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Chapter 571 Glory moments (continued)

    "I bet five hairs, the best men and women Singer must fall into my morning Philippine sac!"

    "Put up your five hairs and go home to buy a popsicle to eat. Do you know the truth of the heat?" I see it hanging! ”

    "My best Singer in the morning is a bit hanging, and your best female Singer should be fine."

    "I have nothing to say to you, if the best men and women Singer gave others, I swear I will never look at the Golden List!"

    "Don't bother, the results haven't come out yet…"

    [Whale TV] In the anchor room, there was a lot of talk and it was soaring. Many fans firmly believed that the best men and women Singer had no suspense, but more fans were not so sure, and some even believed that both would fail.


    Because it is impossible to be as greasy as this kind of award, Lu Chen is not the first time to be suppressed.

    It’s good to win the prize. Don’t be disappointed. Lu Chen’s talent and strength don’t need to be proved by a trophy, so everyone’s normality is better.

    As said, many fans have been affected, feeling that they should lower their goals.

    For example, the best composition or best lyrics are not bad.

    As Lu Chen said, it is better not to have no particles, otherwise the six nominations will be too faceless.

    When the discussion on the Internet was in full swing, Lu Chen and Chen Feier entered the main hall of the National Grand Theatre and sat in the position of one's own.

    As early as February of this year, Lu Chen had been to the National Centre for the Performing Arts.

    At that time, he participated in the [Asia Chinese Songs] and won four nominations. In the end, he won the Best Newcomer and Best Composer.

    This year's [Asian Chinese Gold Songs List] is also the last one, because it has been merged into the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List], but the glory of the night is still fresh in the morning.

    It is relying on the two Golden Bailing Awards that Lu Chen laid the position of one's own in the popular Chinese Musical World.

    At that time, his relationship with Chen Feier was not officially disclosed.

    In a sense, the National Grand Theatre is his Luck land.

    So this time he has a total of six nominations, and finally able to win a few trophies?

    Lu Chen one's own is also looking forward to the results.

    The main hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts has a total of 5,000 seats. Lu Chen and Chen Feier are on the right side of the second row. The same row sits on a familiar face.

    Tan Hong, Liao Jia, Li Xing, Su Yingying…They are the big coffee superstar of Chinese Musical World.

    Lu Chen also saw Liu Gangsheng, who smiled and waved at him, attracting people close to him.

    This evening is undoubtedly a grand gathering of the popular Chinese Musical World!

    At 7:30 pm, the 5,000 seats in the main hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts were packed full of lights. In a flash of light, a camera faithfully recorded everything here from different angles.

    The giant screens arranged on the big stage slowly light up. The golden characters on the “Global Chinese Original Gold Songs Awards Ceremony” are shining, the white fog formed by dry ice is filled with the special effect light of the scene, giving a kind of The dream is like a dream.

    The gentle Music sounded, the hall quickly quieted down, and the Host officially went on stage.

    According to the usual practice, the Host of the [World Chinese Original Gold Songs] Awards Ceremony is still the big coffee of CCTV. The four-person combination of two men and two women is familiar to the audience.

    "Respected leaders, distinguished guests!"

    "Dear audience and friends in front of the TV!"

    "Good evening, everybody!"


Still familiar with the Voice, the 5,000 spectators on the scene, including the big supermarket superstars in front of the popular Musical World, listened carefully and listened to the four hosts' poetry-like opening remarks.

    The last sentence was just falling, and the audience applauded.

    [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] The Awards ceremony officially began in the celebration of singing and dancing.

    Interestingly, as the first program of the opening and closing of the program, I chose Lu Chen’s "I Love You China" as the theme song. The singer is a well-known Singing family.

    Her singing skills are not weaker than Lu Chen. The singing of the beautiful voice sings the essence of this strong theme of the main melody, and also brings up a wave of atmosphere in the audience.

    "Your song is really good…"

    Tan Hong suddenly turned his head and said to Lu Chen: "It will be good for you to write a few more similar ones in the future."

    The last "Asia Mandarin hit list", Tan Hong won the Lifetime Achievement Award, now he has basically said farewell to the pop music, rarely in public appearances.

    This time, the first [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List], Tan Hong did not receive any nominations, but he was invited to join in the invitation, the location is next to Lu Chen.

    For Tan Hong’s goodwill reminder, Lu Chen quickly replied: “I know, Tan Big Brother.”

    During this time, Lu Chen finished the TV filming, Singing was less and less written, but he did not forget the root of one's own, and is preparing to launch one's own personal third album in the middle of next year.

    There are also personal concerts, which are already in the planning of the studio.

    Tan Hong smiled and patted him on the shoulder and said: "You have been doing very well, keep going!"

    Lu Chen nodded hard.

    During the speech, the cabaret performance ended, and the four hosts went to the stage again, announcing the first award.

    The first prize of the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List] is the Best Newcomer of the Year. A total of five nominees have been nominated for this year in the music scenes of Domestic, Xiangjiang and Baodao.

    After some suspenseful comments, the famous singer Yue Zhaoan unveiled the answer.

    “It’s the best newcomer to get the Global Chinese Originals Songs of the Year…”

    "Xiao Yao!"

    His voice just fell, the five candidates in the background big screen instantly disappeared four places, the remaining one was magnified and highlighted, the sky was raining, and the celebration of the music resounded throughout the audience.

    “Congratulations Xiao Yao!”

    In the corner of the audience, several people jumped up in excitement and hugged each other.

    The scene of the camera is swept over and fixed on one of the beautiful women, on the big screen.

    Give the protagonist a close-up of tears.

    The audience gave a warm applause.

    To go on stage, award, speech, thank you…The second award is the best newcomer of the year.

    The five nominations include the Xiaohu group that was just established this year.

    Li Jie took the son and the members of the Xiaohu group in the third row. It was a dozen meters away from the location of Lu Chen and Chen Feier. It was obvious that Li was still very nervous, so that they did not notice the concern of the two. Looked over.

    Responsible for the announcement of the winner is Liao Jia, the big brother who is known for his temperament, did not play any suspense tricks, and directly tore the envelope to draw the winners list.

    His eyes were fixed on thin paper.

    Then the mouth spit out three words: "Little Tigers!"


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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