The 576th chapter is speechless

    Lu Chen’s eyes, Wan Jinping, have seen it in a real old bone.

    Deep into the black hole, read through the vicissitudes of the world to see through the world, return to the original after the return to the eyes!

    How can it appear on a young man?

    Under such gaze, Wan Jinping feels that all the temptations, calculations, and plots of one's own are not to go to the stage, and it is self-deprecating to say it, except for shame.

    At a time, this old-fashioned Entertainment Circle hacker has no words!

    Lu Chen suddenly smiled and said: "Thank you for your compliment. You may wish to say something."

    Wan Jinping suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and felt a sense of relief.

    But in the next moment, his old face was uncontrollably red–it was actually taken by Lu Chen to take the initiative.


    Fortunately, Wan Jinping’s face was thick enough. He quickly coughed two times to cover up one’s own cockroaches and said: “Things are like this. There is a strong family. The top of the Domestic unit hopes to cooperate with you and shoot “From the stars. Of course, the conditions are of course very good."

    You from the stars?

    Lu Chen didn't feel strange. The people who recently stared at his drama series really didn't want too much. Several David TV stations competed very hard. The conditions for the opening were higher than the one, and there were many films of Domestic. The company is also thinking about getting a piece of it in it.

    Lu Chen's first two drama series, but a lot of original unknown people, his drama series said that the star-making machine can not be overemphasized, but who is a little ambitious artist who does not want to touch a touch?

    Wan Jinping is a hacker of Entertainment Circle. He was asked to cooperate with Lu Chen, and it is very normal.

    Lu Chen is curious about the "unit" that the other party said: "Can you tell me which unit?"

    The word unit is a bit interesting.

    Wan Jinping hesitated, but still opened the answer: "Shonan Satellite TV."

    Shonan Satellite TV!

    This answer really broke the expectations of Lu Chen and Lu Xi, so that my sister could not help but widen her eyes.

    Shonan Satellite TV, that is Lu Chen’s oldest family!

    The grievances between the two parties can even be traced back to the morning when Lu Chen just entered the Entertainment Circle. He participated in the "Most Strong Singer" of Shonan Satellite TV and was transferred to the "Singing Chinese" Yu Yue Longmen, which also made Shonan Satellite TV People laugh at their eyes and have no black curtains.

    Later, the contest was even more. Like Lu Chen’s "Blue Life and Death Love", the hit drama of Shonan Satellite TV was defeated, and Shonan Satellite TV did not find trouble in Lu Chen in the dark.

    However, since the broadcast of "Full House", the two sides have basically not been confronted again. Shonan Satellite TV can't find any cheapness in Lu Chen, and it is impossible to openly tear the face. Is the face of Satellite TV still not needed?

    As for Lu Chen, I will not take the initiative to provoke the other side – full of support?

    However, he did not expect that Shonan Satellite TV actually took a fancy to "You from the Stars" and turned to Wan Jinping to release the cooperation information to him.

    In fact, strictly speaking, Lu Chen and Shonan Satellite TV did not open the hatred of hatred. Several collisions were not made by others or by coincidence, far from the extent of not wearing the sky.

    There are no eternal friends or enemies in the world, and some are eternal interests. If for the sake of profit, Lu Chen chooses to cooperate with Shonan Satellite TV, which is stronger than Beijing Satellite TV or Zhedong Satellite TV.

    Because in the many TV stations of Domestic, Shonan Satellite TV is a well-deserved NO.1, its influence is much greater than the competition opponent, it is no match for CCTV.

    Cooperating with such a platform will definitely have a great impetus to Lu Chen's career. For example, he wants publicity "Ghost Story" and promotes it through Shonan Satellite TV. The effect is definitely excellent.

    The most important thing is that now Shonan Satellite TV took the initiative to find Lu Chen, although it is very rare to bring a fig leaf, because with the position of Shonan Satellite TV in the circle, there are really few Celebrity artists who can make them bow their heads.

    Lu Xi looked at Lu Chen with the eyes of the consultation, and her sister was shocked and hesitated.

    Wan Jinping felt that he had pulled back and took the initiative and said with a smile: "Would you like to talk about the specific conditions first?"

    He thought to himself that the power of Shonan Satellite TV was really big enough.

    However, Lu Chen only hesitate for a moment, but did not pick him up, but asked: "Golden Award?"

    Wan Jinping's smile instantly stiffened on his face.

    He knows that Lu Chen’s counter-question is a question, asks whether Shonan Satellite TV is making a fuss about the Golden Jubilee Award as a condition for cooperation between the two sides.

    Also in other words Lu Chen believes that "Full House" has not been nominated for the Golden Jubilee Award. It is Sung Sang TV's intentionally stalking, but leaving the A-list room to talk about conditions.

    Wan Jinping suddenly realized that Lu Chen was a very proud person, but his pride was deeply hidden in the bones, and he would not easily show it. The appearance of the person was quite modest.

    But it is such a person who will never be caught.

    Yes, it is to be embarrassed, Lu Chen thinks that Shonan Satellite TV will use the Golden Jubilee Award to smash one's own!

    This is very bad!

    To make matters worse, if Lu Chen had such an idea, it would not be too embarrassing for Shonan Satellite TV. The news on the Internet is related to Shonan Satellite TV, or more accurately, someone from Shonan Satellite TV.

    For example, Wan Jinping, once again card words.

    Because he is very clear, the eloquence is useless to Lu Chen, this young man is far more savvy than his peers.

    Lying will only make him into a more passive situation.

    To be honest, Wan Jinping has not been so tired of negotiating with elites in or outside the circle.

    Lu Xi looked at Wan Jinping, who was awkward, and his eyes were cold.

    Lu Chen can have today, relying on others to help or support, but one's own efforts and strength.

    Shonan Satellite TV actually wants a gold medal in the district to put pressure on Lu Chen, it is ridiculous!

    Even with her, her impression of Wan Jinping is also bad.

    After a moment, Wan Jinping sighed and said: "Mr. Lu Chen, please don't misunderstand, my client is really willing to cooperate with you, and the conditions are also satisfactory."

    He still does not give up, thinking that he can persuade Lu Chen at the end, in short, he is not willing to give up.

    Lu Chen took a sip from the teacup and suddenly smiled.

    "Wan, we may wish to open the skylight and say something bright, I will not cooperate with Shonan Satellite TV, there is no need."

    "As for the Golden Award…"

    There was a sneer in his face: "Believe me, no nomination will never be a shame!"

    At this moment, Lu Chen’s strong self-confidence made Wan Jinping speechless.

    The frustration of failure has shrouded the veteran hacker!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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