Chapter 518—Glory moments (continued)

    "Little Tigers!"

    When Liao Jia read these three words, Zhang Junzhi, Yue Yang and Hu Yiran, who were nervous about the results, first stunned, and immediately seemed to wake up as if they were dreaming, and jumped from the seat with a smile.

    Jumping together, there are fans of the Xiaohu group. They held up the fluorescent cards and shouted the names of the three people. They were as excited as one's own and won the grand prize.

    These fans have a common feature that is very young, many people appear on the scene accompanied by parents, although the number is not many, but the atmosphere created is extremely warm.

    [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List] The best newcomer of the year, spend the little tiger group!

    Xiaohu Group is a young men's team that was just formed this year. The time for debut is very short. However, relying on the debut album "Butterfly Flying" and the excellent performance in "Singing China", a large number of fans are quickly gathered to become a popular dish. Musical World is the most shining newcomer combination.

    The Xiaohu group is mainly young in style. The three handsome teenagers have conquered countless peers with their outstanding voices, handsome shapes and passionate dance steps. The album sales of the first album have exceeded 2 million.

    This year's popular Musical World is a year of heavy sales of physical albums. It seems that the CD that will be eliminated will suddenly re-emerge with the powerful Charm, Chen Feier, Flower Woman, Lu Chen, The Ordinary Road and Xiaohu Group "Butterfly Flying" has produced a proud transcript.

    Although a large part of the CDs are sold around the limited edition bundles, the influence of these big albums is enormous. Many of Singer's albums released this year have CD sales. Significant improvements, even with a small professional CD player, sold several times more than in previous years.

    This phenomenon has made many people in the industry feel incredible, because the weakness of CD low capacity and low portability is completely replaced by digital music. Now Singer's album sales are counted as storage media such as digital albums and USB flash drives. Can you think of a traditional CD that will resurrect?

    The albums sold by Xiaohu Group only account for a small percentage of the CDs, most of which are bundled with the surrounding products, and the profits earned are higher.

    In the age group of 12 to 18 years old, this young men's team already has a huge popularity.

    So they won the best newcomer of the year tonight, no doubt!

    After Zhang Junzhi jumped up, he immediately turned and hugged one's own mother. The camera on the scene immediately gave the mother and son a big close-up scene.

    The hundreds of millions of viewers in front of the scene and in front of the TV set clearly saw the tears flowing on the face of Li Jie, the tears of crystal clear, the tears of joy.

    Those who know and understand Li Jie know her past stories and know how the glory that Zhang Junzhi has today is hard-won. They all gave warm applause.

    The audience applauded and the three teenagers stepped onto the stage and took the trophy from the Awards guests.

    Zhang Junzhi delivered a speech on behalf of Xiaohu Group.

    He first waved his golden trophy and said to the microphone: "Thank you all, thank you for the recognition given by the Organizing Committee of the Global Chinese Original Gold List."

    "Here, I want to thank my mother first. Without her, there would be no me. Without her contribution, there would be no today and tomorrow, so I am here to say…"

    "Mom, I love you!"

    In the last sentence, Zhang Junzhi was almost screaming out.

    In the main hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, applause exploded again, and everyone was cheering for his speech.

    Li Jie is still crying, but she is very happy to laugh.

    After calming down the excitement, Zhang Junzhi went on to say: "In addition to my mother, my second thank you is Lu Chen Teacher. You are our best Teacher, we love you too!"

    The camera quickly gave Lu Chen a scene close-up on the guest table.

    Lu Chen raised his arms with a smile and raised the thumbs of the left and right hands at the same time on the stage.

    Zhang Junzhi continued: "I hope that you will win all the nominations!"

    Is this a childish rhetoric?

    Laughter sounded in the guest table and the audience, and then applause. The youth’s sincerity is the easiest to touch people.

    Following the best newcomer combination, it is the best men's and women's team, MSN has been nominated for the best women's group, relying on the "Lover's Not Full" album to win this important award.

    As the first female group under the record of Fei Shi Records, MSN is undoubtedly one of the most powerful women's groups in the popular Musical World. The first album released last year, "Lover's Unsatisfied" got the double platinum achievement early. They are The number of fans on the Inspur blog exceeded 10 million, and the announcements, commercial performances, and endorsements were soft.

    Last time [Asian Chinese Gold List] Awards, MSN lost to the July Day combination in the best newcomer combination, and now the three girls finally proved one's own with a gold-rich [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] trophy. Also ranked in the throne of the first female group of Chinese Musical World!

    Mu Xiaochu represented MSN's award-winning speech. Her first thanks was Lu Chen!

    At this time, the audience suddenly found out that although Lu Chen had not yet won a trophy until now, his name has appeared in the mouth of the two winners, and the weight is heavy.

    Looking back on 2016, in the group of pop music groups, MSN and the newly emerging Xiaohu Group are undoubtedly the most embarrassing two stars, and their success is inseparable from Lu Chen.

    Compared with last year, MSN's popularity is even higher, and its position in the circle is unmovable.

    Their "Lover's Unhappy", "Love", "He still doesn't understand" and this year's single "Love of the Ocean" "Tropical Rainforest", in the original sound list is very beautiful, and become a hot song in the streets.

    These works are all from the hands of Lu Chen!

    The success of MSN also brought up a wave of beautiful girls in the Domestic Entertainment Circle. This year's newly formed women's group has more than a dozen, and the influence is evident.

    As for the Little Tigers, let alone the fact that at least half of the success of "Butterfly Flying" is Lu Chen. He used one's own amazing talent to make two new groups fly into the sky, becoming the biggest behind the two awards. Hero.

    The glory of MSN and Xiaohu Group is also the glory of Lu Chen!

    After the best combination of two men and women, there are several other awards that have nothing to do with Lu Chen, the best MV, the best arrangement, and so on.

    Then his first nomination award appeared – the best producer!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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