Chapter 531 New Travel

    A "You are the most precious" touched the audience, and also touched the thousands of fans fans in the anchor.

    "I am going to go, it is a brutal and inhumane dog!"

    "I feel that I have been hit by 10,000 crit attacks again. Single dogs have no human rights."

    "My morning is really romantic. If anyone writes a Love Song for me, I will marry him!"

    "Speaking silently, I am going back to the single star. Earth is too dangerous to show love."

    "nice, come again!"

    The requirements of the fans are so strong, so after singing "You are the most precious", Chen Feier and Lu Chen sang everyone's familiar "Your Eyes".

    On the first day of 2017, the Lu Chen Fan Appreciation Meeting held in Beijing Houhai Forgetting Grass Bar basically came to an end. Although the fans were still talking, the beautiful Era was always too hasty.

    "Life is like a trip…"

    Lu Chen picked up the guitar again and stood in front of the microphone and said, "You never know what kind of scenery along the way, you will encounter wind and rain or sunshine, but because you are with me, I will never Feeling scared, really…"

    "Really thank you all, thank you all my friends who support me, the last "Travel" for everyone!"

    The last song, everyone can't help but be disappointed, but Lu Chen gave everyone a surprise at the end.

    Because this song is also new song, the third original work tonight!

    "The evening wind blows Song Tao.

Blowing this wind ringing like a scorpio.

    Standing in the quiet part of the city,

Let everything go far.

    Only Qingshan is hidden in the Baiyun area.

The butterfly walks freely through the clear,

Look at the sunset glow in the sky,

There is a group of birds returning to the west.


    Simple and pure guitar accompaniment, coupled with Lu Chen's dedication to the interpretation, this "Travel" instantly brings the fans on the scene into a wilderness and sky-high world.

    His Voice is warm and bright, haunting everyone's ears, as if there is a strength that penetrates the soul.

    Let people want to be happy.


Who painted this world,

Also draw You and Me,

Let our world be colorful!

    Who makes us cry,

Surprise us again,

Let us meet each other like this.

    Always say goodbye,

Gather together and separate,

Always on the long road. ”

    This "Travel", lyrics, melody and artistic conception can be described as a highly harmonious unity. It has the deep situ flavor of entering the WTO, and it also has the freedom to be born. It shows the extraordinary emotions and emotions of the creators. Song Tao in the lyrics, Wind chimes, butterflies, and sunset glows are like colorful flowers that come with you, giving off a poetic fragrance.

    Listening to such a song is definitely enjoyment, fans are already enjoying it, and their emotions are quietly smoothed out, and there is no regret.

    Many fans who participated in the thank-you meeting will go home tonight. I believe that they will be alone and will not be reluctant to accompany them when they travel along the way.



    At the door of the Forgetting Grass Bar, Lu Chen personally sent away the last few fans, because the other party is a girl, he deliberately shouted: "Early rest and pay attention to safety, all the way."

    One of the female fans took a few steps and reluctantly turned around and suddenly turned and flew toward Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen’s eyes were fast, and she quickly helped her: “Be careful.”

    The other party was obviously too nostalgic, the tears all flowed out and grabbed Lu Chen’s arm.

    Fortunately, her companion was very sensible, and even took her away with persuasion, saving Lu Chen a lot of trouble.

    Lin Zhijie, who came out together, jokingly said: "Lu Chen, your current Charm is getting bigger and bigger. Like you, you are worried about Faye."

    Not to mention, the female fan who was wrapped around Lu Chen was really pretty.

    Faye is the English name of Chen Feier. She is behind Lin Zhijie and grins.

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Zhi Jie's mouth is ruthless."

    As his fame grows bigger and his popularity becomes higher and higher, the fans will inevitably bring some trouble.

    There are always a few extremes in all kinds of fans. Lu Chen Studio and Lu Xi have received some mad harassing calls, as well as parcel mail, but they are all low-key.

    Like the female fan just now, it is already very gently, at least not too much.

    Lin Zhijie was also joking. He took the opportunity to say: "You can, let us write three songs for Fei Shi!"

    As the Music Director and deputy general manager of Fei Shi Records, Lin Zhijie is also very resentful of Lu Chen’s behavior of “spending” talent.

    The most direct example is Lu Chen's two albums, "You at the Same Table" and "The Ordinary Road". All the 20 songs in the capital are fine. If you let him operate, these works are enough to hold the red four or five. Singer, or four or five or more hot albums.

    It is too extravagant!

    It is speechless that Lu Chen's Music inspiration seems to never be exhausted. Tonight, Xiaoxiao's fans thanked him for his outstanding work.

    If Lin Zhijie is indifferent, that is a strange thing!

    In fact, since Lu Chen began to shoot the drama series film, even if it is a flying stone record that has a good cooperative relationship with Lu Chen studio, it is not easy to invite songs from him.

    Lin Zhijie originally thought that Lu Chen’s creation was in a bottleneck, and it was normal to be busy with filming.

    It’s only now that it’s not the same thing!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "There are too many three, "I have heard your song" and give it to Xiaochu."

    In the evening, he took out three songs, one for Mu Xiaochu and one for Chen Feier.

    The last one is of course left to one's own.

    Where did Lin Zhijie agree to force, and forced Lu Chen to promise to leave with one more satisfaction.

    When Lu Chen and Chen Feier returned home, when they went to bed and rested, it was already midnight.

    Maybe it was moving, maybe it was a feeling, or because it was facing another departure, even though it was quite tired, Chen Feier enthusiastically and actively and acquainted with Lu Chen.

    She asked Lu Chen again and again, until she finally exhausted and fell asleep.

    Lu Chen couldn't sleep, but he quietly covered Chen Fei's quilt, bowed his head and kissed her forehead, then closed the bedside lamp.

    After the completion, Lu Chen went to the study room to open the computer. He called out the documents stored on the hard disk, and the ten fingers fluttered and knocked down the rows of unfinished text.

    The road to life is long, 2017, the new trip has just begun!


Note: "Travel" lyrics / song: Xu Wei. (To be continued~^~)

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