not change? ”

    Li Mushi sighed and said: "20 million acquisition of the 41% shares of Muchen Crowd, which you hold, you can keep 10% of the non-dilutable founder shares, we will sign the contract tomorrow!"

    "As for your sister…"

    She glanced at Lu Chen: "I will not look for her in the future unless she comes to me."

    Lu Chen couldn't help but feel the joy of his heart. He said sincerely: "Thank you, Ms. Ms.!"

    Lu Chen is really grateful to Li Mushi.

    With this money. He can finally pay off all the debts in his family.

    More than that. The money left after the debt is paid back can also make him realize a wish that has been buried in his heart!

    Since then, there has been no debt and it has been light. Tian Gao Ren Bird Flying!

    Of course, Li Mushi will not suffer. Under her control, the prospects of Mu Chen’s crowdfunding are extremely bright.

    Although Lu Chen is now transferring most of the shares, he may have to lose future benefits.

    But self-conduct needs to know enough.

    Compared to his contribution, 20 million is already an amazing excess return, not to mention the 10% shareholding.

    Lu Chen is satisfied.

    Li Mushi saw that Lu Chen was so happy and said: "You don't want to be too early, I have a condition!"

    Lu Chen screamed: "Why conditions?"

    Li Mushi said: "You will come here several times a month to accompany me to practice martial arts, otherwise."

    Before she finished, Lu Chen agreed to it: "No problem! As long as I have time, definitely come! ”

    It is great to have such a training venue!

    As for the training of Li Mushi, it is a trivial matter.

    Li Mu Shi is a very good opponent.

    Lu Chen promised so much happiness that Li Mushi felt that one's own calculations seemed to have fallen.

    This Miss Li is very upset, but she can't help it.

    She is in her heart – one day I will be back!

    In the afternoon of the next day, in the new company of Muchen Crowdfunding, the two parties formally signed an equity transfer agreement.

    According to the agreement, the funds for the acquisition of shares will be credited to Lu Chen’s personal account within three days.

    Solved this important thing, Lu Chen did not relax.

    His career has just started!

    On the morning of October 10, Lu Chen came to the Fei Shi record of the New Age Art Park.

    At the invitation of Lin Zhijie, he came to participate in the audition of the main album of the MSN Girls' First Album.

    This album is the main song, of course, from the hands of Lu Chen!


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