The 539th chapter of the publicity war (on)

    On the 1st of February, the fifth day of the lunar calendar.

    In the evening, a photo taken at Xiangjiang International Airport appeared on the online entertainment section of Hong Kong Island Newsletter and was then reprinted by many media.

    The protagonist of this photo is Lu Chen and Chen Feier, the two hands holding hands through the passenger passage.

    Chen Feier was originally one of the few mainland Singers familiar with Xiangjiang people. Of course, her popularity is no match with the big coffee in Hong Kong Island Entertainment Circle, but she has become the three major awards in the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List]. Celebrity, a household name in Xiangjiang.

    The Awards Ceremony of [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] was broadcast live by Xiangjiang Satellite TV. Due to the participation of many Hong Kong and other Xiangjiang superstars, the Viewership Ratings Gundam was 38.75%, which made more Xiangjiang people know the mainland popular. The days of Musical World.

    Also benefiting Lu Chen.

    Not only that, on January 29th, the second day of the first month, Xiangjiang Satellite TV broadcasted "Blue Life and Death Love" starring Lu Chen and Chen Feier at 8:00 pm in the evening, which triggered a round of ratings frenzy.

    The filming of "Blue Life and Death" was completed one year ago. It was broadcasted separately in the Mainland and the Republic of Korea. It has achieved amazing results. Later, it was introduced by TV stations in Taiwan and several Southeast Asian countries. The response was fierce.

    At that time, there were a number of cable stations in Xiangjiang who wanted to purchase the broadcast rights of this drama series, but Lu Chen's studios all refused based on the consideration of Viewership Ratings.

    The broadcast rights of this drama series Xiangjiang can only be sold to Xiangjiang Satellite TV or ATV.

    Both Xiangjiang Satellite TV and ATV have expressed interest, but there are differences on the specific terms, so dragging and pulling until the end of last year, and Xiangjiang Satellite TV negotiated a contract.

    After Xiangjiang Satellite TV received the copyright, it was re-voiced, so the Cantonese version of "Blue Life and Death" was not officially broadcast until this year.

    In fact, this drama series, which is regarded as a classic, has a high-definition piracy source available for download on the Internet. Many young people in Xiangjiang have already seen it, but this does not damage its Charm. It has caused a lot of broadcast. sensation.

    In the past, the introduction of the drama series of the mainland to Xiangjiang was basically a historical drama and a famous drama. There are very few modern urban themes, and a few are also viewing the streets.

    However, "Blue Life and Death" is definitely a heterogeneous existence. After the first four episodes, its highest Viewership Ratings has jumped to the top, reaching 28.69%, and the Xiangjiang film and television circle has been shocked once.

    As the male and female starring of this drama series, Lu Chen and Chen Feier who came to Xiangjiang again naturally became valued and became the darling of the media.

    The most direct impact of this is that Lu Chen and Chen Feier have greatly increased the number of fans on the Hong Kong Island blog, and they have doubled in just a few days. I don’t know how many people envy and hate.

    So when Lu Chen and Chen Feier’s photos at the airport were exposed, the reporters who stood at the entrance of Rongjin Building suddenly increased, and the vast paporazzi even traced the love nest of the two in Repulse Bay.

    As for the various interviews and invitations to the Program, it was like a snow flake flying to Lu Chen studio.

    Unfortunately, most of the media have eaten closed doors. Chen Feier returned to Beijing only after staying in Xiangjiang for three days, and Lu Chen was busy in the later stage of "Ghost Story" and temporarily pushed away all the invitations.

But this does not mean that he is insulated from the media.

    On the contrary, the publicity activity of "Ghost Story" has just begun.

    "Ghost Story" has an investment budget of 30 million, and the production and post-Special Effect each account for half, but does not include the cost of publicity. In order to make this movie a hit, Lu Chen Studio gave a publicity budget of 20 million. Used in Xiangjiang and the mainland.

    The film market in the Mainland is the focus of the "Ghost Story", but if you can't get the new film support policy of Xiangjiang, the former is also a basket of water, so the locality of Xiangjiang can not be ignored.

    The broadcast of "Blue Life and Death" can be said to coincide with its meeting. Its hot broadcast helped Lu Chen to save at least millions of publicity fees. As the first film of Lu Chen and Chen Feier together with Xiangjiang actors, it is undoubtedly Attracted a lot of people, especially the attention of young people in Xiangjiang.

    However, Lu Chen will never be paralysis, because Huaguan Film and Star Art Entertainment's "Painted Skin" started a large-scale preheating publicity before the New Year.

    And "Painted Skin" is scheduled to be on February 14th, which is the premiere of Valentine's Day!

    Therefore, in various senses, "Painted Skin" is the most powerful opponent faced by "Ghost Story" and the biggest stumbling block to the box office.

    The weight of this stumbling block is not a normal foot!

    ""Painted Skin" claims to invest 1.5 billion yuan, which should actually be around 100 million…"

    The night is already very deep. The lights in the office of Lu Chen Xiangjiang movie studio are still on, and a smog of smoke slams on it. The light bulb is shrouded in heat and the silk is scattered in the air.

    An internal meeting of studio is being held, Lu Chen, Chen Wenqiang, Wan Xiaoquan are there, and Li Zhen.

    Li Zhen is an assistant, responsible for the minutes of the meeting, and Lu Chen is discussing the publicity and release plan of "Ghost Story" and many problems facing him.

    Chen Wenqiang took a sigh of smoke and said, "I heard that Huaguan and Xingyi are preparing to invest more than 10 million publicity fees in Hong Kong, at least three times more than ours!"

    Chen Wenqiang is not an old smoker. He quit smoking a few years ago, but he has recently taken it.

    Because the pressure is great.

    Although the time to join Lu Chen studio is not long, but Chen Wenqiang has regarded one's own as a real part of the studio, and is busy with studio.

    For Studio's first project, Chen Wenqiang paid more attention to "Ghost Story" than Lu Chen, not only because it related to one's own rice bowl and reputation, but also his love girl in it.

    He wants "Ghost Story" to be successful than anyone else.

    However, the reality is very serious. The scheduled release time of "Ghost Story" is also on Valentine's Day on February 14th. The two films compete for support at the same time, but they are the same type of works.

    It’s a natural death!

    However, on the volume, "Ghost Story" is not the opponent of "Painted Skin". The investors and producers of "Painted Skin" are famous companies in the industry. There is no problem in rolling Xiaoxiao's studio.

    Its investment scale is several times that of "Ghost Story", and the publicity is even more aggressive.

    “Investing more than 10 million publicity fees in Hong Kong?”

    Wan Xiaoquan was surprised: "Do they earn back?"


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