Chapter 53—Love Wind

    "That day,


It began to float in the snow.


Full of hills,

Waiting for youth to break up.

    Midnight movie,

Filled with ancient love,

in the darkness,

For young Singing.


    The man-filled grass bar was very quiet, and everyone was quietly listening to Lu Chen singing.

    Listen to a new song that they have never heard of.

    Although the melody is different, it is still the familiar style, the piano is melodious, Lu Chen sings, there is no screaming roar, and there is no passion for burning with passion, just telling the story of the past, with a little bit of warmth and romance. Sad and nostalgic.

    The song he wrote seems to be like a cup of clear and transparent white water, which can taste good taste.


Let's go,


Go see the red glow.


My love song,

You sing in the wind.

    The dew hangs on the hair ends,

Full of transparent enamel,

It was the first confusion of my life.


    The leaves lie in front of the bar, her position is very good, and she can clearly see Lu Chen on the stage.

    She couldn't help but stare at the face that was not very familiar. The clean and handsome face had thick eyebrows and a strong nose, but the most impressive one was the bright and godly eyes.

    The depth of the black scorpion seems to contain countless secrets, and people can't help but want to explore…

    The pretty face of the leaves suddenly became red, and the red was a bit hot.

    Because Lu Chen’s gaze looked over, like she was specializing in Singing for her!


When years,

And beautiful,

It has become a sigh in the dust.

    In your sentimental eyes,

There are old tears,

Believe in the age of love,

a song that could not be sung to you,

Let me always remember in my life! ”

    Gently pop the last note, and a song ends.

    Lu Chen regained his gaze. He put the guitar on one's own leg and said to the microphone: "A love story is also my original work. I hope everyone likes it."

    Applause, no accidents, long lasting and warm, pure and sincere!

    No matter from the melody or style, this "Love Wind" does not exceed the category of "You at the same table" and "Cinderella", or nostalgic folk songs, but it still brings a lot of surprises to everyone.

    There are a lot of talents and talents, Singer, who often get into a difficult situation after creating one or two boutiques. The subsequent works lose their aura and soul, and some even satisfy the reputation and interests brought by the previous work. To pursue those flashy things.

    Lu Chen is obviously not the case. His inspiration seems to be endless. The works created in succession can be called fine or even classic. No matter whether it is lyrics or composition, there is no perfunctory burden.

    Even if this "Land of Love" is no better than other songs, it is enough!

    When love has become a song, when the singer leaves, when the past is gradually drifting away, the passing passengers in the room, who can forget this so touching love song?

    So at this time, they just have to applaud.

    Zuo Xintian was also applauding, and the palm of her hand was red. She leaned into the ear of the leaf and said, "The leaves, Lu Chen’s seniors sang for you, then you are gone!"

    The leaves bitten their teeth and twisted the little Nizi, and said: "You like to take it away, don't bring me!"

    Today, Zuo Xintian took Lu Chen and made a lot of jokes with her. It was just to grab the matchmaker’s job.

    Zuo Xin sweet laughs Hee Hee: "If you really leave, don't regret it…"

    The leaves slammed and said: "There are more people who want to chase this girl!"

    Zuo Xintian commented: "There is no reason!"

    The leaves are speechless.

    At this moment on the stage, Lu Chen did not respond to the enthusiasm of the customers to sing a few more requests, thank you for the end.

    Lu Chen likes to forget the atmosphere of the grass bar, but here is just the station of his life, destined to be unable to stay, the time will come less and less in the future.

    Returning the guitar to the band, Lu Chen returned to the bar.

    Zuo Xintian praised: "Lin Chen, you sing very well, why not sing a few more?"

    Lu Chen explained: "The three are almost the same, because you want to protect the scorpion, what do you drink? I treat you. ”

    Zuo Xintian just wanted to say good, but the leaves said: "Thank you, I want to go back."

    Zuo Xintian was surprised: "Leaves, won't you?"

    Lu Chen was also awkward, and immediately said: "Alright, then I will send you back together."

    The leaves smiled and nodded.

    Zo Xin Sweet is not happy, but she also can not stay here alone, had to reluctantly follow away.

    Lu Chen First send them back to the capital big.

    Out of the car, Ye Zitong said to him: "Seniors, today is really trouble you, thank you." ”

    She suddenly politely politely to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You are welcome, if you have any problems with the computer, you can contact me at any time."

    Leaf 彤: "Okay."

    Zuo Xintian looked at the leaves and looked at Lu Chen, a look of incomprehensible color.

    Lu Chenchong waved her hand: "Goodbye."

    After Lu Chen took the taxi and left, Ye Zi and Zuo Xintian walked toward the university.

    Zuo Xintian hesitated, and when he arrived at the dormitory, he cautiously asked: "Leaves, are you pissed off?"

    The leaves grinned: "Where is there, I am thinking, wait a minute, how to pack you up!"


    Zuo Xintian said disdainfully: "Now the mouth is hard, it really goes to the bed. Whoever picks up does not know…what! ”

    The two people’s crisp laughter and playfulness spread far and wide on the campus at night.

    Unfortunately, Lu Chen can't hear it.

    He returned to the single apartment in Jinchengyuan, took a shower, and then turned on the computer to land [Whale TV].

    I was about to open the live broadcast room and the cell phone suddenly rang.

    Seeing the name displayed on the screen, Lu Chen quickly took the call and slammed the call button.


    It is his sister Lu Xi who calls Lu Chen.

    Lu Xi is three years older than Lu Chen. She is also a graduate of Jianghai University. She is an alumnus with Lu Chen, but she is a finance major. She has graduated for two years and is currently working in a private company.

    "Lu Chen, listen to the mother, you are very good now?"

    Lu Xi’s Voice is still familiar, still with a sly taste: “Is it worth 300,000?”


    Lu Chen coughed two times and said: "I was lucky, I wrote two songs and sold them at a high price."

    "If you have a future to make money, then you can do it!"

    Lu Xi said: "My business will not bother you, I am not going to take a postgraduate course. You can manage one's own!"

    When the voice just fell, she hung up the phone.

    Lu Chen smiled at the cell phone that heard the busy tone of "dudu".

    Lu Chen’s sister’s temper is hard, inheriting the strength and reluctance of the parents, and his relationship with him is not very good.

    Before Lu Xue was born, because Lu Chen was a boy, he was always the most favored at home, and more or less developed the pride and willfulness of a rich family.

    When Lu Qingsheng was in trouble, Lu Chen was still addicted to the university's glory and snow. He was indifferent to the situation in his family. He only knew that he was asking for money, until his father died and died.

    Although it was said that the situation at that time, even Lu Chen's hard work was useless, but Lu Xi insisted that Lu Qingsheng would not be so hard to work if he didn't want to earn Lu Chen's endless family business.

    After that, neither the younger brother nor the younger had ever said anything. Lu Chen was so worried, so after making the money, she thought about letting her return to the campus to continue studying for the exam and fulfill her dream.

    Unexpectedly, Lu Xi did not appreciate it. He also called and sneered at him.

    Lu Chen will reopen the computer that has just been turned on.

    Because of this call, his mood is not very good, it is difficult to smile at the camera.

    Tomorrow evening is the PK theme show of [Whale TV]. Lu Chen has carefully prepared such a long time for this. He does not want to have a depressed mood and compete with others.

    Lu Chen’s goal is to win the top three of the PK theme show!

    This may sound incredible. To know that his current live broadcast attention is the least in all 24 show hosts, and the popularity is far from the real pop.

    Lu Chen does not think that one's own has no chance to get a top three, and he firmly believes that one's own efforts will win.

    He will succeed!


Note: "Love in the Wind" word / song: Gao Xiaosong.

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