Chapter 538 will not be

    Just after New Year's Day in 2017, Lu Chen flew back to Xiangjiang.

    The late Special Effect of "Ghost Story" is working overtime, and it involves editing, dubbing and soundtrack. The key person is that he can't leave too long, otherwise it will affect the release plan.

    So as soon as I returned to Xiangjiang, Lu Chen did not rush back to one's own studio, but went to Xinghui's paintings.

    The Special Effect of "Ghost Story" is a gift to Xiangjiang's Xinghui Cinema. Xinghui Cinema is not the largest film special effect production company in Xiangjiang. However, it has good experience and has participated in many dramas of Domestic. Special Effect production, has a reputation in the circle.

    As a fantasy love film born out of "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio", the Special Effect scene involved in "Ghost Story" is not a lot, but the later Special Effect is really a price, so Lu Chen in this respect It is unambiguous, and it has a direct budget of 10 million.

    Many Domestics also include Xiangjiang's movies or drama series, which are often reluctant to invest in this area. On the one hand, they are clamoring to connect with Hollywood. On the one hand, they will make fools of the audience. The resulting "Five Special Effects" is dumbfounded. The result is not worth the candle.

    Lu Chen will not make such a mistake of brain damage.

    The level of Xinghui's paintings is quite good. The few footages made in advance made Lu Chen look very satisfied.

    "Want, you have worked hard!"

    Since the "fixing phase" of the "Ghost Story", the real behind-the-scenes Director Wan Xiaoquan did not care about rest, even New Year's Day also resides in Xiangjiang, specifically responsible for supervising the post-production of this film.

    Without his hard work and hard work, Lu Chen can't be so relaxed. It is a problem to be able to shoot "Ghost Story".

    So Lu Chen, who flew back from Beijing, saw Wan Xiaoquan again in Xinghui's paintings, a little embarrassed.

    On the love of the whole body of the film, he is not as good as Wan Xiaoquan.

    However, after paying so much, Wan Xiaoquan was unable to hang the name in the subtitles of "Ghost Story".

    But Wan Xiaoquan one's own is as sweet as he is, he smiled and said: "It's not hard, this movie has the potential to sell, it is worth the hard work, just…"

    He hesitated for a moment, or said: "According to the current production schedule, I am afraid it may not be able to catch up with the Spring Festival."

    January 27th is New Year's Eve, and now it is a little more than a month in Yuanxiao. With Lu Chen's request, Xinghui's paintings do their best, and may not be able to meet the "Ghost Story" in the Spring Festival. Claim.

    Because even if the Special Effect is finished, all the dubbing soundtrack clips are done, and the back is still submitted for review, platooning, publicity, etc. The time is too tight.

    Unless the post-production requirements are lowered.

    "It doesn't matter if you can't catch up with the Spring Festival!"

    In this regard, Lu Chen categorically said: "First of all, to ensure quality, I only need boutique."

    Domestic's movie market is hot, and the Spring Festival is the eruption period of the box office. Originally, Lu Chen was planning to use the Xiang Xiangjiang film to support the new policy to smear the light of the Spring Festival.

    But he will never lower the quality requirements for the film.

    In Lu Chen's dream world, the original version of "Ghost Story" is undoubtedly a true classic. Now he has moved this film into reality, and only by doing it with heart is not going to spoil the classic.

    The front has been so hard, and in the future, in order to catch up with the time, Lu Chen will not forgive one's own.

    His attitude made Wan Xiaoquan very happy.

    Wan Xiaoquan has been mixing in the circle for so many years, and has shot a lot of movies. He has also encountered investors and producers who are quick and profitable, and put forward various unreasonable demands in order to rush to withdraw funds.

    In Wan Xiaoquan's view, there are a lot of bad films in China movies, and these people need to take a lot of responsibility.

    He once worried that Lu Chen was young and prosperous, or he was eager to make money and borrow money.

    It seems now that Wan Xiaoquan’s fears are superfluous.

    So his work is valuable!

    "It would be no problem."

    I stayed in the Xinghui movie for an afternoon, and it was not until the evening that Lu Chen returned to the studio.

    Already after the time of work, there is basically no one in the office, but the lights between the secretaries are still on. Li Zhen is busy working in front of the computer, and even did not notice the appearance of Lu Chen.

    Seeing such a scene, Lu Chen, who had just entered, could not help but ask: "Azhen, have you not returned yet?"


    Li Zhen was shocked. She saw Lu Chen and she was relieved. She quickly got up and said, "Lu Shao, are you coming back?" I am getting ready to go off work. ”

    She knew that Lu Chen had returned to Xiangjiang today, and she also knew that Lu Chen had gone to the Xinghui Cinema Supervisor. I didn't expect to come to the studio side so late: "Do you have anything?" Do you want me to help? ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "No, I will take some things and leave, just send you back together."

    "Thank you Lu Shao…"

    Li Zhen rushed to pick up the documents scattered on the table, as well as the invitation letter card, and said: "I also have a job to report to you."

    Lu Chen nodded: "Tell it in the car."

    Since the last time I smashed Honghua, I played this strong background of the head of the snake to obey the post, Lu Chen film studio in the circle of Xiangjiang really is famous, and is known by more people.

    Liu Gangsheng's appreciation of Lu Chen has made his reputation even higher. After that, he found a studio in various names to seek cooperation, invite Lu Chen to feast or participate in the Program.

    When he left Xiangjiang for a few days, Kungfu, Li Zhen pressed a thick set of invitations.

    Sitting in the car of Lu Chen, she reported to Lu Chen as a few treasures.

    "Hong Kong Star Entertainment invites you to participate in their company reception party tomorrow night…"

    "This is the business card of the chairman of Baolu Group. He wants to meet you…"

    "There is this one, which was sent by Miss Shu Wei personally. I hope that you can participate in her new album release."


    "and many more!"

    Lu Chen suddenly interrupted her lingering: "You said Miss Shu Wei?"

    "Uh…Yes. ”

    When Li Zhen stunned, he immediately responded and turned over the invitation letter and handed it to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen took a closer look, and Shu Wei’s album release time is tomorrow night.

    Shu Wei is a famous celebrity who met when Lu Chengang came to Xiangjiang. She debuted very early. After she became famous, she married into the giants. Later she divorced her husband and returned to the Entertainment Circle.

    Shu Wei is very keen on charity career, and has a lot of connections in the circle. She is a friend with Chen Feier.

    Although there is this relationship, but because Lu Chen had a coffee with her alone and was photographed by paparazzi, the result was a Xiaoxiao scandal, so Lu Chen basically did not contact her.

    However, the other party’s new album release conference really has something to do with him.


I just came back from Hangzhou this afternoon. I am exhausted and tired. There is only one more in the evening. Please forgive me. (To be continued~^~)

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