The 509th glory moment (final)

    Among the 24 awards in the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List], the best producer is a great trophy, because the producer itself is a very high level in the circle.

    A truly outstanding Music producer, professionalism and talent are indispensable. He is more behind the scenes, and his name is hidden in the corner of the CD album cover, but the importance is unquestionable.

    Domestic's popular Musical World has excellent producers, basically working for major record entertainment companies, or one's own independent portals. The other four who are nominated together with Lu Chen are well-known figures in the industry.

    Lu Chen was nominated for the best producer by one's own "The Ordinary Road."

    To be honest, he really has no ambitions for this award.

    Because the best producer is largely determined by the nominee's circle of contacts.

    And the facts are as Lu Chen expected.

    “The best producer is…”

    Tan Hong, the guest of Awards, opened the envelope and calmly announced the winner's name: "Zhu Yu!"

    "His winning work is "If there is tomorrow"!"

    Along with the warm applause from the audience, a middle-aged man stood up a few meters away from Lu Chen. He waved his fist and congratulated his friends and colleagues. He then took the stage to receive the award.

    Zhu Yu is a Music Director of Domestic Records, a well-known record company. He is a classmate with Director Lin Zhijie of Fei Shi Records. He has produced hundreds of records for more than 20 years of career and won the best producers. Not the first time.

    His strength is recognized by the industry. It is entirely reasonable to defeat the four competing opponents including Lu Chen, and the nominated albums are indeed very good.

    Of course, there are not a few people who are disappointed, especially those fans in the [Whale TV] Lu Chen anchor room.

    "The first one did not win! What a pity. ”

    "Zhu Yu? Who is this, I have never heard of it, and I can win the prize? ”

    "I haven't heard +1."

    "Speaking a bit, you haven't heard that the producer is too normal. We also know the singer when we listen to the record."

    “It’s too disappointing. I’m still betting that Lu Chen can win all six nominations!”

    "Haha, it's impossible to win all six items. Don't worry, there are still."

    "No matter what, I will always support Lu Chen!"

    There are many fans who complain about sour words, and they are treated with tolerance and peace of mind. After all, it is completely unrealistic for Lu Chen to get the nominations for six nominations. It is completely meaningless to stare at the best producer who has lost.

    And many fans feel that the best producers are nothing remarkable.

    After the best producer, there are several small prizes in succession, and the song and dance program is also inserted in the middle.

    CCTV is definitely a top expert in hosting a party. An Awards ceremony has been made by them. Program is also carefully selected, not to mention the creative concept. The strong cast and the brilliant background design are enough. It is pleasing to the eye.

    Of course, for those fans who can't wait to see Lu Chen's awards, it's a bit tough.

    Lu Chen’s second nomination award is the best lyric, and his nominated work is The Ordinary Road.

    The gold content of the best lyrics is not low, although the general view is that the composition of a song is much more important than the lyrics, but good lyrics and poor lyrics have completely different influences on the work itself.

    Like producers, in the popular music circle, the author of the word is also a strong person like a cloud.

    “The best lyric is…”

    "Li Yifang!"

    The result once again disappointed the fans who were looking forward to the award of Lu Chen. The best lyrics of the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List] were taken away by the famous writer and lyricist Li Yufang.

    Lu Chen’s two consecutive nominations have been frustrated, and people’s hearts have become subtle.

    Less than two years after his debut, Lu Chen created a world of one's own in the Chinese Musical World. His talent and popularity are obvious to all. The six nominations for the Golden Melody are deserved.

    But getting a nomination doesn't mean you can get a big prize, especially for a high-profile award like the Chinese original hit list. The birth of any big prize may be accompanied by a game and compromise.

    There are six nominations in the body of Lu Chen, the final granules are not unbelievable things, compared to his talent strength, the foundation and network of the circle is still a lot worse.

    The best lyrics are followed by the best composition.

    It is Lu Chen’s nomination award.

    The best composition is the important award after Singer, the best male and female. In the five nominations, Lu Chen’s other four opponent are not people who have been known for many years in the industry.

The guest responsible for the announcement of the winners is none other than Liu Gangsheng from Xiangjiang.

    Since Liu Gangsheng did not launch any albums or singles in 2016, he did not have a nomination for him in the first Chinese original hit list.

    However, as the top coffee of the Chinese Musical World, he was still invited to participate in the Awards ceremony tonight.

    The Xiangjiang Heavenly King walked onto the stage and waved his hand to the audience from time to time, which attracted a burst of applause and cheers from the audience, fully demonstrating the huge popularity of his possession in the Mainland.

    I took the envelope from the hostess's hand and Liu Gangsheng opened it with a smile.

    At this moment, the cover of the five nominees appeared on the big screen of the stage background.

    Lu Chen’s best composition nomination is Jiangnan.

    The song, Lu Chen, first sang at the Hangcheng fans meeting in August this year, and then quickly spread out and became one of his most popular masterpieces for fans.

    There used to be a time to play this "Jiangnan" repeatedly in the streets of Jiangnan. It was the summit of the original soundboard. It only took two weeks of time, but it took up to 5 weeks to become the top position. One of the most popular pop songs on the big radio station.

    A number of well-known sound critics have written reviews for this song. The highest compliment is that Lu Chen has created a new style of genre.

    So now, can Lu Chen win the best composition award with Jiangnan?

    In the main hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, hundreds of spectators stared at Liu Gangsheng, who stood on the stage, and waited for the result in front of the TV and the computer.

    Liu Gangsheng took out the letter paper without any trouble. He glanced at the printed text on it and revealed the color of surprise.

    The next moment, his surprise turned into a smile, and he said loudly in Mandarin with a Hong Kong flavor: "The winner of the best composition is…"

    "Lu Chen, Jiangnan!"

    Despite the psychological preparations, Lu Chen was shocked at this moment.

    "Congratulations you!"

    Until Chen Feier gently hugged him.

    The moment of glory that truly belongs to Lu Chen is finally here!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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