Chapter 512 Competition

    Xiangjiang owns two wireless stations, Xiangjiang Satellite TV and Asia TV Station, and dozens of small and medium-sized cable stations. The annual variety entertainment programs are numerous, including various live-action draft games.

    But there has never been a game dedicated to the popular Music original, so the initiative proposed by Mrs. Kim has not been recognized by many people, and she feels a bit whimsical.

    However, the support and participation of Liu Gangsheng made this whimsical idea suddenly become highly operational. He is willing to serve as a judges. I am afraid that both TV and ATV will be rushing to hold.

    To know, as the top-level big coffee of Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle, Liu Gangsheng rarely appeared in the Variety Program, and at most appeared in the high-end interview program.

    His firm attitude makes people wonder that the Heavenly King perhaps had the same thoughts.

    What is really surprising is not Liu Gangsheng’s statement, but his appreciation for Lu Chen!

    In the circle, Liu Gangsheng has always been known for his willingness to bring new people. Many popular Celebrity have received his recommendation and recognition.

    However, his appreciation of Lu Chen is obviously beyond the general level.

    Let Lu Chen to name this competition, and sincerely invite Lu Chen to be judges, which is equivalent to raising Lu Chen to a position similar to him!

    A young artist from the mainland, how can He Dehe let Liu Heavenly King like it?

    Looking at Lu Chen’s eyes, there are shocks, doubts, and embarrassment, burning as if melting gold and iron!

    If you change to any other Xiangjiang artist, even if it was originally unknown, then as long as the news is spread out, it will definitely be on the prominent position of the major entertainment sections and even headlines, and become famous overnight.

    It’s like a big pie falling from the sky!

    Lu Chen’s own’s own was also very surprised and even felt a little unbelievable, but what he saw from Liu Gangsheng’s eyes was real appreciation and sincerity.

    "Thank you for your brother…"

    Lu Chen slightly indulged and said: "Then I will throw a brick and lead a jade to say a name, called "Xiangjiang new song sound" how?"

    "Xiangjiang new song sound?"

    Liu Gangsheng’s eyes lit up and nodded: “This name is good, easy to understand, and the meaning is very good.”

    "How do you all talk about using "Xiangjiang new song"?"

    Liu Heavenly King praised it, who can still say no to the face, and then the name is really good, straightforward and straightforward, very conducive to publicity promotion.

    "Not bad!""Xiangjiang new song sound, good name! ""I agree! ”

    Looking at the burning of Lu Chen's gaze, if the original Music class of "Xiangjiang new song" can really be held and succeeded, Lu Chen will undoubtedly engrave the name of one's own in the history of Xiangjiang popular Music. The popular Shanghai Musical World has left an indelible mark.

    Liu Gangsheng is very satisfied: "Since everyone supports it, use this name!"

    Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

    His voice just fell, and there was a warm applause immediately around him.

    There are more and more guests gathered around Lu Chen and Liu Gangsheng. Almost all the people in the circle have gathered together. When they understand the ins and outs of things, they all have witnessed the feeling of history.

    Lu Chen said: "I would like to make an opinion. I think that the specifications of "Xiangjiang new song" must be the highest, and you can't be embarrassed in rewards. So on behalf of Lu Chen Studio, I donated 5 million as a competition reward fund."

    Xiangjiang's draft program has a feature, that is, the reward is rather stingy, even if it is the most eye-catching Hong Kong sister, Asian sister selection, the winner of the championship is not more than a million, at most only reputation.

    As for the other ordinary draft programs, it is very good to give tens of thousands of people. The invited guests and judges also have a notice fee, which is completely incomparable with the mainland's situation.

    "Xiangjiang new song" is based on encouraging originality and supporting originality. If there is no rich reward, how can it attract more talented and talented Singer and authors to participate enthusiastically?

    It is not enough to rely solely on Liu Gangsheng's signboard. Under the so-called reward, there must be a brave man, and the truth is not easy.

    It’s just his good proposal that many people present are a bit embarrassed. Since the family knows their own affairs, the virtue of Xiangjiang TV, how can they not understand these people inside?

    Liu Gangsheng smiled and said: "The Hong Kong Student Media donated 10 million!"

    Hong Kong Media is a company of Liu Gangsheng one's own, which is basically similar to the nature of studio, but with a larger scale.

    Lu Chen donated 5 million. As the top big coffee in the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle, the popular Musical King's Heavenly King superstar can't be less than Lu Chen.

    10 million!

    Everyone present knows that Liu Gangsheng has moved the real thing this time because he never said false words.

    Mrs. Kim then smiled and said: "Then we also support 5 million ladies."

    This is 20 million!

    Even if it is a reward fund, this figure is quite dazzling, not to mention it is just the beginning.

    Many people suddenly couldn't stand, and immediately followed suit.

    "Our Oriental Records supports one million!"

    "I personally support 500,000!"

    "Chen's Media supports one million!"


    Chen Feier smiled and said: "I personally support two million."

    Only on the spot to support the donation, the total amount has been steadily broken through 50 million, and many people need to report to their respective companies, and the amount will increase in the later period.

    The Music Salon, with the theme “The Past, Present and Future of Xiangjiang Pop Music”, has turned into a fundraising event for the original draft competition, which makes people feel a little more ridiculous.

    But through the nature of representation, there is such a situation. Although there are great accidental components, there are inevitable factors in the midst of it.

    That is the Music people in Xiangjiang. They are worried about the present and future of Xiangjiang Pop Music. They are also seeking to change and explore. The appearance of "Xiangjiang new song" is at the right time.

    There is also a reason why most people can't say it, that is, inward Geography.

    "Our ATV is willing to undertake the "Xiangjiang new song" with high specifications!"

    At this time, a middle-aged man squeezed out of the crowd and said loudly: "Guarantee and the same specifications for the Asian sister!"

    Everyone recognizes that this middle-aged man is the Music Director Liu Hanyang of the ATV Variety Channel.

    "Haha, can Asia sister compare with Hong Kong sister?"

    His voice did not fall, and another slightly hoarse voice immediately rang: "This kind of Program should be let us watch it for the best results!"

    Contrary to Liu Hanyang is a short-skinned man.

    This is Li Mingyuan, the producer of Xiangjiang Satellite TV Music Channel!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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