The 576th chapter of the war

    "On March 20th, "Flames of War" was released, and April 9th ​​is "The Legend of the Holy Land…"

    In the conference room of Chenfei Media, a closed-door meeting of the company's top management is being held. Wan Xiaoquan talks to the microphone and looks very serious: "The two Hollywood Special Effect movies are our biggest opponent, unless "Ghost Story" will be released in May, otherwise it will not be avoided!"

    Wan Xiaoquan returned to Beijing from Xiangjiang three days ago. The day before he returned to Beijing, the "Ghost Story", which had already exhausted the box office potential, ended perfectly in the major cinemas in Xiangjiang. The cumulative box office was 105 million, and it was among the history of Xiangjiang. The top 20 in the box office.

    If the Hollywood blockbuster is excluded, in the Hong Kong and China-Hong Kong co-productions, "Ghost Story" ranks seventh, which has not yet calculated the surrounding sales of 42 million+.

    As the actual director of the film, Wan Xiaoquan can be said to have contributed, in addition to generous rewards, he also got a long time of half a month.

    However, Wan Xiaoquan did not choose to go out for a holiday, but immediately returned to Domestic to help Lu Chen carry out the publicity layout of "Ghost Story" on Domestic.

    He has considerable experience in this area.

    Other people's perhaps may not understand much. There is no Wan Xiaoquan's name on "Ghost Story". Not only does he not lose his resentment, but he does his best to make suggestions for Chenfei Media. It is really unbelievable.

    However, Wan Xiaoquan’s gratitude to Lu Chen has been buried in his heart. He is not very good at expressing one's own emotions, so he uses actions to reward Lu Chen’s enlightenment.

    Lu Chen took him when Wan Xiaoquan was most lonely, giving him valuable trust, let him come back to Xiangjiang, and gave him a work that was destined to become a classic.

    It doesn't really matter if there is a name.

    Seriously, if there is his name in the subtitles of the film, it will not pass the review of Radio and TV.

    Moreover, Wan Xiaoquan really admired Lu Chen. The script of "Ghost Story" was written by Lu Chen. Many scenes were painted by Lu Chen, and with excellent soundtrack, it was not a problem to change director.

    Such a kind, Wan Xiaoquan needs to prove the ability of one's own, where to have fun to go on holiday!

    The situation of "Ghost Story" recently released in Domestic is not optimistic. "Flames of War" is a sci-fi blockbuster filmed by United States superstar film investment of 170 million US dollars. It has won a box office of 270 million US dollars in United States and moved to Domestic. The momentum is awkward, and the publicity is even more fanfare.

    Douglas, president of superstar, threatened to have a billion-dollar box office at Domestic, which is full of confidence.

    In contrast, Lions Pictures' fantasy movie "The Legend of the Holy Land" is weak, but the investment in this film is no worse than the "Flames of War", reaching $150 million and will be released in United States.

    If "Ghost Story" chooses to be released at this time, it will face two front and back attacks of Hollywood blockbusters. It is undoubtedly difficult to achieve the goal of 500 million box office.

    But it will not work until it is released in May.

    At present, "Ghost Story" has pirated resources on the Internet, but both are CAM and TS versions, which are called guns and quasi-gun versions. The poor quality is not enough to threaten the box office.

    Now the state attaches great importance to the copyright protection of domestic films, including Hong Kong films. If the HD version comes out during the filming, it will inevitably be severely hit. The strength after the next file is much smaller.

    Due to the small impact of the CAM and TS versions, the producers also closed their eyes with one eye. The "Ghost Story" was released in the near future. If the time dragged on, the HD version would be very difficult to control.

    The impact of the box office will be even greater!

    "The Ghost Story will not be postponed…"

    Lu Chen said categorically: "Even in May, there are still Hollywood competitions. We can't hide. It's better to fight against them in a fierce battle. It doesn't matter if you lose!"

    "Not to mention, we will not lose!"

    The cost of "Ghost Story" has long been fully recovered. The excess profit is more than enough for Domestic publicity. How much box office is earned is profit. If you are afraid of competition, you should not make a movie.

    Many Domestic filmmakers have a kind of "fear of beauty". The movie box office is fierce. It is often attributed to the Hollywood blockbuster competition. It is lamentable that the strength of the technique is not as good as others, complaining about the country's opening to the film market.

    So in July and August, the "domestic film protection month" became a fragrant scent. The film companies sharpened their heads and drilled them in the middle of the battle.

    That is to say, in recent years, domestic films have relied on youth films, idol films, and large-scale IP movies to save the situation. The situation has finally improved a lot.

    "Ghost Story" and these three types are not in contact with each other, but Lu Chen does not have any fear of Hollywood movies, because he never thought about fishing in the Domestic movie market, his goal is long-term, build high The specification of the indoor studio and the formation of the Special Effect production team are all around this goal.

    Lu Chen’s self-confidence and the courage to face the challenge infected everyone present. Wan Xiaoquan smiled and said: “Then we need to increase the publicity and develop a targeted publicity strategy. Boss and Lady Boss are more on the blog. Love, the effect is absolutely good and save money."

    Everyone couldn't help but laugh, and Wan Xiaoquan, who was serious about it, would make a joke.

    Lu Chen that is a bitter smile: "I…Try your best. ”

    Although Wan Xiaoquan is joking, he still said that it is very reasonable. As far as the film "Ghost Story" is concerned, Lu Chen and Chen Feier are the biggest ticket holders.

    The two added interaction on the blog, exploding the small pieces out, are the side publicity of "Ghost Story".

    The meeting ended two hours later. It is worth mentioning that the "Painted Skin" that has been released is not within the scope of discussion, and it is also a sentence.

    Because no one will treat the "painted skin" as an opponent, naturally there is no discussion value.

    It is estimated that Clement Xingxian, a Sect Master of Huaguan Films, knows that he has three bloody mouths.

    After the meeting, Lu Chen just returned to one's own office, and Lu Xi's assistant Chen Xin came over.

    My sister has something important to find him.

    Lu Chen felt a bit strange, so he immediately rushed to Lu Xi's general manager's office.

    "what's wrong?"

    Lu Xi did not answer directly, but turned the computer screen placed on the table 180 degrees for him to see.

    The webpage opened on the screen is the entertainment version of a big website of Domestic. The title of the bold black label is very eye-catching, so that Lu Chen can see the eyelids jumping!

    "The Golden Jubilee nomination leaked, and the hit drama "Full House" is unnamed! 》


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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