Chapter 52—The Third Song

    The so-called "exposed bottom" is a jargon, referring to the newly packaged goods that the shopkeeper will be ready to sell. The seal on the bottom of the box is heated and uncovered with a hair dryer, and then the accessories are removed and even the host steals the dragon and turns the phoenix into a refurbished product. It is a cottage product, and then to make huge profits.

    As long as the tricks are right, ordinary customers can't see the flaws at all. They think that they are all unopened and that they must be fidelity. One's own doesn't know if they suffer.

    Lu Chen saw the salesman promised to be happy, so he gave the other party a vaccination in advance, letting him know that one's own is not knowing how to fool, so that you have to wait for trouble.

    In fact, encountered more black shop, shop assistants often cheat to let customers pay, and then take the same style of different models of the lower version of the book, computer sales industry inside the water is very deep.

    However, the customers are more savvy, and now the network is developed with fast messaging speeds. Everyone is willing to go to the reliable shopping website, so that these stupid digital cities can't be mixed.

    The salesman’s face was stiff and stiff, revealing a smile that was more ugly than crying: “Mr. Please rest assured that we are doing business with a reputation and will not deceive customers!”

    Lu Chen laughed and didn't speak. Of course, he didn't dare to hang on his knowledge. If he didn't understand, he would sharpen his knife to the pig!

    The salesman ran to the warehouse to transfer the goods, Zuo Xintian admired and said: "Schoolmaster, you are so amazing!"

    She and the leaves are very smart girls, how can I not see the salesman's guilty conscience, if not today, please come to Lu morning to help, change to two people one's own come over, where do you know so many doorway calculations?

    It is estimated that the purchase is bought according to the online shopping price, and the things inside have already been exchanged to not know what the goods are!

    The leaves are a little worried: "Is it troublesome to find them after that?"

    The salesman was crushed by Lu Chen and died. It is difficult to guarantee that he will not take the opportunity to retaliate.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Where to find out what they are doing, go directly to the brand after sale, and find them to repair it is to be slaughtered again, there is absolutely no need!"

    The water for repair is deeper than the sales!

    The leaves lingered down, her eyes swelled, biting her lip and asking: "Luke Chen, why do you want to buy two?" Do you want to buy one person for one's own? ”

    This notebook for girls is obviously not like one of Lu Chen's own.

    Lu Chen explained: "Yes, the other one was bought for my sister. She will go to college next year."

    The leaves smiled and said: "It turns out that you are so good to your sister!"

    As a result, she inadvertently saw the eyes of Zuo Xintian who came over to one's own, and suddenly she was blushing.

    Lu Chen smiled, but my heart was sighing.

    His sister Lu Xue originally had a computer, and later the family had a problem, she was a little princess for Cinderella.

    Lu Chen always wanted to buy a new computer for her, until now she got her wish.

    Two new computers were taken over.

    Lu Chen carefully checked it twice, determined that there was no problem, then opened the box and checked the machine, and finally paid the checkout.

    At this time, the two sisters finally got the opportunity to play their talents. Under their insistence, the store finally sent two sets of matching external keyboards and mice, which is cheaper than online shopping.

    The last salesperson was black-faced and sent the three people to the door.

    I bought a suitable new computer, and I’m in a good mood: “Schoolmaster, I invite you to dinner at night, thank you!”

    It’s already 5 pm, just in time for dinner.

    Zuo Xin sweet said faintly: "Please ask the seniors not to ask me, ruthless is the most sister…what! ”

    The tail of Zuo Xintian suddenly became a full-height octave. It turned out that the leaf that had been intolerable was showing the tickle Divine Art, which hit her sharply and scared her to hide behind Lu Chen.

    "The student is helping!"

    The two girls put the dumbfounded Lu Chen in the middle of the play, do not know how many passers-by look.

    Lu Chenxi has a feeling of returning to the old campus, very warm and very happy.

    I also had a great dinner.

    The last payment was made by the leaves. Originally, Lu Chen was prepared to pay the bill, but it was not the insistence of the former.

    He can see that the leaves are the kind of girl who is very self-respecting, intelligent and reserved, beautiful but not arrogant, she has a good family, so she does not like to take advantage of others.

    Such a girl, there may not be one in a thousand people.

    Lu Chen does not deny that one's own has a good impression on the leaves, but his attitude towards feelings is now.

    Even if you are not a lover, being a friend is also very good!

    Out of the restaurant, time is still early.

    Lu Chen said: "Can you please take two faces to sit in the grass?"

    The leaves have not answered yet, Zuo Xintian patted his hand and said: "Great, can you sing the new song?"

    Lu Chen asked: "new song? Are you and Cinderella at the same table dislike? ”

    These two songs have become his signature in forgetting the grass, and many customers have come to listen to him singing.

    "You and Cinderella at the same table are very nice!"

    Zuo Xintian said with a smile: "If you can send a song to the leaves, then the best!"

    Obviously she is one's own hi new and old, but it is to pull the leaves out as a signboard.

    The leaves licked their faces with their hands, and a pair of helpless expressions that she had defeated.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Let's go together. I will send you back to school before 10 o'clock."

    Zuo Xintian shouted: "Long live the senior!"

    The leaves hurriedly moved two steps to open the distance, indicating that one's own has nothing to do with this crazy girl.

    But she did not reject Lu Chen’s proposal.

    Blocked a taxi, Lu Chen and two girls came to the forget-free grass bar.

    On the first night of the weekend, the business in the bar was very good, just after 7 o'clock, there was no empty table.

    Fortunately, there is a location in front of the bar.

    Lu Chen took the past and said to the bartender: "David brother, these two friends, take care of it."

    The two beautiful girls sitting in front of the bar will inevitably attract the attention of some mad bees, the atmosphere of the grass and the quality of the customers are not bad, but they can't be picked up.

    With David's care, you can get rid of them. With an empty table, you can arrange it at the first time.

    Seeing the leaves and the left sweet, David's eyes suddenly brightened.

    He took the bartender, raised his left hand and pressed it on his chest. He was very gentleman and said: "Two beautiful ladies, good evening, very happy to meet you, my name is David, David.Lee! ”

    Both Ye Zi and Zuo Xin Tian feel very interesting. He smiled and said, "Hello."

    David pretending to be meditation: "Let me guess, who of you is the girlfriend of Xiaolu boss…"

    Zuo Xintian poked her fingers at the leaves of the leaves, causing the latter to turn a big eye.

    Zuo Xintian smiled and said: "We are all Junior Sisters of Lu Chen, and David, Lu Chen, do not have a girlfriend now? And why do you want to call him Xiaolu boss? ""


    David was surprised: "You don't know?"

    Lu Chen finally couldn't listen to it: "Let's talk, I went to the background to prepare to sing."

    He can only flee.

    Zuo Xintian shouted behind him: "Don't forget the seniors!"

    Going to the backstage and Najie, they greeted each other. Lu Chen borrowed the guitar from Qin Hanyang and then went to the stage.

    There are a lot of guests who know Lu Chen in the bar. I am very happy to see him appear.

    The time of Lu Chen’s performance has already changed to 11 o'clock, and it is no longer sung every day, so it is really a surprise to see him playing so early.

    The applause and whistles sounded at the same time.

    Lu Chen sat in front of the microphone with his guitar and said, "Thank you, I will sing three songs tonight. The two capitals in the front are what you like and are familiar with. As for the third song…"

    He paused and looked at the two girls sitting in front of the bar: "It will be a new song!"

    "It’s also the first time I’m singing in the grass!”

    The applause that just calmed down again, and it was at least ten times more enthusiastic than before!

    Those old customers who don’t know Lu Chen’s talent, who doesn’t like his original work? I can hear his new song again, it is a surprise surprise!

    Zuo Xintian grasped the arm of the leaf tightly and said excitedly: "The leaves, the schoolmaster really wants to sing new song!"

    The leaves nodded, and her eyes sparkled with moving light.


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