Is the fifty-th chapter a date?

    I sang "I want to have a home" for the second time, and Ms. Na is already bursting into tears.

    When she sang the last two sentences, her Voice was shaking, but there was a tearful Strength!

    Whether they are familiar or unfamiliar customers, whether they are friends in the circle or bar staff, they all stand up and applaud to Na, no applause, no applause.

    The pure and warm applause penetrated the doors and windows of the bar and passed to the pedestrian street outside, which led several passers-by to frequently look back, not knowing what was going on inside.

    Qin Hanyang put down the electric guitar in his hand and got up and walked over, stretching his arms and cuddling Na.

    "Sing well!"

    He shouted: "Great!"

    Na sister will hold Qin Hanyang back, her chin resting on the other's shoulder, and tears on his T-shirt.

    There was a smile on her face: "Thank you!"

    Qin Hanyang patted her back and let go of her arms.

    Then Lu Chen came up, and also hugged Na sister: "Na sister formidable might!"

    Na sister laughed with tears: "talkative!"

    Followed by the band's drummer, keyboard player, Bass…Everyone hugged again and again, both to congratulate her on her success and to express her support.

    The applause in the bar has not been broken, and after the sister Na and the band have embraced, they reached the peak of climax when they thanked them!

    Someone shouted: "Sing again!"

    Na sister reached out and wiped away the tears in her eyes and smiled. "Thank you so much!"

    "I can only sing this song at night, but I have already signed up for Light Rain Media. After waiting for the single, will I give it to everyone present?"

    Sister Na is going to be single?

    Everyone listened to it, and they immediately applauded.

    Although it is not a real album, it is a good thing for many Singers to sign a contract for a media company. Of course, it is a pleasure.

    They are friends of Na sister, and they are honored!

    "Congratulations Na sister!"

    Lu Chen first expressed his congratulations to Na, who also just knew the news.

    Sister Na said: "Xiaolu, thank you, thank you very much!"

    Lu Chen gave her not only a good song, but also an opportunity for her to realize her dream!

    In the forgetful grass bar, there is no sleep tonight.


Time slipped away inadvertently, and the weather in Beijing is getting hotter and hotter.

    The blink of an eye has reached the end of May.

    About a week before the light blue Music carnival night, Lu Chen’s life has changed a lot.

    First he moved to a new home and had a comfortable single apartment with a significant improvement in the quality of life.

    Then Lu Chen put more time and energy on one's own network live broadcast business. The number of forgetting the grass bar at night is naturally less, more like a guest.

    Chen Jianhao has no opinion on this. How do you say that Lu Chen is a minority shareholder of the bar now, and now the bar business is better. There are many Singers coming to the stadium and the resident, many of them are coming to Lu Chen. of.

    Relying on Chen Jianhao's personal connections, both Na and the band have successfully signed Light Rain Media.

    However, the contracts signed by the two are short-term cooperation. The focus is on "I want to have a home" and "In the Spring". At that time, Na and the band will be packaged as a combination of publicity and launched. Single and mini albums.

    As for Lu Chen's own, there is a Manager Corporation and an entertainment company to come to the door.

    They all want to sign Lu Chen, but the size of the two families is small, the contract is also a lot of restrictions, Lu Chen is willing to sign, so the rumor declined, saying that everyone can cooperate if there is a chance in the future.

    Buying and selling is not a matter of righteousness, and even if you don’t talk, you don’t need to make trouble.

    In this respect, thanks to the 3rd Rank memory experience in the dream, Lu Chen handled very well without the dueend people.

    As for the Singer in the circle, Lu Chen came to a lot of close-ups when he was going to forget the grass performances. But no one invited Lu Chen to buy songs or buy songs, basically all of them were familiar.

    In fact, this is very normal, although Lu Chen has produced amazing talents, whether it is "You at the same table", "Cinderella", "In the Spring", "Blue Lotus", "I want to have a home", It is a boutique or even a classic.

    However, his works have not been tested by the market after all. It is useless to call it in a single circle, and the price of a piece of work is so expensive. How many Singers are willing to make it out?

    For Lu Chen’s early prediction, he was not in a hurry, waiting for the three songs that sold the copyright to go public.

    It was very interesting to say that when Su Xiaomei wanted to sign him, he refused. Now the three songs he sold are all operated by Light Rain Media.

    Light Rain Media is a new company in the industry. Its background network is not lacking. What is lacking is experience and heritage. Adding a song to publicity is not a simple matter. Therefore, Lu Chen wants to use the light rain media. The reputation of one's own is coming out and you need to wait patiently.

    It is precisely because of this that he put more time on the live broadcast of the net that can make more money. Now the number of fishmeal attentions in Lufei live broadcast has reached 250,000+, and the online popularity has remained at 150,000 to 300,000. Between the daily average fish balls rewarding 5T, it has successfully entered the ranks of the [Whale TV] A-list anchor.

    However, Wu Shanshan told Lu Chen that it was not easy to get to the point where it was going to go up again.

    Lu Chen's own has the same feeling, so he pays special attention to the PK theme show on the 30th night, because this will be his best chance to break through the bottleneck state!

    At noon on the 29th, Lu Chen sent one's own carefully prepared live broadcast theme content to Wu Shanshan.

    Just ending the conversation with Wu Shanshan, the flying video in the lower right corner of the screen beats the portrait of a cute girl.

    Lu Chen opened his eyes and couldn't help but smile.

    Ye Zi, Beijing Normal University is a sophomore girl. She used to go to school and listen to him singing. The two people knew each other and added the Feiyin number.

    The beautiful girl and her classmates also uploaded the video of the two songs "You at the same table" and "Cinderella" that Lu Chen played during the live broadcast to the Beihai City Forum. He once browsed the post and quietly clicked. A lame.

    That post is really hot, but unfortunately the influence of the Beihai City Forum is limited. If there is no professional network pusher to help, it will not look down on the network.

    Lu Chen and Ye Zi have always been in contact with Fetion, but the number of conversations is very small.

    When the former family was in good condition, Lu Chen perhaps would actively pursue the pursuit, but now he is carrying a heavy debt, just thinking about how to make more money, there is really not much thought about love.

    Ye Ziwei: "Lu Chen, may you ask if you have time in the afternoon?"

    Lu Chen: "Is there anything, do you have anything?"

    Ye Ziwei: "This is the case. My computer is broken and I can't repair it. So I want to buy a new notebook. You are a computer professional. Can you accompany me to the computer city to help me, so I won't be deceived."

    Lu Chen: "That's fine, or will I come over to you now?"

    During this time, in addition to early exercise, most of the time is at home, in addition to writing songs is live broadcast singing, long time no outing activities, but also need to relax one's own.

    In addition, Lu Chen one's own also wants to buy a laptop, ready to bring back to his sister Lu Xue.

    Just together.

    Ye Ziwei: "That's great, I am waiting for you at the gate of Jingshi!"

    Lu Chen: "OK!"

    Closing the computer, he got up and went to the bedroom to change the new clothes, then went to the bathroom and washed his face.

    Clean and go out clean and refreshing.

    When walking out of the door, Lu Chen suddenly thought of a question – is this a date?

    He smiled and shook his head.

    But it is undeniable that he has a very good impression of the leaves.

    At the junction of the front gate of the District, a taxi was stopped. Lu Chen quickly rushed to Beijing Normal University in the university town.

    At the main entrance of the Beijing Normal University, he saw the leaves, and left Xin sweet!

    Zuo Xintian is a classmate of the same family and a girlfriend in the same room. I also came to the forgotten grass bar that day. The live broadcast video of Lu Chen’s two songs was sent to the Beihaicheng Forum with one's own account.

    Seeing Lu Chen, Zuo Xin sweet smiled and asked: "He is the schoolmaster, are you very disappointed?"


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    At the same time, I would like to thank 0000ssss friends for the reward of 1888, and many other friends, thank you!

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