The 561th glory moment (below)

    "Chen Feier!"

    The cheers from the crowd have become louder, and the fluorescent cards with the name of Chen Feier are lifted up high, and the pink light reflects a young face.

    These are the iron powder of Chen Feier. They arrived in the front square of the National Grand Theater in advance and waited for a few hours. It was for this moment!

    In the cheers of a wave of high waves, Chen Feier, wearing the latest dress of Chanel, walked down from the welcome car. Two mobile cameras chased her figure and followed her with Lu Chen. On the red carpet.

    Through the live broadcast scene, this scene is transmitted to the TV screens and networks of thousands of households at the speed of light. It has been witnessed by hundreds of millions of viewers, and the two fans are excited.

    I don't know when it started. The pictures of Lu Chen and Chen Feier's hands are often appearing in the scene. Everyone realizes that the same picture will appear many times and many times.

    The two held hands and did not rush through the long red carpet. The media reporters on both sides desperately pressed the shutter to record this wonderful moment.

    Today, Lu Chen wears a custom-made Armani suit. The master-class design is matched with first-class fabrics and fine tailoring, which makes him more handsome and handsome, and his long legs seem to be walking at the fashion show.

    Chen Feier's plain white sleeveless dress is a perfect match with him. This popular Musical World is a hot and glamorous day. It makes the photographers on the spot feel that it is worth the memory.

    In the guests attending the National Grand Theatre's Awards Ceremony, Lu Chen and Chen Feier are undoubtedly not the Celebrity with the highest coffee and the highest popularity, but it is definitely the most eye-catching couple.

    In front of the welcome signature wall, Miss etiquette sent a signature pen, Lu Chen and Chen Feier signed the name of one's own, and then took a photo.

    When I came down from the signature stage, CCTV reporters came over to interview, and the big camera first aimed at two people.

    The beautiful Female reporter smiled and asked: "Mr. Lu Chen, Miss Chen Feier, are the two today ready to take a few trophies back? Have you thought about it? ”

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier looked at each other and laughed.

    This kind of question is on the blog. The two don't know how many times they have been asked. The two add up to a total of 10 nominations, two of which are coincident, so in theory, you can get up to 8 grand prizes.

    But this is obviously unrealistic. Lu Chen smiled and said: "My goal is to take one. Don't be satisfied with the granules without eating duck eggs."

    Chen Feier smiled shallowly: "I am the same."

    Female reporter smiled: "The two best couples are really popular Musical World. The ideas are the same and they are very modest. You have a very high popularity index in online media surveys!"

    She asked again: "But if you can only get a grand prize, which one do you choose?"

    This problem is a bit tricky.

    "That depends on judges…"

    Lu Chen said: "I said it is not counted, but as far as I am concerned, I hope to be the best male Singer."

    [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] There are a total of 24 Xiaoxiao awards. The best male Singer is undoubtedly one of the most important and gold-rich awards.

    Modesty is necessary. Too modest is hypocritical. If you really want Lu Chen to choose, in the six nominations, what he most hopes to get is this award.

    And he also has enough confidence.

    Looking back at the entire Chinese Musical World in 2016, Lu Chen is definitely one of the most eye-catching of all the male Singer. After his official release of the second album "The Ordinary Road", not only did the sales burst, but also exceeded the evaluation. Last year's "You at the same table", in the popular Musical World it is unique, laid the status of one's own.

    If "You at the same table" is a famous work, then "The Ordinary Road" is a masterpiece. His works even make the original sound list change to the list rules. It is undoubtedly the best to win the best male Singer of the year. .

    Of course, there are many factors in the awards such as [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs], which are the most advanced Music category awards. Strength, popularity, word of mouth, luck and even connections are important.

    But in Lu Chen's heart, the best male Singer is the best affirmation of his one's own.

    "So what about Miss Chen Feier?"

    CCTV Female reporter pointed the microphone at Chen Feier: "Which one would you choose?"

    Chen Feier looked at Lu Chen and smiled. "The best female Singer."

    Lu Chen chose the best male Singer, she chose the best female Singer, a little unexpected, and reasonable.

    If Lu Chen is qualified to win the best male Singer, then the best female Singer is basically scheduled by Chen Feier. In the popular Musical World in 2016, there is no female Singer who is more beautiful than her.

    A "Flower Woman" album sold for five or six million copies, creating the best results in the past ten years of music, no one can compare the crown achievements, but also makes Chen Feier's post-mortem status unshakable.

    The most important thing is that relying on "Flower Woman" Chen Feier completed a gorgeous turn, from the sweet song Tianhou to Love Song days, the cause has taken a new step.

    In CCTV's online survey, Chen Feier received 78.49% of the best female Singer support, leaving several other competitors far behind.

    Although this online survey does not affect the results of the awards, public opinion is something that no judge can ignore.

    "That would like to wish the two of them want to get the best male Singer and the best female Singer…"

    CCTV Female reporter blessed: "A piece of success in the Chinese original song list!"

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier also replied at the same time: "Thank you."

    If the two really win the Singer Award for Best Men and Women, it will really be a good talk.

    The fans who sit in front of the TV and the computer, or hold the tablet and cell phone to watch the live broadcast, are also greatly enthusiastic by the CCTV Female reporter's blessing.

    Especially in the Lu Chen anchor room of [Whale TV], it was instantly screened by the barrage.

    According to the past practice, Lu Chen anchor broadcasts the global live original broadcast of the Awards ceremony. Although it is not Lu Chen’s own at Host, the number of online fans still exceeds the million mark, and it is still flowing. The land is increasing.

    Since Lu Chen’s debut, this is one of the important positions of his fans’ support group. Many fans have been paying attention to him since Lu Chen’s obscurity. Until now, he still loves it.

    The focus of everyone’s talks immediately shifted to the topic of the best men and women Singer.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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