Chapter 513 Anniversary

    In the traditional media circle of Xiangjiang, Xiangjiang Satellite TV and ATV are undoubtedly the real rivals.

    The grievances of the two wireless hegemons can be traced back to a few decades ago, and the entanglements can fully capture a series of hundreds of episodes of drama, and the competition between them has continued throughout the history of Xiangjiang's screen.

    It is normal for the attendees of this time at the Music Salon of the Clock Tower to have satellite TV and ATV. Whether it is the Music Director Liu Hanyang of the ATV Variety Channel or the Li Weiyuan, the producer of the Satellite Channel, can be regarded as a member of the popular Musical World.

    As a Musician, they can sit in their respective positions, no one is a fool.

    From the topic of Lu Chen, Mrs. Jin's idea, and then Liu Gangsheng's expression support, and finally evolved into a feast of the Xiangjiang Music people, Liu Hanyang and Li Mingyuan are keenly smelling the taste of opportunity.

    To say that the variety show, TV and ATV are the best organizers, the annual watcher rating and the ATV's Asian sister selection, Viewership Ratings has never been less than 20%.

    However, it is an indisputable fact that the two "sisters" are selected and the Viewership Ratings are decreasing year by year. Last year, the Hong Kong sisters selected the Viewership Ratings of the rematch to hit the bottom line of 20%. Xiangjiang Satellite TV spent a lot of effort into resources, and finally did not break. The red line.

    The situation of the Asian sister's selection is also not much better.

    The reason is very simple. Under the impact of the Internet tide, the days of traditional media are not so good. After decades of Hong Kong sisters and sisters, they can't play any fresh tricks, and the audience began to feel tired.

    Under such a situation, seeking new ideas has become the pursuit of the two wireless station program producers.

    "Xiangjiang new song" is undoubtedly an excellent Program.

    It has ideas, sources of funding, and more like Heavenly King support from Liu Gangsheng…

    It’s hard to think of failure!

    It is like a golden hen that has just emerged from the wild. Who doesn't want to take it home?

    Liu Hanyang and Li Mingyuan suddenly became aggressive cocks, and they didn’t give each other their eyes.

    If you miss the production of this promising draft, it will be difficult to explain whoever goes back.

    The smell of gunpowder between the two is getting stronger and stronger.

    Liu Gangsheng is also experienced and laughs and solves the problem: "The two are not contending for the time being. Now "Xiangjiang new song" is just a preliminary idea. It is best if you first make a plan and then give it to everyone to see, who's plan Who is better to choose, how do you say?"

    Liu Heavenly King deserves to be Liu Heavenly King. It solves the dispute between the two easily, and also sets a new benchmark for "Xiangjiang new song", and the operability is greatly increased.

    Whether it is TV or ATV, which one is better, which one is chosen, the supporters of this project vote for the plan, fair and reasonable.

    Liu Hanyang and Li Mingyuan had nothing to say, and the guests present were applauding.

    I don't know who opened it. The warm applause sounded again in the bar, because everyone witnessed the birth of a popular Musical World event in Xiangjiang, and this is likely to change the future of Xiangjiang music.

    Lu Chen, Chen Feier, Liu Gangsheng and Mrs. Jin were surrounded by everyone, and applause was given to them.

    Some of the people around them are Musical World's well-known Singer, some are the seniors of the industry, and some media executives, such as Ye Xuan, can't squeeze into the first two layers.

    As for Jiang Wei, who had previously said that he would defeat Lu Chen, he could only squat with a few friends.

    Compared to Liu Gangsheng, they are not even as good as the stars under the moon.

    Liu Gangsheng’s appreciation of Lu Chen made Jiang Wei’s previous provocations seem ridiculous.

    At this time, the host of the Music Salon, Guo Huai'an, finally appeared. He smiled and said: "You, our chefs have prepared the special dishes for you today, it is important to talk about things, and eating is equally important!"

    One of the traditions of the Clock Tower Music Salon is to entertain the dinner, usually a Western-style buffet. The chef hires the famous Master Fu of Xiangjiang, and these Western chefs will come up with one's own favorite work at the time of the meal.

    The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became easier, everyone talked and laughed and went to taste delicious.

    Liu Gangsheng said to Lu Chen: "First eat something, then we sit down and talk about how?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I can't ask for it!"

    Liu Gangsheng looks like he is in his forties. He has a face that can impress people, handsome and resolute, and has the maturity and confidence that the years have settled down.

    In fact, this Xiangjiang Heavenly King is now 54 years old.

    On the Heavenly King superstar, Lu Chen saw the shadow of Tan Hong, and the two were similar in many ways.

    They have done the strongest in their respective fields, and they have won the prize so much that they have lost interest. However, Tan Hong chose to retire early, and Liu Gangsheng was active in the music and film circles.

    But Mingheli has nothing to do with this Xiangjiang Heavenly King. He sincerely wants to do something practical for Xiangjiang's popular Music, and wants to save the popular Cantonese pop songs.

    This is the most important reason why Liu Gangsheng appreciates Lu Chen, because what he sees in Lu Chen is the future hope of the Chinese popular Music.

    For Lu Chen, it is really wonderful to be able to communicate face to face with adolescent idols. There is a dream that can be fulfilled and more than the satisfaction of the desire.

"I hope you can stay in Xiangjiang…"

    The Xiangjiang Heavenly King said very seriously to Lu Chen: "Create more and better Cantonese songs. If you can't stay, please create more Cantonese works in the future…"

    "A good song like "Love in Your Life"!"

    Lu Chen nodded and solemnly replied: "I must work hard."

    Liu Gangsheng showed a smile. He gave Lu Chen a private card of one's own: "I can find me at any time."

    Liu Gangsheng’s private business card is rarely given to others, except for real friends.

    Mrs. Jin smiled and said: "I will take a photo for you and keep a memorial."

    Liu Gangsheng, who was preparing to leave first, readily agreed that he not only took a group photo with Lu Chen, but also took several photos together with Chen Feier and the three people.

    Then several photos were uploaded to one's own blog by Chen Feier using cell phone.

    Suddenly caused a lot of sensation in her and Lu Chen's fans circle.

    "Liu Heavenly King!"

    "Two big old and new guys take a group photo, it's so cool!"

    "Ahhhhhh, can you say that Liu Gangsheng will also be a guest in a new movie? I like him very much! ”

    "I am very talented in the morning, Liu Heavenly King must appreciate it!"

    “I look forward to my morning cooperation with Liu and Heavenly King!”

    "Cooperation +1…"

    Regardless of how hot on the Internet, the Clock Tower Music Salon is undoubtedly a key step in his integration into the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle.

    Two days later, Chen Feier, who finished the filming work of "Ghost Story", left Xiangjiang.

    Lu Chen’s first film also entered the fast sprint stage.

    On December 29th, "Ghost Story" officially fixed phase.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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