Chapter 515 Glory Moment (Medium)

    "My goal is to take the next trophy."

    At 9 o'clock in the evening, it is the peak period of Internet users' Internet access, and nowadays mobile Internet presents a mainstream trend. Therefore, as the wave of blogs of Domestic's largest social media, the online number is very high.

    When Lu Chen’s reply was sent out, it immediately attracted the attention of countless fans.

    Lu Chen is able to achieve today's achievements, and is inseparable from the support of loyal fans. Looking back on his journey to become famous, it is closely related to the network.

    He has the most supporters on the Internet, and the representative is the growing Lu Jiajun. The backbone of this fans' support group is the iron rice when he was online live broadcast.

    Drinking water as a source of thought, after the fame, Lu Chen not only did not forget these fans, but more Additional Stakes re-engaged with the fans on the network.

    Front section time When he was filming in Hong Kong at night, he did not forget to take time to chat with fans on one's own blog and talk about one's own work.

    This kind of practice makes Lu Chen's fans loyal, and the idols that feel the mind are not unattainable, more like a friend who is not common in life, very emboldened.

    For Lu Chen’s reply, the fans’ responses were more enthusiastic, and comments on the blog were on a time.

    "A trophy? Boss, you are too modest! ”

    “At least three awards, best best male Singer, best lyrics and best composition!”

    "What is the best album?"

    "The best album is for me. Anyway, Feishui doesn't flow outside the field."

    "If I don't get more than two awards in the morning, I live on the blog and eat the keyboard, never give up!"

    "With the same food…"

    Some of the comments looked very interesting, and some were exaggerated, but basically they all supported the praises, and they were more confident in Lu Chen’s winning the grand prize.

    This largely reflects the popularity of Lu Chen today, although his front section time went to Xiangjiang to film, but the number of fans in Inspur blogs has increased.

    More and more people like Lu Chen’s songs and like his works. Many people know Lu Chen through the two series of drama series, “Blue Life and Death” and “Full House”. His song, the result became a fan of Lu Chen.

    As a fan, everyone naturally hopes that Lu Chen can succeed in the [Global Chinese Original Gold List].

    After all, the first Chinese Song List represents the highest achievement of the Chinese popular Musical World.

    For Lu Chen, having such a group of enthusiastic and lovely fans is undoubtedly a very warm thing. He tried to reply to some comments and unfortunately forgot the passage of time.

    When Lu Chen shut down the tablet, he found that Chen Feier, who was leaning in his arms, had fallen asleep.


    Saturday, December 31, the last day of 2016.

    The rainy weather that lasted for many days has finally come to an end. Beijing has ushered in a rare sunny day at the end of December. The early winter season is not too cold. The streets and alleys can be seen everywhere wearing beautiful long skirts. In the wind, show off the beauty of youth.

    In the afternoon, the roads around the National Centre for the Performing Arts were traffic-controlled, and the farther places were blocked. The traffic department had to send additional personnel to guide them.

    There is no black day. The welcome signature wall in front of the main entrance of the National Grand Theatre has been set up. The long red carpet is spread out a hundred meters away. Countless media reporters are waiting for the long guns and short guns to wait on both sides of the red carpet. The beginning of the ceremony.

    Behind the reporters, there are a large number of audiences. They are mostly young people. Many people hold fluorescent cards with names and support sticks in their hands. The excitement of the faces makes the atmosphere of the scene more intense.

    A large number of security personnel are on the verge of enemies, because they know that there are a lot of Celebrity on the red carpet today. It can be said that they have gathered the top-level big coffees of the Chinese language Musical World on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. When the fans see the idols go crazy, the scene is not easy. controlling.

    At 5 o'clock in the evening, the lights on both sides of the welcome signature wall lit up, and the people gathered in the square in front of the National Grand Theater had reached the peak. Fortunately, many live broadcast large screens scattered around the room were scattered. The crowd, otherwise I really don't know what the two sides of the red carpet are going to be crowded.

    At 6 o'clock, the restricted area pedestrians only went out, and the first black limousine car drove to the red carpet under the eyes of the public, and stopped steadily.

    The door opened and a middle-aged man in a suit got out and stood on the red carpet.

    In an instant, countless flashes of light illuminate and shine on his face and body, and the middle-aged man apparently has long been used to waving his hand to the audience around him with a smile.

    "Yu Ming!"

    The "Heaven-shaking shout" broke out immediately in the crowd.

    This handsome middle-aged man is the big brother of the popular Musical World, Yu Ming. He made his debut in the late 1980s and emerged in the early 1990s. In the past 30 years, he has released more than a dozen solo albums to the nation. Qu and Love Song conquered a large number of fans and won countless loves.

    [Global Chinese Original Golden Songs List] The Awards Ceremony took the red carpet ceremony. The first guest to appear was Yu Ming, which is also deserved.

    Enjoying the baptism of the flash and the cheers of the fans, Yu Ming walked alone through the long red carpet.

    After him, a singer, superstar, and idol of the Domestic, Xiangjiang, and Baodao debuts on the go on stage.

    "Tan Hong!"Liao Jia! ""Su Yingying! ""Liu Gangsheng! ""Ann! "…

    The names of the ones are screaming in the square in front of the National Centre for the Performing Arts. The flashing light of the flash has not stopped. The Chinese Musical World ushered in the first original hit list, and it also ushered in a real moment of glory.

    Lu Chen appeared in the 12th place.

    Although it was not the first time to walk the red carpet, when the door opened and he got out of the car, the sound of the oncoming and the flashing lights still made his heart jump.

    Tonight's National Grand Theatre is the stage of the popular Music Festival. Is it also his stage?

    Lu Chen took a deep breath, and he saw people in the crowd not far away. Some people were desperately holding up the fluorescent cards with one's own name.

    "Lu Chen!"Lu Chen! ”

    The big coffee that had already passed before did not affect Luchen’s popularity. In the crowd, I didn’t know how many fans were shouting his name, and the long gun and short gun that was aimed at him.

    This is also his glory moment!

    This feeling makes people fascinated.

    Lu Chen smiled slightly, then turned and extended one's own hand into the car.

    He is not alone.

    "Chen Feier!"


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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