Chapter 511 Liu Gangsheng

    The Musical Salon of the Campanile is a gathering of the Musicians of Xiangjiang, but the invitees are not only limited to the Musicians on Hong Kong Island. In addition to the Singer artists and songwriters, there are many practitioners or executives of the media circle and entertainment managers.

    But they are undoubtedly in the high-level position in the Xiangjiang Pan Entertainment Circle.

    The atmosphere in the Music salon is very relaxed. There are not too many rules and regulations. The salon sponsors will choose a theme and then let the participants freely play, talk, discuss, and even go to stage impromptu speech or performance. It is eternal.

    However, like Mrs. King, it is rare to send an initiative unambiguously here.

    And this initiative can touch the sensitive points of everyone.

    Since entering the new century, Domestic's entertainment industry has developed rapidly. Due to the influence of Japanese and Korean entertainment in Europe and the United States, Domestic's reality talent program has emerged in an endless stream. Despite the many criticisms of Voice, there have been a large number of drafts of Celebrity. Finally, I was taken to the position of A-list, and I was so envious and hateful.

    Many artists from Xiangjiang Island looked at their eyes and ears, and they rushed to the beach to rush to the mainland to fight.

    On the surface, Xiangjiang's Entertainment Circle doesn't seem to care much about it, and even has some disdain, but in fact many entertainment media companies have cooperated with Hong Kong Island TV stations to launch the draft Program Singing contest, but it is not a failure. At the end of the game, there was no influence.

    The reason is that insufficient capital investment, unfavorable promotion of publicity on TV stations, etc. are all important factors.

    The most typical example is the judges of the draft program. The appearance fees are often very low. It is difficult to attract real big coffee participation, or it will not work hard.

    As for the prizes won by the winners, it is not worth mentioning compared to the mainland's draft champions.

    All kinds of problems have made Xiangjiang's draft program, except Miss Hong Kong Island and Miss Asia, the other ones are lacking, and there is no influence from the mainland.

    Therefore, the idea put forward by Mrs. Jin, although the idea will be tall, but suddenly cold.

    Everyone is looking at each other in dismay.

    They each have their own positions and each has their own interests. It is really unrealistic to want to unite together to create a draft competition that encourages and supports the original Music.

    Mrs. Kim’s idea is a bit too idealistic.

    It’s not that everyone doesn’t give Mrs. Kim face, but it’s really complicated.

    Accompanied by sonar.

    Seeing such a scene, Mrs. Jin secretly sighed and flashed a disappointment in her eyes.

    The influence of the Clock Tower Music Salon has been weakening in the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle. It is only a big relationship with most participants. It is now basically a social gathering in the circle.

    What is the difference between it and other parties?

    She has been floating in the Entertainment Circle for decades. She knows the status quo in the circle. She just listened to Lu Chen’s words and couldn’t help but stand up and want to really do something for Xiangjiang Pop Music.

    The result is still so disappointing.

    Lu Chen said: "I think Jin Jie's suggestion is very good. We are willing to contribute to this."

    Mrs. Kim gratefully smiled at Lu Chen who was relieved for one's own.

    It is a pity that Lu Chen is from the mainland and is not destined to belong to Xiangjiang, otherwise…

    "Plus me one!"

    At this time, a warm and mellow Voice sounded in the crowd.


    Lu Chenli, Mrs. Jin, everyone can understand, after all, the latter has just supported the former, and the two support each other.

    But who is in agreement with Mrs. Kim, who is not very reliable?

    Everyone wants to have a look.

    At first glance, everyone is dumbfounded!

    The person who said "plus me one" looks like he is in his forties. He is not tall and has a faint smile on his face, but none of the people present is afraid to look down.

    Because this middle-aged man is the top big coffee in the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle, the Heavenly King character with the highest popularity – Liu Gangsheng!

    No one thought that Liu Gangsheng actually participated in the Music Salon, but it is normal for him to appear here because Liu Gangsheng is one of the founders of the Clock Tower Music Salon.

    At that time, the young Liu Gangsheng was already one of the leading figures in the popular Musical World in Hong Kong.

    The head of Heavenly King, the chief idol of Asia, the non-official gentleman of Xiangjiang, the Asia amphibious superstar…

    In this body, there are too many titles and glory, his voice, in a sense, represents the will of the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle, no one can compare!

    "Son brother!"Hong Kong students! ""Mr. Liu! ”

    Regardless of whether they are inside or outside the circle, regardless of their status, Liu Hongsheng has greeted him.

    Liu Gangsheng responded with a smile.

    Under the attention of everyone, he went to the front of Lu Chen and took the initiative to extend his hand to the latter: "Hello."

    Lu Chen quickly took his hand: "Happy brother!"

    This one, one of his childhood idols, was the first time I saw a real person today, and I was really excited.

    Liu Gangsheng smiled and said: "I am coming today, I just want to see your Music genius, no disappointment."

    There was a low-pitched exclamation around.

    Music genius!

    Liu Gangsheng’s evaluation of Lu Chen is not generally high.

    Lu Chen modest: "Sheng brother is too praised, I still have a lot to learn from you."

    Liu Gangsheng nodded with a smile and looked at Chen Feier: "Miss Chen, we met again."

    Chen Feier reached out and said, "Hello brother!"

    She is the queen of the popular Musical World in the Mainland, but on influence, it is not comparable to the current one.

    The two met once when they were attending a large Literature and Art show.

    Finally, Liu Gangsheng's eyes looked at Mrs. Jin: "Golden sister, you come out to organize this game, I can vacate the time to serve as judges."

    Mrs. Jin was surprised: "Thank you, Hong Kong."

    The two are old acquaintances, but they are not true friends.

    Liu Gangsheng came out to support her, apparently not because of this lack of deep friendship, but because of the support and love for Xiangjiang popular Music.

    If Mrs. Kim’s initiative was just a flashy idea, then with the addition of Liu Gangsheng, the idea suddenly became practical and highly operational.

    Many people’s minds were on the scene.

    Liu Gangsheng looked at Lu Chen again and said: "Lu Chen, since Jin Jie’s idea came from you, it’s up to you to name this popular Music original game, and I hope that you can become One of the judges!"

    In an instant, it seems that another bomb exploded in the crowd, and I was shocked by how many people did not know.


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