The 577th chapter is weak feeling

    Snakes have snake paths, rats have rat paths, and no circle can be pure and innocent. Just as there is light, there must be darkness, and there is a gray area between light and dark. Wan Jinping is the person who walks in the gray area.

    He played big enough, but he was very low-key, and his credibility in the circle was very high. He has accumulated a lot of contacts over the years, so he can't wait for it.

    Wan Jinping also has a nickname called "Wanjin Oil" in the circle. This nickname is very image.

    Because of this, Lu Xi will agree to the other party's invitation, otherwise she does not need to pay attention to a hacker.

    Mixing in this circle, it doesn't matter if you offend a gentleman. If you offend the villain, you don't know how much trouble there will be.

    The place where Wan Jinping invited the banquet is in the Sakura cuisine, which is a top Japanese restaurant in Beijing, with a per capita consumption of at least three or four thousand, which many Celebrity artists frequent.

    When Lu Chen and Lu Xi rushed to the Qian Sakura cuisine, Wan Jinping had already waited there.

    Wan Jinping is about forty years old. He is not tall or short, and his eyes and eyebrows are quite narrow. He wears a dark gray suit, much like an old business person.

    "Mr. Lu Chen, I am honored that you can accept my invitation…"

    In the room, Wan Jinping took the initiative to extend his hands to Lu Chen and said with a smile: "In the next ten thousand Jinping."

    Lu Chen shook hands with him and smiled. "Hello, hello."

    Wan Jinping also put a few words with Lu Xike, and even performance is more respectful than Lu Chen.

    From the attitude point of view, the Entertainment Circle hacker performance is impeccable, not too flattering, but also gives people a sense of intimacy like a spring breeze, as if it is a long-time old friend, the atmosphere is very comfortable.

    After the seat, Wan Jinping first asked Lu Chen and Lu Xi to order the meal. After the completion, one's own added a few more.

    "Mr. Lu Chen, how about we drink some sake?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "If you like it, then you can drink it, but I am afraid I can only drink one or two cups."

    Wan Jinping understands: "Drinking and hurting the scorpion, but the degree of sake is not high, we will drink a little better."

    Singer does not drink alcohol or drink less. It is mainly to protect the scorpion. Especially if you drink alcohol before singing, the vocal cords will be congested and swelled. This time, singing is particularly hurt and may even cause permanent damage.

    However, occasionally drinking some low-grade wine such as beer, rice wine, red wine, etc., has nothing to do with it.

    Wan Jinping is a circle insider. Of course, he understands the truth. He ordered the Chrysanthemum Orthodox with a low bottleneck.

    The sakura cuisine is very famous and the price is very expensive. As for whether it is worth the money, it is a matter of opinion, but if you want to eat here, it is not an easy task.

    Lu Chen tasted a few sushi and it feels good.

    While enjoying the Japanese materials, Wan Jinping also secretly observed Lu Chen.

    The first time he heard about Lu Chen’s name, it was more than a year ago, when Lu Chen appeared in the popular Musical World and showed extraordinary creative talent.

    At that time, Wan Jinping had thought about it and wanted to sign Lu Chen into one's own company.

    Wanjin is open to Manager's main business to match investors, but he usually pays attention to discovering potential newcomers. After cultivating packaging and speculation, he will transfer it and earn quick money.

    Unfortunately, Lu Chen did not consider signing any Manager Corporation at the time, directly one's own opened studio.

    Wan Jinping, who missed the opportunity, did not care. There are too many new people coming out of the circle every year. There are a lot of talents and talents. There is no need to regret missing one.

    However, Lu’s rise in the circle is staggering. His work has not only swept the music, but also crossed the border into the film and television industry. The first drama series created and created has created a miracle.

    Nowadays, although Lu Chen can't compare with the top big coffee in terms of qualifications and details, but in the past two years, he has not been able to compare the strength of the limelight!

    In this process, Wan Jinping has been an outsider until this time someone came up and asked him to pick up the line.

    The young people nowadays are really awful!

    Wan Jinping thought about it and quietly killed a glass of sake.

    After three rounds of drinking, and eating five or six minutes, Wanjinping consulted Lu Chen and Lu Xi, and then let the customer service personnel remove the plate and put on the oolong tea.

    It’s time to talk about business.

    In the circle mixed for such a long time, Wan Jinping's eloquence is unquestionable, but I don't know why, in front of the brothers and sisters in front of him, he does not have the confidence to convince the other party.

    So after a moment of brewing, Wan Jinping decisively abandoned the original idea and tried to ask: "Mr. Lu Chen, rumors about the nomination of the Golden Jubilee Award, do you know?"

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi looked at each other. Lu Chen nodded and said: "Yes, Wan is not always inside?"

    He said, he couldn't help but laugh.

    Wan Jinping was sinking in the heart, because Lu Chen’s reaction completely exceeded his expectations.

    In his view, artists such as Lu Chen, who are famous for their young age, are mostly arrogant and arrogant. When they encounter such obviously suppressed things, there must be fire in their hearts, at least not comfortable.

    He is now mentioning this, Lu Chen's annoyed, dissatisfied, indifferent or intentionally unspoken performance is possible, but this kind of relaxed and funny attitude makes him feel that one's own confidence has once again been hit.

    Wan Jinping’s eyes are very poisonous. He can see that Lu Chen really doesn’t care, not pretending to be generous.

    When is the Golden Jubilee Award so unattractive?

    In the circle, I don’t know how many actors and artists are sharpening their heads and want to mix a nomination to improve their grievances. There are a lot of public relations for Wan Jinping. The top big coffee perhaps don’t care, but Lu Chen…

    Wan Jin thought about the electric turn and smiled. "There is not much insider inside, but as far as I know, the online news is not necessarily true. The official nomination has not yet come out, and everything is likely to change."

    In fact, he is obviously suggesting Lu Chen, but Lu Chen seems to have no understanding at all, and he is not curious to ask.

    Wan Jinping sneaked a sigh, and had to go one's own to continue: "In my opinion, "Full House" is a very excellent drama series, it should make a difference in the Golden Jubilee Award!"

    After that, Wan Jinping stared at Lu Chen and tried to see something from the latter's eyes.

    However, Lu Chen’s eyes are deep and indifferent. For example, the static water that can’t be seen in a pool does not reveal the slightest emotional fluctuations in the heart. It seems that Wan Jinping is telling other people’s things, and has nothing to do with one’s own.

    Wan Jinping, who is well-informed and old-fashioned, has a feeling of powerlessness.


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