Chapter 59—Re-boarding the list

    The vast majority of male compatriots are undoubtedly the main audience of all live broadcast platforms.

    Whether it's a single dog or a dog, whether it's a student or a workman, the energetic young people can always find one's own fun in different live broadcast rooms – watching the girls sell songs, learn the Expert game, and enjoy the outdoors. Daren fishing hunting…

    However, you must always remember this, but the growing female compatriots must not be ignored!

    Especially for the anchor who sells talents like Lu Chen, the charm powder in his fishmeal circle, that is, the number of sisters and fans is quite considerable, is a group that must be taken care of.

    Compared with Wangfen, Charm powder has a very valuable quality, that is, they tend to be very careful, and they are good at using the website promotion activities to earn free fish balls and then reward the ones that one's own favorite anchor.

    Don't underestimate the free fish balls of the promotion nature. The number of ten hundred people can get it is very small. The thousands of people are very powerful, and the average reward rate of the charm powder is much higher than that of the Wang powder.

    Therefore, Lu Chen selected the third song of the PKlive broadcast show as "Cinderella". The beautiful girls are anchors rather than the audience, so this song will definitely arouse their resonance and affection.

    Which girl has no dream of Cinderella?

    In order to reflect the sincerity of one's own, Lu Chen also made a Flashanimation MV for this song.

    The new song MV in front is very simple and easy to make because it is a clip of a movie clip with lyrics.

    However, the 7-minute animation is part of Lu Chen's original content. Although it is not a professional-level work, it also uses some small materials on the network, which also cost him three days!

    [Lu Fei works]

The first is that four fine art fonts appear in the live broadcast interface.

    However, the main title faded away, [Cinderella / song: Lu Fei / animation: Lu Fei / late: Lu Fei] slowly appeared, the picture appeared on the picture of the sketch girl image.

    "Wow! The anchor is so talented! ”

    "Can play can sing original, but also make animation, so great!"

    "Lu Fei greatly rapeseed!"

    "I must record it and save it on my computer."

    "I can clearly rely on my face to eat, why do I have to rely on talent, I really can't figure it out!"

    "Don't say it, let's listen to the song!"

    "Listen to the song…"

    As Lu Chen expected, the animation he made really poked the scent of the charm powder, and the 100 fish balls were brushed out in pieces, and the number of ticks frequently reached 100+, which fully showed the fighting power of the girls.

    "How can you fall in love with you? I am asking one's own, I can give up anything, but it is difficult to leave today. ”

    "You are not beautiful, but you are so cute! Oops, Cinderella, my Cinderella…"

    Simple guitar singing, without any electronic accompaniment, Lu Chen's Voice is as clean and thorough as ever, as if it is a clear spring, can wash away the impetuousness and worry of people's hearts, let everyone fall into unconsciously In the mood of this song.

    The animation presented in the live broadcast interface perfectly fits the theme of the lyrics. The story of the ordinary girl and the handsome guy who meets on the campus, with plain colors and simplified lines, is not so beautiful, still able to Deeply impressed girls who love romance and pursue romance.

    At this time, countless male compatriots showed their generosity and tolerance. Not many people used the screen to make noises, and they left the space to the charmers with great tacit understanding.

    “…Maybe waiting for you to come…"

    After 5 minutes of playing, the animation continues to play for 1 minute, leaving everyone with a good ending.

    Those who like, appreciate, admire, and move…All of them are played out with a bullet curtain and a fish ball.

    8:45, [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast, online popularity: 579020.

    At the same time, [Whale TV] the whole station heat list was updated again.

    The total station hot list on the front page of the homepage has a total of only 12 places. According to the online popularity number between the live broadcast, the number of the barrage and the number of rewards, the fixed value is used to convert the corresponding value to the automatic ranking. One of the most important bases for anchor strength.

    Refresh every 15 minutes on the [Whale TV] station heat list.

    Since the 8 o'clock PK theme show officially began, [Whale TV]'s number one female anchor, Sunny Baby has always firmly occupied the top spot of the heat list, and the three refreshments have not given up the throne, and the powerful popularity is fully exposed.

    The 11 positions below her are also highly competitive, and all the exceptions on the list are popular anchors.

    The first two updates, Lu Chen list is unknown.

    However, after the list of 8:45 was refreshed, he was ranked 11th!

    "Lu Fei is on the hot list of the whole station!"

    Immediately the eye-catching fans noticed that they quickly hit the barrage: "11th place!"

    Suddenly responded to the tide.

    "Lu Shuai greatly formidable might!"

    “Congratulations anchor, climb the peak again and win the championship!”

    “Hahaha, we all work harder to help the anchor continue to rush, rushing!”

    "The people of Jiangbei sent a congratulatory message!"

    "The people of Sichuan and Sichuan sent a congratulatory message!"

    “The people of Beijing sent a congratulatory message!”

    "Hucheng people sent a congratulatory message!"

    "The people of Baodao sent a congratulatory message!"

    "The tide people…"

    A piece of congratulatory message filled the screen, congratulations to Lu Chen on the PK theme show to win the first achievement.

    It is really not easy for Lu Fei to live on the hot list. It is also worthy of congratulations. Although I have been there before, there is no fierce competition in the PK theme show at that time. There is a lot of contingency on the list.

    Now this time on the list, that is the real-life popularity proof, and Lu Chen's basic data in all 24-bit PK anchors is the lowest, naturally it is extraordinary.

    A lot of fishmeal understands, so I feel proud and proud in the field, because Lu Chen’s success cannot be separated from their support, and his achievements are worth sharing with the audience of 500,000+!

    And countless members of the Lu Jiajun believe that Lu Chen will be able to rush to the top of the PK!

    For Lu Chen's competitive opponents, especially the similarly ranked opponent, it is quite troublesome.

    This year's [Whale TV] PK theme show reward is very rich, this year's [Whale TV] rare master stroke, publicity and promotion work are in place, showing the determination to officially revitalize the website.

    As the A-list and top anchor in [Whale TV], no one wants to admit defeat in this test. The strong hopes that one's own is stronger, and the second strong hopes to replace the position of the strong. The fierce competition is taken for granted.

    The 24 anchors who participated in the PK theme show got the notice of the website early, and also knew the list of competing opponents in advance. In order to win the victory, the pre-preparation work of knowing oneself and knowing oneself must be indispensable.

    Lu Chen, that is, Lu Fei was not originally seen by anyone.

    As a newcomer anchor of [Whale TV], his qualifications are too shallow. Although the momentum of soaring is very fast, the lack of sufficient fans to accumulate is a fatal weakness, which is destined to be the role of soy sauce.

    As for the theme of the graduation season, what is the original folk song, nothing more than a slap in the face of the public.

    They will use the facts to teach the opponent, let Lu Chen know that the newcomer is a newcomer, and don't want to challenge the superior.

    However, the facts gave a loud slap in the opponent of those who despised Lu Chen!

    Live broadcast show PKtime nearly half, Lu Chen boarded the whole station heat list 11th, online popularity close to 600,000!

    Such data, to say that there is no challenge to the top five qualifications, it is necessary to squint and say something.

    Some of the closely-ranked anchor fans have quickly noticed the threat from Lu Chen. They are strengthening their support for their own anchors, and they also plan targeted means in the group.

    Any list has the possibility of being manipulated. If you want to suppress a competitive opponent, there are also many ways, such as finding a violation point to report, making a black room, making a black man, and so on.

    Some fans are fanatical and don’t make any sense at all.

    With the update of the heat list, an undercurrent rushed toward Lufei live broadcast.

    At this moment, Lu Chen still knows nothing about this. He is preparing for the fourth song.


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