Chapter 572 is rich and self-willed

    Lu Chen’s self-confidence and ambition first brought a lot of impact to the top of Chen Fei’s studio.

    Several managers are very dissatisfied with this.

    The two studios merged to form a new company, they did not have opinions, but in the process of merger, it is the more powerful Chen Feier studio merged into Lu Chen studio, then I have a little thought.

    Just thinking that there is an idea, Chen Feier has made a decision, and everyone only has to obey.

    But this does not mean that they are convinced of the young Lu Chen.

    Now Lu Chen has thrown such a big company construction plan, the world-class + Special Effect production team's amazing handwriting, which represents the continuous investment of tens of millions or even Over a hundred million.

    A supervisor couldn't help but say: "Mr. Lu, the company has just set up operations. Are we cautious, first stabilize the foundation, and then slowly step by step?"

    In the opinion of this supervisor, Lu Chen is a bit too bloated and confident.

    Young entrepreneurs often make such mistakes. Lu Chen’s past achievements are dazzling, but whether in the Entertainment Circle or in the business district, the front is smooth and smug, which leads to examples of mistakes in decision-making behind the scenes.

    I can't eat fat at a time, just want to walk when I learn to walk, where is it so easy!

    Indoor studios are okay, there are big ways to do the law, small and small, and the cost investment is controllable.

    And the talent and high-tech equipment that a Special Effect production team needs is simply a bottomless pit. If you go to the world-class level, it is a cosmic black hole that devours funds.

    Why is the investment in Hollywood blockbuster so amazing? In addition to the Celebrity actor's pay, it is mainly the cost of the Special Effect production, and some large-scale Special Effect production costs even account for more than 70% of the total budget.

    Domestic It's too hard to catch up. Although there are a lot of domestic blockbusters claiming to have the Hollywood team to make the Special Effect, the big money is really real, it's worse than the real Hollywood blockbuster!

    Some films are just because they save too much money on the Special Effect, and they can't achieve the satisfaction of the audience. The result is lost, which is the result of the Outsourcing of Special Effect.

    In contrast, the youth film idols that don't require the Special Effect are making a lot of money in the market.

    Therefore, he did not agree with Lu Chen’s thoughts.

    However, Lu Chen’s idea is unwavering. A good Special Effect production team is rare. As long as he is willing to use his money and sincerity to tap talents, he is willing to invest money to introduce equipment and techniques, and he will continue to do so. The previous expenditure is great. The reward is also tempting.

    At this time, Chen Feier spoke up: "I support Lu Chen's decision!"

    She showed her strong support for Lu Chen’s attitude, and others naturally have nothing to say.

    Lu Chen saw that these managers were very unconvinced. He smiled and said: "I am here to announce a good news. The "Ghost Story" produced by our studio has exceeded 90 million in the box office of Xiangjiang. Billion has no problems!"

    "Ghost Story" was officially released in Xiangjiang on the 21st of last month. To today's March 8, a total of 16 days less than 3 weeks, the box office has reached a total of 91.08 million.

    There are still ten days in the next gear, and 100 million is 100%.

    The meeting was attended by the management staff of the two studios, most of whom were in the circle. They knew what it meant to break the box office in Xiangjiang – that is the level of Hollywood blockbuster!

    Lu Chen is undoubtedly using this news to show or prove the strength of one's own.

    And more than: "In addition, the sales of the surrounding products of "Ghost Story" also broke 40 million, and I can tell you that "Ghost Story" from production to publicity, the total cost does not exceed 37 million!"

    There is nothing more intuitive than the data. If Lu Chen said that "Ghost Story" made a lot of money at the box office, everyone would not feel too much – the film that made money was gone.

    Contrast with informative and accurate data, it is completely different!

    Xiangjiang's box office is divided into proportions, and the production side is more than the mainland, usually between 50-60%. Even if the 50% share of "Ghost Story", 100 million total box office can be divided into 50 million.

    The profit of the surrounding products is even higher, even if calculated according to 50%, 40 million can be divided into 20 million!

    The sum of the two is 70 million, with a cost of 37 million and a profit of 33 million.

    It doesn't sound like much. The movie that was sold at the box office this year did not earn Over a hundred million. I am embarrassed to go out and say hello to people, but I know that this is just the profit of "Ghost Story" on Xiangjiang.

    The film will soon be opened in the Mainland, and every share of the box office earned will be net profit. Even if the proportion of Domestic is relatively low, it will be an amazing number unless it is on the streets.

    Will the Ghost Story be a street in the Mainland?

    This possibility is really small. If the quality of the film is not good, how can we conquer the discerning Xiangjiang audience?

    In addition, with the platform of Xiangjiang, "Ghost Story" is easy to export to Baodao, Aocheng and Southeast Asia, and even to Japanese and Korean. It is possible that Lu Chen and Chen Feier are very famous in Republic of Korea. of.

    As such, everyone suddenly discovered that building a world-class studio and Special Effect production team is not a big problem for the new company to be established.

    Have money, of course you can be willful!

    As for the benefits of having a high-end studio and a Special Effect team, there is no need to say more.

    Chen Feier's several managers in charge of the studio can be without a fool. They can understand it with a little thought. Their attitude towards Lu Chen has suddenly changed greatly. They have less contempt and disapproval, and more admiration and respect.

    This circle always speaks with strength, and profit is the best way to prove strength.

    Lu Chen has enough strength to realize his ambition!

    Convince everyone, Lu Chen Yu Sheng chasing: "The company's planning and construction we put aside, the first important thing for the establishment of the new company is the publicity of "Ghost Story", I expect the "Ghost Story" Domestic box office… ”

    "Not less than 500 million!"

    If you switch to another young person, you will take the 500 million box office at Domestic with the first movie. You will definitely sneer at it and laugh at each other's arrogance.

    But in the face of Lu Chen, no one doubts now, and even feels that this expected goal is not high.

    If calculated according to the 500 million Domestic box office, then the "Ghost Story" will bring 200 million profits to Chenfei Media, and will not calculate the sales profit of peripheral products.


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