The 597th chapter is a happy cooperation

    In the elegantly decorated box, the tea is fragrant, and the sleek piano sounds through the wall, floating like a heavenly sound.

    Wan Jinping's mood is very bad. He has been in the circle for more than ten years. He has seen the big winds and waves. He didn't expect to touch the gray of his nose in front of a young man today.

    What makes Wan Jinping feel depressed is that Lu Chen has mastered the right to speak from beginning to end, and his full-fledged rhetoric has no use.

    This meal is a white one!

    Wan Jinping can only admit the failure of one's own, picking up the frustration, and smiled and said: "In this case, it is really a shame."

    In fact, Shonan Satellite TV's conditions for cooperation with Lu Chen are really very generous. As the overlord of the Domestic Satellite TV station, Shonan Satellite TV's powerful Viewership Ratings and abundant capital make it possible for them to be unfavorable in the Entertainment Circle. .

    But there are always exceptions. Lu Chen does not have a cold on Shonan Satellite TV. One's own is not bad for money and fame. It is just that the wall is full of ignorance, and Wan Jinping’s defeat is really a crime.

    However, in the dry/his line, it is the most stupid thing to go to the offend people for other people's affairs. Wan Jinping did not have any opinion on Lu Chen, and he would not turn his face.

    After adjusting his mood, Wan Jinping lifted the teacup and said: "Mr. Lu Chen, Mr. Lu, we are not profitable in buying and selling, and we hope that there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future."

    Lu Xi nodded and followed the wine glass.

    If it is not necessary, she does not want to offend the "golden oil", not to mention that the identity of the other party is not white or black, just like the existence of bacteria in the human body, the Entertainment Circle is also indispensable.

    It is naturally the best to end in such a peaceful way.

    Lu Chen did not raise his glass immediately. He looked at Wan Jinping thoughtfully and said: "Want, if you want to cooperate, you don't have to wait for the future."

    Wan Jinping suddenly stunned. He couldn't help but drop the teacup and asked, "Mr. Lu Chen, what do you mean?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You also know that I am preparing to prepare the third drama series "You from the Stars". At present, the investment partner of this drama series has not yet been finalized. I don't know if Wan has any interest in it. ?"


    Have! It’s just too much!

    Wan Jinping never imagined that Lu Chen did not hesitate to reject the Shonan Satellite TV. Even the conditions did not want to be heard, but he gave a sweet and tempting cake to one's own.

    He can't wait to swallow it on the spot, even if the cake is filled with poisonous stuffing, you should eat it first.

    A "Blue Life and Death", a "full house of romance", two years of two drama series, it can be said that Lu Chen and Chen Feier together held the altar, even if there are many people in the circle who speak sour words, Not to be seen by the Magnolia Award and the Golden Jubilee Award, but no one can deny the success of the two dramas.

    At the beginning, he cooperated with Lu Chen, whether it was an artist or a TV station or a film and television company. All of them earned a lot of money. Lu Chen’s excellent quality of not eating alone made him have an excellent reputation in the circle.

    So when Lu Chen decided to take the third drama series "You from the Stars", there were a lot of people looking for Wanjinping to tie the bridge. The most powerful one is of course Shonan Satellite TV.

    Wan Jinping is very clear, "You from the stars" as long as it is not a slap in the air, the hot broadcast is inevitable, there are few possibilities to watch the street, and there are not many people in the circle who are staring red.

    He knew that he had no friendship with Lu Chen. He originally wanted to take a relationship with Lu Chen through the power of Shonan Satellite TV. After being rejected, he was already dead, and the result was so unexpected.

    Finally, Wanjin Pingcheng House is very deep, not on the spot, but his face has changed: "Mr. Lu Chen, are you not kidding me?"

    Lu Chen laughed dumbly and took a sip of the cup. He said without hesitation: "I never make a joke about the business. I can give up 5% of the limited equity shares, whether you invest in one's own company or match up with others. It doesn't matter, we can sign a formal contract."

    Wan Jinping, who had a little fever in his mind, quickly calmed down and thought about the pros and cons.

    If you change to someone else, say that he gives him a 5% share, or a limited-equity investment, Wan Jinping is mostly scornful – Wanye still has this thing?

    But "You from the Stars" is too tempting. Participating in investment cooperation must be the industry's predators. Lu Chen can give him this opportunity. To be honest, it is really a face.

    5% of the limited equity stocks seem small, but actually show Lu Chen's sincerity, because Wan Jinping believes that even Lu Chen one's own can not retain too many shares.

    The most important thing is that with this name in hand, if you do a good job, the benefits that Wan Jinping can bring are undoubtedly extremely rich.

    For example, recommending a newcomer to the drama crew, even if it is not a very important role, as long as the appropriate publicity, it is simply too easy to hold the red, Wan Jinping knows the doorway.

    How many newcomers or new and old artists are in the circle? Thousands!

    So although I know that this is a bait thrown out by Lu Chen, Wan Jinping still wants to get hooked.

    He couldn't help but ask: "Mr. Lu Chen, what do you want?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I want to make a friend with Wan, and I will leave my personal feelings. Maybe I will ask Wan to help."

    There are many ways for multiple friends, and friends can be divided into many kinds.

    Wan Jinping's face changed indefinitely. After a while, he sighed: "I feel that one's own is old."

    He knows that one's own can't resist this temptation, but he wants to be offended by Shonan Satellite TV, and his heart is extremely entangled.

    Lu Chen smiled.

    This is a conspiracy of open and aboveboard, and Wan Jinping has no loss for him whether he promises or not.

    The "drama from the stars" this drama series, Lu Chen is prepared to only retain 40%-50% of the shares of Chenfei Media, the rest is distributed to a number of partners, the district's 5% limited equity shares to Wan Jinping is not counted what.

    If Wan Jinping is smart enough, he won't be one's own, and it is the best choice to take the lead.

    He still has to recognize Lu Chen as a human being.

    The initiative is always firmly in the hands of Lu Chen!

    Hesitantly and repeatedly, Wan Jinping finally swallowed his teeth: "Thank you, Mr. Lu Chen!"

    Such an opportunity is also a rare event for him. If you miss it, you really miss it.

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "That's good, you can contact General Lu for specific things."

    Since he made the decision, Wan Jinping no longer looked after him. He once again took the teacup and said: "Happy cooperation!"

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi looked at each other and smiled, and also took the teacup.

    “Happy cooperation!”


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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