Chapter 58—popularity increases

    Love and friendship have always been the eternal theme of the campus.

    Lu Chen’s first "Love in the Wind" tells about love. The second song "The Brothers Sleeping in My Upper Shop" is undoubtedly a friendship. It is the true friendship of the classmates.

    Many, many people have not had love in their student days, and they don't even know what love is.

    But there are few friends who have no friendship!

    This "Brothers Sleeping in My Upper Shop" uses a simple word with a faint sorrowful tune, as if inadvertently hit the softest part of their heart.

    Then all kinds of memories that sink into the bottom of my heart will suddenly come to my heart, the blurred faces begin to clear, the strange Voice gradually becomes familiar, and easily recalls everyone's memories of youth.

    Have fun, run, and fight on campus…I went to work after graduation and gradually lost contact.

    In elementary school, junior high school, high school, university, how many figures that have been associated with each other disappear into the memory of time?


Sleeping in my upper brother,

Sleeping in my lonely memories.

    The girl you always talked about in those days,

Did you send her hair band,

You said that whenever you look back at Red Sunset,

Whenever you hear the night clock again,

In the past, there will be a few drops,

In the heart you are too late to feel sad.

    The letter you came to write is more and more polite,

Regarding love, you don’t mention anything,

You said that you have a lot of friends now,

But no longer worry about those things.

    When are you asking me to go back together?

Look at our hostel, our past,

The words you carved on the wall are still clear.

No one can wipe it from then on!


    The screens displayed on the screen are getting fewer and fewer. The viewers watching the live broadcast listened very carefully to the moving song that touched the heart. The pictures in the movie flashed in front of their eyes. The lyrics and songs seemed to be like a paragraph. The flowing water slowly flows through their hearts, moving and squatting!


Sleeping in my upper brother,

Sleeping in my lonely memories.

    The questions you have asked me,

No one asks now,

Give me the smoked brother,

Give me a happy past.

    The questions you have asked me,

No one asks now,

No one asks now,

No one asks now…


    A song ended, and there is no silence!

    Then the reward screen starts.

    System System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver VII) to give the anchor an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification: Whale Big Brother (Golden VI) gives an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification: Lanling Prince (Golden I) gives an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification: Ride the crane to Yangzhou (Black Iron IX) to give the anchor an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification : Old Hu playing Wusong (Golden III) to give an anchor to an aircraft carrier!


    A domineering aircraft carrier continually traversed the screen, ruthlessly obscuring the amazing number of fish balls. In addition to several local fans who are familiar with Lu Chen, there are six or seven new support. By.

    To reward an aircraft carrier, the system of the live broadcast website will automatically pop up the celebration bar on the whole platform. As long as it is in the platform, whether it is live broadcast or space, all online members can see it.

    Just click on the celebration bar and you will immediately enter the corresponding live broadcast room, which will form a good promotion effect.

    Because of this linkage mechanism, in any live broadcast platform, the stronger the stronger, the popular anchor has a large number of Advanced fans support, can easily gather to countless popularity.

    However, it is still rare to continuously brush out the aerials of more than a dozen aircraft carriers in the same live broadcast.

    At the same time that the number of fish balls in the live broadcast of Lu Fei has soared, the online popularity has also increased greatly!

    Other PK theme show anchors are of course impossible to see, and they all think that this is challenging them, so the local supporters have come off, and the aircraft carrier worth 1,000 oceans is flying.

    The atmosphere of [Whale TV] is so hot!

    Such a situation may not even be expected by the official of the event. PK started less than half an hour, and the major anchors were really slashed. This evening is bound to be a dragon fight!

    The capital Beijing, Pingan District.

    Ping An District is located in the golden section of the Second Ring Road. It belongs to the core hinterland of Beijing. The price is called the national leader. It is not ordinary people who can buy a house in the District.

    A7 villa, in the third floor room, a 20-year-old short-haired youth is sitting in front of the computer, hands on the keyboard, like a fly, from time to time hold the mouse and click a few times.

    "Xiaobai, you are really capable now, where is the founder? A little bit interesting! ”

    Suddenly, a message popped up, showing ID: Arthas.

    The short-haired youth smiled disdainfully and quickly replied: "What? Are you afraid? I am afraid that obediently admit defeat! ”

    Arthas: "Afraid? When was my old Sa afraid? How do you get more fish balls, it’s awkward! ”

    "What is this fish ball?"

    Short-haired youth despise: "Not enough for you to eat, don't tell me that you are not in the rain?"

    Arthas: "How many fish balls are small, but it’s boring if you get too much. It’s a joke to let us laugh at the two big heads. Let’s talk about it?”

    The short-haired youth hesitated and replied: "How much do you say?"

    Arthas: "No more than five, and no one can help others!"

    Short hair youth: "No problem!"

    Arthas: "Hey, that's it, you wait for the wine to admit defeat!"

    Short hair youth: "Think beautiful!"

    Closed the dialogue with Arthas, the short-haired youth looked at Lu Chen on the screen and fell into meditation.

    The five numbers are 50,000. He has now rewarded 15 aircraft carriers, equivalent to 1.5.

    The number of rewards affects the heat index. The heat index is one of the ranking indicators of the PK theme show. Although the number of fish balls does not really determine the final ranking, the proportion is not low.

    According to the agreement with the opponent, the short-haired youth can continue to smash 35 aircraft carriers in the live broadcast of Lu Fei. If it is normal, it is very amazing. Now PK is nothing.

    The most popular anchors have over a million fans and popularity, and they can get tens of thousands of rewards.

    In contrast, Lu Chen’s accumulation is still too small.

    Short-haired youth do not mean to repent or cheat, because he can't afford to lose such a person, and the other party is also the same, so throw away the reward, the other can only rely on Lu Chen one's own.

    At least so far, Lu Chen’s data has risen steadily, and the top five are promising!

    He couldn't help but type two words on the keyboard: keep it up!

    "Lu Fei is greatly keep it up!"

    "Brothers sleeping in my upper shop, give me a smoked brother!"

    "I also remembered my upper bunk…"

    "Although I am a girl, I also like this new song, and I look forward to the third song!"

    "Like +1, look forward to +10000!"

    "Where did the guy who said that he was eating the keyboard went? Live broadcast address posted! ”

    "Haha, be sure to watch!"

    "The grandson ran early…"

    Lu Chen’s second song, "The Brothers Sleeping in My Upper Shop," the atmosphere between live broadcasts is even hotter than before. There are thousands of barrows about songs, and many people are reminiscing about their classmates and friends.

    Most people who like live broadcast are single dogs. Compared to "Love in the Wind", they like this song about friendship.

    8:27, [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast, online popularity: 517922.

    The continuous improvement of popularity data shows that the theme show has been very successful so far, most of the incoming audiences have stayed, they are attracted by Lu Chen’s performances, and the number of fishmeal has increased greatly!


    The smile on Lu Chen’s face became more confident.

    He did not waste time and said: "The brothers who slept in my upper store gave all the male compatriots. The following song is of course given to all female compatriots. Thank you for supporting me here on such a night."

    "A Cinderella, give it to everyone!"

    The third song is "Cinderella" because there is no more suitable than this song.

    Although it has been played many times, this time Lu Chen prepared a Xiaoxiao surprise for the female fans!


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