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Faith in the beginning of the fifty-fifth chapter

    [Original Innovation, Whale PK Theme Show]

[Inadvertently heard two very nice songs, share them with everyone! 】

    [Tonight, I will meet the Whale TV with the folk prince Lu Fei, and listen to the most touching original folk songs together]

[You at the same table, Cinderella, have you heard it? 】


    With the big move of Lu Jiajun, more and more publicity promotion stickers appear on the popular BBS, especially in the forums of many anchor platforms, and a lot of advertisement posts are printed.

    The same advertisements are also emerging in places such as Post Bar, Fetion Group and Fetion Circle. The advertisements include the anchor promotion of the [Whale TV] PK theme show and the links of the two original songs of Lu Chen.

    There are many experts who know technique in the Lu Jiajun fans group. They use the posting robot to save time. One and even hundreds of the same posts are issued at the same time, using the online shopping zombie account for large-scale publicity.

    Although it is a self-organized amateur troll army, the number of fans involved in this event is very good, so the promotion effect is very good. Many people who are boring on the Internet on Saturday are attracted, and then know [Whale TV] at night. The upcoming event will focus on Lu Fei’s live broadcast.

    Of course, most of the posts are either ruthlessly blocked by moderators or owners, or disappeared silently, but even if only one tenth or even one percent plays a role, they can pull a lot of passers-by.

    "You at the same table" + "Cinderella", two original folk songs that are at least fine, make these advertisements very convincing, and will not let people listen to motherfucker after listening.

    Lu Jiajun's publicity offensive reached its peak in the afternoon. Legion members even had a fierce confrontation with the other fans of the [Whale TV] main forum, and the atmosphere was fierce.

    Li Bai personally made a real command in the Lu Jiajun flight group, and the red envelopes were flying all over the sky. It also greatly boosted the enthusiasm of the members of the fans to participate in the promotion, and they became the "tap water".

    However, this has little to do with Lu Chen.

    He is on the computer to do the final preparation before the live broadcast of the PK theme show, to ensure that nothing is lost.

    In the 24 WW's [Whale TV] anchor, Lu Chen's current popularity index is the lowest, and his goal is to get the top three rankings, it is not easy.

    However, Lu Chen has evaluated that this is not entirely impossible.

    Because the results of the anchor PK are based on the heat index, the audience vote and the bureau score, the popularity is extremely important, but it cannot completely determine the outcome.

    For one's own opponent, Lu Chen has learned that they are either the popularity of popular games, or the popular characters of life and entertainment, each with its own characteristics and advantages.

    For example, [Whale TV] popularity anchor "Little Ancient", in the popular online game [Star Overlord] is the top ten strategic Expert, his competitive live broadcast can attract millions of fans to watch live.

    Life show's anchor "Qing Er Bao", people look beautiful and good, Voice Sweet will sing, every night can attract countless fishmeal to stay in front of the computer, known as [Whale TV] first goddess.

    There are also "pure love brother" "rain grid" "SUN"…Both are powerful opponent!

    Lu Chen wants to beat him/her, it must have one's own trump card.

    His trump card is undoubtedly an original work.

    Two hours of PK theme show in the evening, Lu Chen is preparing to sing 7 songs. In addition to "You at the same table", "Cinderella", "Blue Lotus" and "Love in the Wind", he will also come out with 3 new songs.

    The 7 originals that at least reach the boutique level are the magic weapon that Lu Chen swept the same level of opponent, and it was also the best weapon to win the prestigious team's high score!

    To this end, Lu Chen spent a lot of time and energy this week, making a simple MV for all seven songs, used to match the live broadcast of the evening.

    Lu Chen is studying computer science at Jianghai University. He is a computer application. He is very good at professionalism, and he has also studied art before. It is not difficult to use MV to make MV.

    The video material of the MV is all from the network resources. It is undoubtedly a big highlight when the lyrics subtitles are added through appropriate editing and finally played during the live broadcast.

    [Whale TV]'s anchor platform supports video synchronization. In order to ensure foolproof, Lu Chen needs to practice repeatedly in the background to ensure that the operation can be accurately placed.

    Now Lufei live broadcast is in a temporary closed state like all live broadcasts participating in the PK theme show. All 24-bit anchors cannot open the live broadcast channel until 8pm.

    However, at 9 o'clock in the morning, the home page of [Whale TV] was updated, and the theme cover of all 24 anchors was released. Any viewer clicked on the cover to enter the theme page of the anchor, and watched and participated in the chat and Lottery activities.

    Lu Chen's live broadcast show theme: Graduation season!

    [Listen to the pure and beautiful campus folk songs, remember the youthful past of the graduation season]

The term folk songs on campus has not appeared in reality. In the past, folk songs were usually divided into lyrical folk songs, nostalgic folk songs, and rural folk songs.

    In Lu Chen’s dream world, campus folk songs are popular because of people’s lives.

    Or for the thought or memorial, Lu Chen brings the “Campus Folklore” to the world of one's own, letting it shine again!

    Time, quietly waiting in the busy waiting.

    When it was dark, Lu Chen did not go out for dinner and called the takeaway directly on the Internet.

    His preparations have been completed, just waiting for the live broadcast to start, the number of viewers waiting for Lufei live broadcast is 100,000+, ranking 7th among all 24 anchors!

    Although there are still 2 hours from the official start of PK, any ranking is irrelevant, but it also reflects the participation of fans.

    Lu Chen can get such a high popularity, which is inseparable from the efforts of the Lujia Legion.

    Thousands of fans in the Lu Jiajun members were dispatched, and there were countless stickers on the Internet. I don’t know how many IDs were killed, how many IPs were blocked, and a lot of passers-by and new audiences.

    In addition, the support activities were carried out early in the group. Li Bai sent out two or three thousand red envelopes before and after, so the popularity of popularity is justified, otherwise it will be directly recognized.

    Lu Jiajun's three groups are very lively, and Lu Chen is also involved in chatting with fans.

    This kind of communication is extremely important. The network anchor is different from the reality of Celebrity. The attitude of being high and above will be rejected by the fans. The real irons also like to see the anchors often bubbling in the group.

    At 7 o'clock in the evening, there was still one hour from the beginning of the PK theme show. Li Bai suddenly chatted.

    Li Bai: "Boss, do you have confidence in the top five at night?"

    Lu Chen groaned and replied: "What is it?"

    Li Bai: "I met a family and said that you can never rush to the top five and gamble with me."

    Li Bai: "If you lose or lose it does not matter, if you lose to him, then you will have no face, so ask the boss."

    Lu Chen knows that he can gamble with this local tycoon. He is definitely not an ordinary person. His surface disadvantage is still very obvious. He said that it is necessary to attack the top five. It is unreasonable for others to take it for granted.

    Li Bai is definitely not convinced, but he has no complete grasp in his heart, so he asked Lu Chen.

    It’s nothing more than trying to find some confidence.

    You have to be confident, then I will give you confidence!

    Lu Chen did not hesitate and immediately replied: "Of course I have confidence, what about you?"

    Going this step, he won't lose to anyone, even if the opponent are strong, you have to fight to the end!

    Lu Chen's goal, but top three!

    Li Bai: "You have confidence, then I have confidence, isn't it 100,000 yuan?" I bet on him! ”

    100,000 pieces!

    Lu Chen is a bit speechless, he doesn't understand the world of local tyrants.

    When he was rich in his family, he spent thousands of dollars a month on his pocket money.

    Lu Chen suddenly felt that the pressure on one's own was a lot heavy.


    At 8 o'clock in the evening, the live broadcast will open automatically.

    [Whale TV] PK theme show competition, officially started!


Thank you for your support, and again ask for a ticket, rushing to the 20000 mark!

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