The second chapter forgets the grass bar

    In the world of Lu Chen's dream, there are too many people and things that make him strange. Although the development of history and technology is different, there are huge differences in the cultural fields of Music, film, and Literature.

    The singers, movie stars, music, movies, and Literature, which Lu Chen is familiar with, are all absent in the dream world, and the dream world is not lacking in Celebrity celebrities, classic masterpieces, rich art, and even surpass reality.

    Li Feiyu's words reminded Lu Chen that he suddenly realized that one's own possesses a huge treasure house!

    Just those original pop songs…

    Lu Chengang opened on the computer, which is a software called "Sing Master".

    Known as the composing artifact, "Sing Master" is a collection of song creation, arrangement, synthesis, output and so on. It has a huge online cloud material library, professional but simple to operate, whether it is ordinary lovers or senior Music people. , you can use this software to make original.

    Lu Chen studied computer at university, and likes Music, so he can skillfully use "Singing Master" to compose music and understand the feeling of being a singer.

    It’s just that he used to write songs before he was entertaining himself. He couldn’t find a complete one in a year and a half.

    As for quality, it is really unnecessary to say anything.

    But now, with the memory of his dreams, Lu Chen completed the composition and lyrics of the two songs in less than half an hour.

    After the completion of the writing, Lu Chen sang a few times to the screen, and changed some of the errors and omissions.

    Finally, he sent the complete scores of the two songs to the Greater China Music Library for copyright inquiries.

    The Greater China Music Library was established by the Chinese Culture Bureau, the China Copyright Bureau, the China Music Association and the Chinese Performing Artists Association. It is an online Music copyright inquiry, registration and trading website with a history of 20 years. Music has the supreme authority for copyright.

    The website platform is open to everyone and provides complete service content, but it is not completely free.

    The cost of a copyright inquiry is 100 yuan, and the two songs are transferred to the 200 oceans in Lu Chenyi's account, which is equivalent to his ten-day living expenses!

    The process of querying is slow, and the program of the Music library will make a comprehensive comparison with the previously registered works to determine whether there are similarities, similarities or plagiarism.

    The database of the Greater China Music Library is extremely large, and intelligent comparison and judgment require a lot of calculations. Therefore, even if a supercomputer is supported in the background, it takes a certain amount of time to complete the query.

    But time will continue to wait for Lu Chen, because this is a necessary step in registering copyright, and it is also the most important basis for his comparison of dreams and reality.

    Time A little past, Lu Chen was in front of the computer, his eyes staring at the progress bar.

    His heart has never been so uneasy as it is now, and he is suffering from nervousness.

    Because Lu Chen knows that this is probably the only chance to change the fate of one's own and his family!


    It seems that a whole century has passed, and a green System Notification box pops up on the computer screen.

    Query through!

    Lu Chen groaned and did not react immediately.


    Again, the same System Notification box pops up.

    Query through!

    This time, Lu Chen finally understood that the two songs uploaded by one's own all passed the copyright inquiry of "Greater China Music Library", which means that he can register the copyright and have the copyright of all the songs!

    In the next moment, great joy and excitement drowned Lu Chen. He couldn't help but clench his fist and fought hard. He wanted to scream in the sky to vent his feelings at this moment.

    Yes! Really can! !

    But things are not over yet, he strongly presses his inner excitement and holds the mouse to click on the copyright registration.

    The cost of copyright registration is higher than that of the inquiry. A work requires 500 yuan, and the Save Data fee will be paid annually to avoid the situation of indiscriminate placement.

    Lu Chen became a member of the "Greater China Music Library" very early, and just passed the System query, so after paying 1000 oceans, the two songs were quickly recorded in his name, and the copyright confirmation was completed!

    With the appearance of the registration completed System Notification box, Lu Chen finally relaxed.

    But the joy in my heart has increased, because he has determined that the memory he has acquired in his dreams is real!

    Leaning on the chair, Lu Chen took a deep breath.

    He stretched out the drawer under the small desk and found a bucket of instant noodles and a ham.

    Thinking about it, Lu Chen took out another ham sausage – happy today, add food!

    He got up and went to the bathroom to pick up the water, plugged in the electric kettle, and quickly poured boiling hot water into the dough bucket.

    In the air, the smell of instant noodles is familiar and ecstasy!

    It’s not that Lu Chen doesn’t want to go out to eat a real big meal outside, but the amount in his easy-paying treasure is only over 100 after paying the cost of copyright inquiries and registration.

    As for the change in the pocket, there are not even 50.

    And the day he got his salary, there is still half a month!

    This money is not enough for dinner, but Lu Chen did not have much flustered. He washed the instant noodles with the soup and water. After simply tidying up, he left the basement with a guitar case.

    When I took the subway, Lu Chen arrived at the Houhai Forgetting Grass Bar, which was nearly 8 o'clock in the evening.

    The Houhai is called the sea. It is actually a huge artificial lake. It was also one of the parts of Shichahai in the old royal palace. It is from the east of Di’anmen Street, west to Xinjiekou, south to Ping An Street, and north to Second ring.

    Houhai was a prosperous business district in the metropolis in the Yuan Dynasty. The coast was full of pubs and shops, and the old houses of the surrounding aristocrats and celebrities were everywhere. Today it is still the center of Beijing.

    Today's Houhai is more prosperous than usual. On weekdays, people are woven, and at night all the bars are lit up to welcome customers who like to spend the night.

    Houhai’s snacks are famous, but the bar is more famous.

    The Forgetful Grass Bar is one of the hundreds of bars in Houhai and is also the place where Lu Chen works at night.

    "Small land, how come late?"

    The waiter standing at the door of the bar saw Lu Chen rushing in, ridiculed: "You are not always the most punctual? Is it beautiful to forget the beauty today? ”

    Lu Chen glared at him without a word, one's own reached out and pushed the door into the bar.

    This guy is about the same age as Lu Chen. The time to work in the grass is longer than Lu Chen. The two had no grievances, but they were criticized by the boss several times after work, and they hated Lu Chen.

    Because the bar owner taught him to take Lu Chen, who has been working on time, as a contrast, Lu Chen is purely lying and shooting, it is very embarrassing.

    Another important reason is that Lu Chen is undoubtedly the most handsome in all the waiters who have forgotten the grass. This acne-faced guy is at least three streets, and he usually earns a lot of tips.

    Resentful, so he caught the opportunity to ridicule Lu Chen, Lu Chen knows that this kind of person has no reason to talk about it, and does not want to cause more trouble, so he treats the other party as air.

    Ignore it, in fact, it is also a powerful counterattack!

    The golden time of the nightlife has not arrived yet, and there are not many guests in the bar.

    The size of the Forgetful Grass Bar is medium in the Houhai. It is converted from an old warehouse. The space of more than six meters is divided into two upper and lower floors. The middle is suspended, and the stage, lighting, curtain, audio and other facilities are arranged.

    Around the center stage, there are dozens of wine tables and slabs on the first and second floors. Together with the scattered seats in front of the bar, it can accommodate up to two hundred guests. All the decoration is said to cost almost two million.

    When Lu Chen came in, the bar owner Chen Jianhao was calculating the accounts behind the bar. A charming woman sat beside him and slowly tasted a blue cocktail.

    Lu Chen hesitated a moment and walked over with the violin case and said, "The boss is sorry, I am late today."

    The time for his work is 7:30, it is now 8:00, and it is 30 minutes late.

    Chen Jianhao is a middle-aged man in his 40s, but he looks like he is only about 30. He is well-proportioned and well-dressed. He has a kind of successful person and a gentle temperament.

    Working in the Forgetting Grass Bar for more than half a year, Lu Chen knows that one's own. The boss doesn't like others to be late, and he doesn't like others to make excuses to cover up mistakes, so he simply admits his mistakes.

    Chen Jianhao put down his pen and said faintly: "This time, forget it."

    Originally, according to the regulations of the bar, the waiter was late for work to deduct wages, but Lu Chen had always performed well, and it was the first time to make a mistake, so he opened the net.

    Lu Chen sighed with relief and quickly said: "Thank you boss."


    Chen Jianhao said: "Ner sister and Xiaoshuai will come over later, and you will come to the warmth at night."

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "Okay!"

    Inadvertently, he found that the charming woman standing next to Chen Jianhao looked at one's own and smiled.

    The woman's aqua blue dress, holding a delicate hair, body and graceful temperament, a delicate face with a light makeup, Emei swept the beautiful fox.

    The eyes of the two people are right, the lips of this charming woman evoke the Xiaodu's curvature, and she squints at Lu Chen, and the foxes scream at the soul, revealing a trace of seductive embarrassment.


    Lu Chen’s heart jumped and hurriedly turned and headed towards the background.

    He was afraid that one's own and the strange woman would look at each other for a moment, and they would have to lose their ugliness on the spot.

    Such a goblin-like character is not something that mortals can control!

    Behind him, there was a laugh from the woman eating.

    Chen Jianhao looked at her helplessly and said: "Little eyebrow, what do you guys tease me?"

    The woman used her right hand to pick up the green silk that fell from the corner. The left hand shook the glass and said, "Because I like it…"

    Chen Jianhao smiled bitterly.

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