Chapter 56—Youth Memorial

    At 8 o'clock in the evening, Chen Xiang landed [Whale TV] on time.

    Chen Xiang is a native of Northeast China. After graduating from a local third-rate university last year, he ran to Beijing to discuss life. He changed his work several times, and now he has finally stabilized and become a member of the "flying ant".

    For the future, Chen Xiang is very confused. He doesn't think too much. It is unrealistic to start a family business in Beijing. If you earn more money, you will earn more. In the future, you will have to go back.

    Therefore, he lived very frugally, lived in a cheap basement, ate at a cheap fast food restaurant, and did not go out to play without a girlfriend. The only entertainment that was usually used was online.

    Look at the movie novels, listen to the popular Music, and then run to the forum to blow the water, you can also enjoy yourself.

    In the last two years, the live broadcast show popular on the Internet, Chen Xiang also likes it, especially in the life and entertainment category. There are always a lot of beautiful girls who are spoiled on the screen and appreciate their performances without paying for him. A lot of fantasies, so I ran all over the live broadcast platform and soon became an old driver.

    The problem with the old driver is to look too much, and then quickly fatigue.

    Those sisters are basically double eyelid awl face, false eyelashes with beautiful eyes, and then apply a thick layer of fat powder, even his mother's selling cute and spoiled action looks like a blue Xiang group training, seeing more inevitable appetite.

    Chen Xiang's appetite is not very good. He is also afraid of one's own kidney deficiency, so he will soon abandon these tangible, inaudible and inaudible sisters to find new fun.

    More than half a month ago, Chen Xiang wandered around [Whale TV], accidentally clicked on the newcomer recommendation on the front page, and entered a live broadcast of a newcomer named Lu Fei.

    Then he became a member of Lu Jiajun.

    At that time, Chen Xiang was moved. The place where Lu Fei’s anchor lived was almost like him. Through dialogue, he knew that the latter was also drifting in Beijing. Perhaps was a pity, or the same illness. He was the first time in [Whale TV]. I have won 1000 fish balls, which is equivalent to one's own lunch!

    He likes to listen to Lu Fei's singing, likes the anchor's optimism and humor, and prefers the other's original folk songs.

    He felt that the songs seemed to be written in the heart of one's own.

    Chen Xiang has limited financial ability and can't pay like the local tyrants. What he can do is to send a little bit of popularity when watching live broadcast.

    This time, [Whale TV] PK theme show event, Chen Xiang knew that Lu Fei was going to participate early, so he decided to use action to support. This morning, until the evening, he brushed hundreds of promotional posts in major forums.

    Although these posts were crushed into powder, and even the account number was completely blocked, but Chen Xiang is still very happy, and shared the joy of the online world with thousands of fans.

    And he is still here at the "Li Bai" group owner, Luck grabbed a red envelope of tens of dollars!

    Chen Xiang decided to reward these red envelopes with fish balls for Lu Fei.

    In the same way, he also hopes that Lu Fei’s theme show will be wonderful and good, winning the top five rankings of PK!

    So just after 8 o'clock, Chen Xiang entered the Lufei live broadcast with thousands of fans at the first time.

    Then they were first appreciated for a 3 minute advertisement.

    "I am going, whale TV is getting more and more no, the advertisement is rough!"

    "My life was wasted another 3 minutes."

    "Yes, 3 minutes is enough for the brother in front to get back, take off clothes and dress."


    "Don't say anything, look at the advertisement, the above companies have closed down!"

    "The above companies have closed down! All the above companies have closed down! ”

    "The above companies have closed down!"

    "The above company…"

    Although it is the advertising time, but there are so many happy curtains ridicule, it is really not boring, Chen Xiang can not beat the keyboard, but also the same content, together with the dense barrage to shield the advertisement screen Strict.

    At this moment, the online popularity of Lu Fei live broadcast has exceeded 300,000, reaching the highest peak in the past!

    It is normal to have such a situation. First of all, the organization of the Lu Jiajun fans group is quite high. The promotion before PK is quite effective. Countless iron powder and passers-by powder are stuck in time to join in, plus the theme recommendation on the homepage of the website to see the lively tourists. There are also a large number.

    But if you can leave these tourists, you have to look at the anchor's ability.

    Although [Whale TV] conducted a long time of publicity for this event, the short burst of popularity was normal, but if it was dispersed into 24 live broadcast rooms, it would form a fierce competition.

    Chen Xiang suddenly worried, he knew that Lu Fei's opponents were very powerful, and the top five were really difficult.

    In the midst of concern, the 3-minute advertisement ended.

    The live broadcast screen is instantly displayed, still familiar with the scene and familiar people.

    Lu Fei on the screen smiled, he was holding a guitar, and his eyes flashed with confidence.

    "Everyone good evening, I am your anchor Lu Fei, I am very happy to meet you again on the theme show."

    "The live broadcast theme I brought to my friends this evening, the name is the graduation season!"

    “I Believe all the people, all the friends in front of the screen, have experienced the moment of graduation…”

    “I also believe that you have or have had a beautiful Era on campus.”

    "I will use the song to bring everyone to cherish and relish, the beauty of the student era!"

    "Thank you!"

    A very good opening remark, pointing out the live broadcast theme and easily recalling Chen Xiang's memories.

    He suddenly didn't worry!

    The next time, the anchor image is zoomed out to the upper right corner, and the main interface shows the clipped movie screen.

    "The name of the first song is called Love, the original campus folk, I hope everyone can like it."

    The prelude to play gently, as well as the boys and girls who are chasing and laughing in the movie video, instantly bring everyone into the youth campus life.

    "That day, at dusk, it started to snow…"

    "Sadness, full of hills, waiting for youth to break away…"

    "Midnight's movie, full of old romance, in the dark, for young Singing…"

    Beautiful and moving melody, slightly sad songs, make those memories of youth suddenly become vivid.

    Chen Xiang and Lu Fei live broadcast 300,000+ viewers, the first time they heard this "love in the dust", the screen on the screen is like a sudden waterfall, leaving only the silk Water line.

    Until Lu Chen sang the first time with deep affection, the story was just half past.

    Admission, meeting, getting to know, first love, misunderstanding, breaking up…A picture perfectly sets off the lyrics.

    The barrage has increased again.

    "The 19-year-old youth commemorates, I have seen this movie, so touching."

    “This song was written by the anchor one's own?”

    "Crap, our Lu Fei is a great master and a folk prince. His songs are written by one's own!"

    "甩 The original soundtrack theme song three streets!"

    "甩三街+1, I heard that I want to cry, the anchor loses me!"

    "Really nice, I like it."


Lu Chen ignored all the speeches, his heart was completely immersed in the mood of the song, and continued to play the second time.

    Graduation, travel, hard work, miss, reunion, true love…The long movie is concentrated in a few minutes.

    The "19-year-old Youth Memorial" was a youth film that was screened at the Domestic Academy at the beginning of the year. The 290 million box office created a record for the same type of film. Many people have seen this movie.

    The story of the movie perhaps is cookie cutter, but no one will care about it, because listening to songs at this time is enough.

    “……I believe in the age of love, I can't sing the songs for you, so I often remember in my life! ”

    The song is coming to an end, and the style of the barrage has changed.

    "Chen Xiaoyi, I love you!"

    "Sun Yahan, I miss you, I miss you so much!"

    "La Miao Miao, a classmate of 3 years and 3 classes, I am waiting for you in the woods after class!"

    "Wang Qiang, you are a bastard! But I like you! ”

    "Zhang Jie, I want to love you again with you…"


Usually I want to say and dare not say, those words that are pressed in my heart suddenly burst out and vented arbitrarily.

    Although it is the opening, it is near the climax!

    A song "Love in the Wind" sings, the barrage is like a wave of rain!

    At 8:10 pm, [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast, online popularity: 392017.


There is only one chapter in the family today. How can we face the busy festival without the hard work of keeping the manuscript?

    I want to be quiet, don't ask me who is quiet.

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