The 514th glory moment (on)

    On November 25th, Lu Chen’s first film work, “Ghost Story,” was officially launched at the former site of Faun Temple in Xiangjiang Lion Mountain Studios.

    On December 29th, "Ghost Story" officially fixed phase.

    It only took more than a month's time before and after, and because of the accidental stoppage for a few days, this Speed ​​efficiency is very high, because "Ghost Story" is not a shredded fast food.

    In this movie, Lu Chen is a director, actor, screenwriter and arranger. In order to be able to shoot "Ghost Story", his hard work and hard work are not what ordinary people can imagine.

    Especially in the late stage of shooting, in order to catch up with the progress, Lu Chen often photographed from the morning to the late night, eating and living in the studio of Lion Rock Studios, it is common to know.

    Just by scone script artwork, Lu Chen personally hand-painted dozens of them, and together with Wan Xiaoquan and the drama crew of the drama crew, the number of drawings is even more.

    A lot of script artwork is derived from his memory of the original work of "Ghost Story" in the dream world, which makes the filming work easier and more precise, and greatly reduces the number of NGs in the shooting process.

    A lot of scenes are in one go, so you can fix phase in such a short time.

    However, the fixing phase does not mean that it is the end. The later Special Effect, editing, dubbing, and soundtrack are all very complicated tasks. Especially for the Special Effect, many large-scale production of the Special Effect for a year and a half is normal.

    The Special Effect of Ghost Story is certainly not that much, because more real scenes and items are used during the shooting, but the Special Effect is not cheap.

    Can it be released in early February of 2017, Lu Chen has no bottom, but he can only temporarily hand over this work to Wan Xiaoquan to master, one's own then flew back to Beijing.

    Because December 31st, it is the time of the [World Chinese Original Gold Songs] Awards ceremony.

    This morning of Music, Lu Chen can't be missed anyway.

    [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List] is a combination of [Asian Chinese Gold Songs List] and [Chinese Original Music List]. Its high specification is unmatched in Chinese Music Circle, far superior to other Chinese Music. Above the award.

    This point is only known to the organizers of the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List] – the Chinese Music Association, CCTV, Central Radio Station, China Voice…

    There are five at the beginning of the word "中中", and other co-organizers are even more dazzling, and they are all slipping out of the house.

    The first [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List] of 2016 was held at the National Grand Theatre. The CCTV Variety Channel and Music Channel simultaneously broadcast live to the world.

    In the highest festival of Chinese Music, Lu Chen is undoubtedly one of the most prominent Celebrity.

    He has been nominated for the four major awards of Best Male Singer, Best Album, Best lyrics and composition, as well as best producers and media recommendations, all six nominations.

    In addition, Chen Feier also won the best female Singer, best album, best stage performance and media recommendation four award nominations, among which the best album and media recommendation award directly compete with Lu Chen.

    As the Awards ceremonies approached, the blog has been screened by the theme of the Golden Melody. The Celebrity Singer in the popular Musical World is the first to go on the web, and this topic is fiery.

    The dispute between Lu Chen and Chen Feier is undoubtedly a hot topic in the big topic.

    In particular, the best albums, fans are mainly divided into three factions, one to support Lu Chen, one to support Chen Feier, and one faction who is very happy whoever wins the prize.

    "The best album is necessarily my Philippine. Which record can I sell in 2016 compared to Flower Woman?"

    "Isn't Flower Man not my morning credit?"

    "Oh, the best album is not the best lyricist, who wrote the song does not matter, understand?"

    “I personally think that the overall quality of The Ordinary Road exceeds that of Flower Woman, and the best album doesn’t mean it’s the best-selling album, so I’m betting that Lu Chen won.”

    "I support Chen Feier, singing too well, super love "Flower Woman" and "The Sea of ​​Man."

    "Don't bother, whether it's The Ordinary Road or Flower Woman, I support it!"

    According to the selection rules of the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List], there are only 5 finalists for a prize. There is only one winner, and there will never be a “double yellow egg” that is a pork-like and incapable ridicule. “Three yellow eggs” appeared, so the gold content was very high.

    The high gold content also means fierce competition. It is said that the shortlist of 24 awards in the Chinese Gold List is spent by the organizing committee for a whole month.

    As the biggest event of the Chinese Pop Orchestra, the trophy of the Chinese Gold Melody List not only means the highest glory of the Chinese popular Musical World, but also has great benefits, such as high bonuses, such as official recommendations…

    "Have you ever thought about getting a few awards?"

    At night, Beijing Zichengyuan District, the love nest in the two people, Lu Chen, who just flew back from Xiangjiang, is leaning on the bed and holding a tablet to look at the blog.

    Chen Fei, who was wearing a nightgown, lazily squatted on Lu Chen, naughtyly rubbing his ears with his hair.

    She asked as she said: "Two? Three? Four? ”

    Today is the first time that two people have gathered together for more than half a month. After the passion and love, the attention is returned to the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List] to be held in the evening.

    Chen Feier returned to Beijing yesterday. Her play in "Sheng Shi Chang Ge Xing" has not been finished yet, but because she got four nominations for the Golden Melody, Director gave a very happy vacation.

    In the popular Musical World, Chen Feier is also a character who gets the award, but her interest in the first [Global Chinese Original Gold List] is particularly strong.

    There is also the goal of struggle.

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "You can't afford to see me. To be honest, I can be satisfied if I can get one."

    Lu Chen is not a pretense of modesty, but a real idea.

    Don't watch him get the six nominations for the Chinese Gold Melody, which is unmatched by the younger generation of Musicians, but each of the nominated awards faces a strong opponent competition, and who is not known.

    Nominations are nominated, and the awards are awarded. In many of the Music Film Awards, there is a situation in which nominations are finalized but the particles are unacceptable. The reasons involved are complicated.

    Therefore, Lu Chen was not stunned by the six nominations. He set the goal of one's own very low.

    He replied one's own's answer and replied with a keyboard to reply to a blog fan who asked the same question.


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