The 357th chapter of the best brother

    On January 27th, New Year's Eve, Yi Nai Cai, opened the market, and migrated.

    3 pm, Chenghuang Temple.

    The Chenghuang Temple, located in the heart of the old city of Binhai, is undoubtedly one of the emerging small cities along the coast. It is one of the few historical monuments that have been preserved so far and is also a place of flamboyance.

    Especially in the New Year, the annual festivals are the most lively, the people from all the towns and villages flocked, the shops along the street open the door to do business, the stalls on the side of the road are a few miles away, to the passing pedestrians and tourists. They are selling a lot of things that have disappeared in modern big cities.

    According to past practice, the temple fair starts from December 25th until the end of the first month of the Lantern Festival. Many residents of Binhai City often move out of the family to “go to the market” to purchase Chinese New Year, Spring Festival couplets, lanterns, firecrackers, etc. Items.

    Modern society changes too fast, and only these things can retain a certain real New Year taste.

    Many savvy citizens often choose to come to the "tails" in the afternoon of the New Year's Eve, because at this time, merchants and stall owners are usually willing to sell goods at a low price in order to withdraw funds.

    In the case of those stall owners who are eager to go home for the New Year, a couple of couples who usually need ten or twenty dollars will be thrown away, and the hand-stitched fine traditional purse will be won by half.

    Chen Feier took Lu Chen’s hand and drilled it in the crowd. The other hand carried four or five such embroidered pouches. The eyebrows opened like a mouse that fell into the rice cylinder. It was full of happiness. And joy.

    Lu Chen’s hands are more and more, what year-old paintings, paper-cuts, earth cakes, maltose, and Lin Lin always have a large bag.

    He joined Lu Xi this morning and took the earliest high-speed rail from Beijing to the coast.

    After Chen Feier participated in a commercial performance in Shanghai, he went directly to Binhai and lived in the villa of Jingsheng District before Lu Chen arrived.

    The two have already made an appointment, and this year at Lu Chen’s home for the New Year.

    Because Chen Feier wanted to see the characteristics of the New Year in Binhai, Lu Chen took her to the Chenghuang Temple.

    The weather was very cold, both of them were wearing thick down jackets. Chen Feier also wore a scarf and a hat. Apart from the height of the eye, it was not much different from the ordinary couple. The crowd was not recognized in the crowd.

    Therefore, pedestrians who come and go, no one can think of this girl who jumps, sees everything fresh, wants to buy anything, buys anything and wants to bargain, is actually the most popular superstar in popular Musical World!

    "This is a fun place…"

    Holding the spoils that had just been seized, Chen Feier blamed Lu Chen: "You should tell me earlier, I can't finish the afternoon, I can come with Lu Xue yesterday."

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Where do I know, there is no such market in your home?"

    Chen Feier’s look suddenly glimpsed.

    Lu Chen immediately realized that one's own said something wrong, and quickly opened the topic and said: "It doesn't matter, it will be reopened in the second day of the year, until the end of the Lantern Festival, especially the Lantern Festival is the most fun and fun."

    He clenched his girlfriend's hand: "If you like, we can live until the Lantern Festival."

    Originally, Lu Chen planned to go to Xiangjiang on the fourth or fifth day of the first month. The post-production of "Ghost Story" was in the sprint stage and was interrupted by the New Year. He was needed to oversee.

    But compared to Chen Feier, it is nothing at all, dragging it for a few days completely does not matter.

    Feeling Lu Chen's sincere heart, Chen Feier's face re-emerged with a charming smile. She picked up her toes and took a kiss on Lu Chen's face. Then she pointed to the front and said, "Let's go there and see… ”

    Lu Chen nodded, and the figures of the two quickly disappeared into the bustling crowd.

    Until the dark, two talented people carrying big bags and small bags returned home.


    Lu Chen put things on the sofa in the living room and shouted to the kitchen: "I am back with Mayfair."

    Fang Yan poked his head out of the kitchen and said with a smile: "Sit first and watch TV, and the dinner is very good."

    There are five or six dishes on the table in the small restaurant, which exudes a seductive scent.

    Chen Feier untied the scarf and walked toward the kitchen: "Auntie, I will help you."

    Fang Hao has already treated her as her own wife rather than a guest, so she refused but refused to agree.

    Sitting on the soft and comfortable big sofa, looking at the one's own Mother and the girlfriend's busy figure in the kitchen glass door, Lu Chen's heart is happy and peaceful, full of happiness.


    Unfortunately, he was only comfortable for a moment, Lu Xue and Lu Xi also returned to the house with a big bag.

    Seeing Lu Chen, Lu Xue directly hit a tiger on him, and hugged him like an eight-claw octopus. It seemed like the two had been separated for a long time: "My red envelope is a lucky one!"

    My sister is still studying, my brother has made money, and my sister’s red envelope for my brother is of course justified.

    But some people couldn’t see it, and slap a slap on her little buttocks: "Go down, all the girls are still entangled, like what!"

    Lu Xue grievances and licked his mouth, or climbed down from Lu Chen.

    She is not afraid of fear, and she is afraid of the strictness of her sister Lu Xi.

    Lu Chen secretly laughed. He took a red envelope from his jacket pocket and handed it to Lu Xue: "Give."

    In this world, Lu Chen's most loved one is one's own sister.

    The thing he cherished the most is Lu Xue’s rose acoustic guitar bought by one of his own money.

    Although it is only a small idea to buy a new guitar worth several times or even dozens of times with Lu Chen’s current body, this guitar has always been with you.

    A lot of things cannot be measured by money.

    Lu Xue suddenly turned to sorrow and joy, and grabbed the red envelope with lightning speed, and then leaned over and took a kiss on Lu Chen’s face: "Thank you!"

    But when she got the red envelope, she was a bit confused: "How is it so light?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "This is a supplementary card that I will give you. You usually use it to brush it."

    He once made a vow to let his sister live a princess life.

    This affiliate card can share a maximum of 1 million.

    Lu Xuemei opened his eyes and smiled: "Thank you brother!"

    She couldn't wait to open the red envelope, pulled out the credit card, and carefully stuffed it into one's own wallet.

    Lu Xi shook his head and reminded: "With the card can not be brushed, do not develop the habit of big hands and feet."

    Lu Xue "hmm", then hugged Lu Chen's arm and leaned his head on his brother's shoulder.

    No matter whether there is money or no money, in her heart, my brother will always be the best brother.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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