Chapter 510 is not modest

    “I think that in the popular original of Music, Xiangjiang should learn from Geography.”

    Really speaking is not surprisingly endless, Lu Chen did not speak in front of him, but when he opened his mouth, it caused a stunned, gathered around the Xiangjiang Music people, some stunned, some sneered, some if Thinking, and some are discolored.

    Many people think that Lu Chen’s words are ridiculous.

    For a long period of time, except for the niche type Music, such as the national shake, the popular music in the mainland has always been the imitator and follower of the popular popular music of Xiangjiang, which has great influence on the former.

    From the end of the 1990s to the beginning of the new century, many people from the Xiangjiang Musicians developed northward, which greatly promoted the development of the popular music in the Mainland.

    So to a certain extent, in terms of popular Music, it is not an exaggeration to say that Xiangjiang is the Teacher of the Mainland.

    Although Xiangjiang's popular Music has fallen, it is said that Xiangjiang should in turn be inward to Geography, so that these local people of Xiangjiang are unacceptable.

    In particular, this sentence is from Lu Chen, the Singer artist from the mainland.

    At a time, the scenes of the scene are surging, and there is actually a bit of a slap in the air. If it is not due to the basic courtesy of social occasions, I am afraid that someone has come out to scream at Lu Chen.

    Such a scene made Ye Xuan, who brought the topic, secretly complaining. He did not expect Lu Chen to be so straightforward, and he suddenly fell into a rather embarrassing situation.

    Fortunately, Ye Xuan also has a bit of urgency, simply continue to bring the topic down: "Why do you say that?"

    If the discussion between the two is regarded as Crosstalk, then now Ye Xuan is undoubtedly playing the role of holding a hand, so that he can take away firepower, let others pay more attention to Lu Chen, and forget his culprits.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Because in some respects, the mainland is indeed doing better than Xiangjiang."

    His Voice is not loud, even soft, but there is an unshakable confidence in the words.

    Domestic's popular Music, in fact, is also facing a similar problem with Xiangjiang. The plagiarism imitates the wind, the local original Strength is sluggish, and it is deeply influenced by Japanese and Korean Europe and America.

    However, many Musicians of Domestic have long recognized this problem and have made changes in many aspects. The simplest example is that in the past two years, Domestic's Music Draft program has become more and more original, and even launched such as "The Strongest Singer." 》 Wait for Program.

    Although the producer of "The Strongest Singer" is Shonan Satellite TV, behind the support of the original is a strong commercial interest, but Lu Chen is still supportive of this Program itself.

    Because it can make many excellent singers stand out, condense Music's original Strength.

    Moreover, the treatment of Domestic songwriters has been greatly improved. With the recovery of the popular Music market, powerful authors are increasingly welcomed by Entertainment Manager Corporation.

    In contrast, Xiangjiang's Entertainment Circle is self-styled, without the courage and determination to change the status quo, obsessed with playing with the Japanese and Korean play in Europe and the United States, frequently launching idol artist hype publicity, staring at the pockets of young people in Xiangjiang Money, never seriously treat the original.

    In particular, Xiangjiang's draft program, Miss Xiang Jiang, Miss Asia and idol awards and so on occupy the mainstream, it seems to be hot and beautiful, but open the gorgeous coat, what is left?

    Lu Chen said bluntly: "When I was a child, I have heard many excellent and many classic Cantonese songs, but now I still listen to those old songs."

    “Isn't this a problem with the original popularity of Xiangjiang Pop Music?”

    Many people around have fallen into silence, because Lu Chen said that it is completely true, so that they can not refute.

    Some people are not convinced, and ask: "Is the original in the Mainland really better than Xiangjiang?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I don't humble, really, this way, I will take one of you's own. For example, I am also a songwriter. At present, the personal studio's external offer is one million one."

    1 million songs!

    The voices that whispered and sighed in the air suddenly sounded, because the price was completely beyond their expectations. It is necessary to know that the best songwriter of Xiangjiang, Ouyang Derong, has a song of 300,000.

    The height determines the thickness and level. With Lu Chen as the benchmark, the original value standard of the mainland is inevitably not low, at least far beyond the standard of Xiangjiang.

    Someone will be suspicious: "Really or fake?"

    When Lu Chen came to Xiangjiang, when he attended a charity auction, he took out a piece of work and took a million dollars for the auction.

    This incident has also been circulated in the circle, but not many people take it seriously, because the charity auction is a lot of hype.

    A so-called modern art painting with random graffiti may shoot tens of millions of Over a hundred million.

    Among them, the greasy ones are well known.

    But now Lu Chen personally said that it is different, if he is bragging, it will become a joke in the circle.

    "of course it's true!"

    Someone replied to Lu Chen categorically: "Mr. Lu Chen is the most outstanding Music creator in the Mainland. As far as I know, his studio work has been arranged until 2018, and the appointment is temporarily suspended."

    All eyes are not focused on each other.

    "Mrs. King!"

    It was proved by Lu Chen that it was Jin Mingxiu, the owner of Mrs. Jin Entertainment.

    The skeptics suddenly became dumb.

    Jin Mingxiu was born in the famous family. When he was in his twenties, he founded an entertainment company and was involved in the production of the film and television variety program. The training of artist Singer has sent a large number of talents to Xiangjiang's Entertainment Circle for decades.

    Like the famous actors Liu Jiaen, Gu Rong, Singer Gao Mingfeng, Li Li, etc., are all from the door of Mrs. Jin.

    In the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle, she is definitely the top member. There is no Heavenly King Celebrity coffee, so any Heavenly King will give her a few faces.

    Her proof is naturally very weighty!

    Jin Mingxiu ignored the surprised eyes around him and smiled at Lu Chen: "Lu Chen, I haven't seen you for a long time!"

    Then the famous character in the Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle walked up and took Chen Feier's little hand and looked at the surprise of a long-awaited reunion: "Feier, you are getting more and more beautiful!"

    Chen Feier grinned and said: "Golden sister, you are getting younger and younger!"

    Mrs. Jin shook her head: "You should not make a joke with Jin Jie. I knew that you two were invited to the salon, so I should come over earlier."

    Pulling Chen Fei's hand, she looked around and said very seriously: "I just heard a few words, I feel that Mr. Lu Chen said it makes sense. The current situation of Xiangjiang Pop Music requires us to work together to change."

    "It’s impossible to say by mouth alone. What is needed is action. I suggest that we all co-create an event that encourages and supports the original Music. The form of the real man draft is no problem, as long as it can make Xiangjiang’s popular Music and Cantonese. The song works reproduce brilliantly, and it is worth paying more!"

    Mrs. Kim’s gas field is undoubtedly powerful. When she appeared, she attracted everyone’s attention and raised the topic caused by Lu Chen to a higher level.


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