Chapter 537

    The popular Music of Xiangjiang has had a period of great brilliance.

    In the 1980s, with the rapid development of Xiangjiang's economy, Xiangjiang's entertainment industry showed an explosive growth. Film, TV, popular Music, etc. were fully blossomed, which not only had a huge impact on the mainland, but also exported to Southeast Asia. The country has become a famous East Hollywood.

    At that time, Xiangjiang also had a large number of outstanding songwriters who used one's own talent to support the sky of the Entertainment Circle. Many of the classic works that were born are still being sung by people.

    However, the so-called grandeur has declined. Nowadays, the demise of the lost and retired of these seniors in the industry, and a few who are still active in the circle can not reproduce the glory of the past. Jiang Lang is a very common phenomenon.

    The most important thing is that the original creators of Xiangjiang popular Music follow no one. The Japanese and Korean idol trend makes the saliva songs and fast songs popular. The popular Music of Xiangjiang once again embarked on the old road of repeating the previous cover and copying Japanese and Korean Europe and America.

    The status quo of the Xiangjiang music scene has great similarities with the mainland, and it has reached the point where it has to be changed. Moreover, compared with the deep-rooted mainland, the popularity of Xiangjiang popular music is more difficult.

    There are faults in the excellent creators.

    Because of this, Lu Chen from the mainland will be so dazzling.

    Today, people in Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle don't know, don't know Lu Chen's really few, and a "Love in a Life" sounds Xiangjiang, Heavenly King superstar Liu Gangsheng's appreciation of the root style makes him a media eye-catcher Focus.

    Behind the fame is Lu Chen's strong strength in the creation of Music.

    The "Summer Wind" he created for Shu Wei is undoubtedly an excellent proof.

    Shu Shu is going to be red!

    Shu Wei used to be very red. After she left the Entertainment Circle, she couldn't talk about popularity. The road to come back is not easy than the newcomer. It seems to have become simple.

    Thank you for your help!

    Many insiders know that Lu Chen has a nickname called "Golden Hand". It is said that after his hand is built, any Singer can easily become popular.

    In the past, many people sneered at this statement. They are suspicious of Lu Chen’s rumor of a song of one million. Now they really believe it.

    Not only did it believe, but some people thought about whether or not to find Lu Chen’s invitation to the song?

    A million price code sounds scary, but if you think about it, if you can rely on a song to become famous, it is a cost-effective deal – Shu Shuo is smart!

    She invited Lu Chen to be a Mandarin song, and it is the most popular romantic Love Song. The new album is very promising in the mainland market. It can even be hyped by Lu Chen’s name…

    None of the guests present were fools, especially a few women Singer. The eyes of Lu Chen became hot. If it was not polite, they would probably find Lu Chen immediately.

    Opening with a "Summer Wind", Shu Wei's "Years of the Year" album conference was held very successfully. After the guests congratulations, fans interaction, live Lottery and so on, it ended at 10 o'clock in the evening.

    After the press conference, Shu Wei invited Lu Chen to sit in the cafe on the top floor of Shangri-La Hotel.

    This is not the first time that Shu Yu has invited Lu Chen alone. The last time the two people had a coffee together, they were photographed by paparazzi, and the result was a big rumor.

    So this time she was extra careful, and she made a special quiet location that would not be disturbed.

    "Lu Chen, thank you!"

    After the two were seated, Shu Yu’s first sentence was thanks, and she thanked her very earnestly and sincerely.

    Shu Wei is very aware of the difficulty of one's own comeback. This new album is really important to her, so she has always been cautious in selecting songs, and she has not settled.

    Because of the songs she originally invited, the quality of the standards is there, but it is not enough to stand out in the current fiercely competitive market environment.

    At least there isn't a title song worthy of a big bet.

    So Shu Shu has repeatedly postponed one's own comeback time, and even put the work focus on her charity career, in fact, it is helpless – it can't afford to lose.

    Fortunately, God took care of her and sent Lu Chen to her!

    Lu Chen has created two works for her album, and also determined the overall style of the album, which easily solved the biggest problem she faced.

    The most important thing is that both songs are very good and gave her great confidence.

    This is more important than anything else!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You sister, you have already thanked many times. In fact, you really have to be polite, you pay."

    Since Chen Feier and Shu Wei are friends, Lu Chen’s two songs for Shu Wei’s tailor-made songs are friendship prices, totaling 1.5 million.

    Cheaper is a lot cheaper, but compared to other songwriters, it is the top price tag.

    Shu Wei said: "Business is business, people are human, I will not forget the people you help me."

    Through Chen Feier, she is very clear about Lu Chen’s status in the popular Musical World.

    Singer who wants to find Lu Chen’s invitation to the song has more to go, and Singer, who can afford millions of expenses, abounds. However, if he wants to take action, he can do it without money. He is not bad at all.

    Still human.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You have helped me with my sister, let me know a lot of people."

    Without the help of Shu Shu, he did not integrate into the local circle of Xiangjiang so quickly.

    At the press conference in the evening, Shu Wei introduced a lot of celebrities to him.

    There may be members of the Xiangjiang Film Support Policy Review Meeting.

    Shu Xiao smiled and said: "Do you receive a lot of business cards at night? I just saw a group of girls around you. ”

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly – this is not his fault.

    Shu Shu half-jokingly said half-heartedly: "You have to be careful, the girls in Xiangjiang are very enthusiastic, especially in the circle, you have to grasp one's own."

    She said it was a bit subtle, but Lu Chen could understand it.

    Now Lu Chen has become a toon. The purpose of women in these circles is definitely not simple. Some people just want to buy his songs. Some may be people who are looking at him, and some may or may not borrow. He came to hype.

    Mixing in the Entertainment Circle, it is very important to be careful, otherwise it is easy to catch up.

    The reminder of Shu Wei is undoubtedly due to good intentions.

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "I understand, sister, you can rest assured."

    Shu Xiaoran smiled: "That's good."

    Lu Chen smiled and picked up the coffee on the table.

    Hard to bite in the tongue.

    At this moment, outside the window, the Xiangjiang River under the night is brightly lit, and the Victoria Harbour in the distance is beautiful.


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