Chapter 571 focuses on the future

    The New Era Art Center was established in 2001. It is located between Haidian Park and Beijing University. It covers an area of ​​nearly 700 acres and is one of Beijing's key cultural and cultural construction projects.

    As a well-known and internationally renowned artist, Yu Jizhong was one of the first to relocate a studio to a new era park, so at the time it occupied a whole building with an area of ​​1,800 square meters.

    At the beginning of last year, Lu Chen rented a 1,000-square-meter area from the artist's hand through the relationship of the stone director Music Director Lin Zhijie, as a new site for studio, and invested heavily in setting up a first-class recording of Domestic. shed.

    Nowadays, the remaining 800 square meters of the remaining area of ​​the Jiji is also subletted to Lu Chen, which solves the problems faced by Lu Chenxin's expansion. Although it is not a gift in the snow, it is even stronger than the icing on the cake.

    Moreover, the price he opened was very fair. He did not think about taking advantage of the opportunity of the lion's big mouth to knock on Lu Chen, and even promised to assist Lu Chen to re-sign a new long-term contract with the Art Center Management Committee.

    All the buildings in the art park are state-owned and are not allowed to be sold or sold. Only by signing a long-term contract can the interests of the operators be guaranteed. Therefore, if Lu Chen Studio accepts subletting in the middle, if there is no relationship, it is not necessary to re-sign the contract. An easy thing.

    Out of gratitude to the Jubilee, Lu Chen and Lu Xi invited the artist to have dinner together at noon.

    Yu Jizhong readily agreed.

    During the dinner, I drank a few glasses of wine in the Jiji, and I was slightly drunk. I suddenly said to Lu Chen: "Small land, do you feel very clever, you are going to set up a new company here, I will come to the door to send the site?"

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi couldn't help but look at each other in dismay. Lu Xi tried to answer: "Yeah, 虞Teacher, we also feel very strange, really very clever, thank you very much."

    In the Yuki Festival, I ordered a plate with chopsticks and smiled and said: "That is someone who spoke for you. He also helped me coordinate the house in the art village. Otherwise, I will not move away in the next two years."

    Someone is talking?

    Lu Chen asked in surprise: "Hey, please tell me who the helper is?"

    Yan Jizhong smiled and shook his head: "He won't let me say, anyway, you know it will do, and…"

    After a pause, he continued: "I also appreciate you very much. There are too few young people like you in the Entertainment Circle. They are talented and not arrogant. They are used to pursue career and life progress, and they have charity to do charity. ."

    Lu Chenxi modest: "Hey, you are too complimented."

    In the Ji Jizhong, he shook his head and said: "I don't think it's a compliment. I know a little about the Entertainment Circle. There are two students who are mixed in the circle. It is much worse than you. You are the charity fund that treats leukemia patients. Very good, I heard people talk about it several times."

    The Chen Fei Charity Foundation, established by Lu Chen and Chen Feier, has been in use for nearly a year. So far, more than 300 leukemia patients in poor families have been rescued, most of them children.

    Some of the patients have basically recovered from bone marrow transplant surgery, which has earned the foundation a good reputation.

    The most important thing is that unlike most private charity funds, the morning Philip Charity Foundation has a license to solicit donations from the general public, but never pretexts, except for Lu Chen and Chenfiele, as well as the donations from friends in the two circles, to raise funds for specific objects through the public network. and has done a special fund for the transparent accounting.

    In addition, the daily operating expenses of the Foundation are all from the fund accounts of two people set-up, so that the donations of others can be 100%, which is much better than the public charity funds whose accounts are in a mess.

    Such a kind of thing, let Lu Chen and Chen Feier's fans say it is full of pride.

    As a well-known public figure, the reputation of the society is very important. In the past, it was because of someone who spoke out and completely gave up one's own studio, and because of his goodwill and appreciation for Lu Chen.

    This meal, eat and enjoy the guests.

    After returning, Yu Jizhong signed a sublease contract with Lu Xi and promised to move within three days.

    At this point, this unique building consisting of large-area glass and outer steel frame with an indoor area of ​​1,800 square meters is no longer divided into two, becoming the headquarters of the upcoming Chenfei Media Co., Ltd.!

    "I am going to build an indoor studio in this building…"

    After getting the architectural drawings copied from the management committee, Lu Chen gathered all the important members including Chen Feier studio together and opened a new company's preparatory meeting.

    The focus of the meeting was his vision of the future of the new company.

    Lu Chen pointed to the drawings displayed on the projection screen and said with enthusiasm: "Building according to world-class standards and establishing a special effect production team."

    International first-class +Special Effect production team!

    Many people present at the scene were shocked by the handwritten by Lu Chen.

    Although Lu Chen’s indoor studio area is only about 400 square meters, it is built according to world-class standards. The investment cost is absolutely tens of millions. The high-end equipment is basically imported, and the price is very expensive. It’s normal to go over a hundred million.

    The Special Effect production team burns more money. Most film and television production companies outsource the Special Effect to a specialized company instead of one's own to build a team.

    But Lu Chen has one's own idea.

    This thought was born when the film "Ghost Story" was produced. At that time, the Special Effect company that was found in "Ghost Story" was not top-notch in Xiangjiang. It was not reluctant to spend money, but the business of top companies was already full.

    Fortunately, there are not many Special Effect scenes in this movie. However, it still involves Lu Chen’s great energy and spends a lot of money. The final result is not particularly satisfactory.

    This kind of feeling of being controlled by people makes Lu Chen very uncomfortable.

    Unlike other film and television companies, Lu Chen has a powerful and unmatched card, which is a treasure trove of memories from the dream world, a source of continuous wealth.

    With this hole in hand, he is not afraid that one's own filmed TV will lose money at the expense of the street, completely paying for the huge expenses of the self-built studio and the Special Effect production team.

    Lu Chen's ambition is not only to let this team serve one's own, but also to drive the overall level of the Domestic Special Effect production, not to let the audience criticize the large pieces of Domestic are "five-level."

    His ideals are a bit big, but in the future, his peers will see the film and television dramas produced by Chenfei Media. How can they be indifferent to the market with sophisticated production?

    Although the new company has not yet been formally established, Lu Chen’s eyes have already looked to the future!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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