Chapter 536, Year-end

    On January 12th, Shu Wei's new album "Years of the Year" was officially released.

    The record company she returned to is the famous Kowloon Record. The record company was founded in the 1970s and has experienced decades of ups and downs. It is still one of the biggest crocodile in the industry.

    According to the usual practice, the digital version and the CD version of "Years of the Year" are sold online and offline separately. The Kowloon Record also specially ordered a full set of nostalgic limited edition, which contains all the albums since Shu Yi's debut.

    Prior to this, the publicity of the album "Years of the Year" has been vigorously launched.

    Shu Wei used to be in the popular Musical World in Hong Kong. When she was in the peak period, she rushed into the giants, causing a lot of sensation outside the circle. Therefore, Xiangjiang people are no stranger to her.

    Last year, Shu Wei’s divorce with his ex-husband also became the headline of the lace news, and it saved a little bit of popularity.

    This time, her debut of the debut album, the first album, shows the courage of breaking the boat.

    "Years of the Year" is a romantic and warm Love Song album, whose title song "Summer Wind" is not as weak as the strength of the year, as if it is a refreshing sea breeze blowing into the Xiangjiang pop Musical World has caused great repercussions among the fans.

    This catchy Love Song has been loved by countless young people. In just 5 days, the number of online genuine albums has reached 120,000, and the sales of CDs and limited editions are quite gratifying.

    In the album, another "Courage", which is also composed by Lu Chen, together with "The Wind of Summer", was listed on the top two popular music stations on Hong Kong Island radio station.

    At this point, Shu Yi's comeback can be said to be extremely successful, and it is only a matter of time to return to the peak of the past.

    For the fan fans, they care about the comfort of themselves, but the people in the circle are more focused on Lu Chen.

    Because Shu Wei’s success is inseparable from Lu Chen’s support, the latter has brought her to the cloud.

    At a time, call or go to Lu Chen studio to seek cooperation, or invite people to sing.

    Many Singer artists even came out personally, just to find Lu Chen to build a work for him.

    However, Lu Chen at this time is basically not in the studio.

    He spent all his time on the side of the Starlight, and worked with Wan Xiaoquan day and night. The dubbing soundtrack supervised the Special Effect and editing, and wanted to use one's own in half.

    Time flies fast, and the blink of an eye is the end of January.

    On January 25th, on December 28th of the lunar calendar, the employees of Luchen Xiangjiang Studio finally saw the boss.

    In a few days, it is the Spring Festival.

    It is a very grand event for Xiangjiang people to spend the Spring Festival. Local companies usually start their holidays on the 26th and go to work on the eighth day of the first month. For the Xiangjiang people who are used to fast-paced life and work, the Chinese New Year is their longest vacation. .

    Lu Chen studio Because of the recent work, there is a lot of work, so after the 28th holiday, Chen Wenqiang booked the banquet in the hotel early, and asked all the staff to eat the company's New Year's Eve.

    Today's Lu Chen studio is not the original two or three kittens. With the launch of the "Ghost Story" shooting project, a number of employees have been recruited. Now there are more than 20 people, sitting at two tables. .


    A pair of wine glasses collided together, and the box was full of laughter and laughter.

    Lu Chen studio's employees are mostly young people, young people mean vitality and vitality, and year-end gatherings are naturally lively.

    "Boss, I want you a cup!"

    "Lu Shao, I respect you!"


    Although so far, studio has not paid much for the money, but everyone is full of hope for the future, because their boss is Lu Chen!

    A few new girls, watching Lu Chen's eyes are sparkling.

    For the employees to take a toast, Lu Chen is not to be rejected, the front section time "Ghost Story" when shooting, they are very hardworking and hard work, and should be rewarded at the end of the year.

    The most direct way to reward is the red envelope, everyone has it, thick and big one, even Ma Rong, who is not a member of Lu Chen studio, has not fallen.

    After Ma Rongzhen finished the "Ghost Story", he was temporarily unemployed. Although he served as the male of the film, the old actor was still a salted fish before the release of "Ghost Story".

    After receiving the red envelope from Lu Chen, Ma Rong was really moved, and Nono could not speak.

    Everyone at this dinner is satisfied.

    "Uncle Quan…"

    After the dinner ended, all the employees left, Lu Chen asked Wan Xiaoquan: "You really don't go back?"

    After the cooperation of "Ghost Story", the relationship between the two is now quite deep.

    Wan Xiaoquan is serious and responsible in his work, and his professional ability is very strong. If there is no directing of "Ghost Story", where can he finish the film so smoothly, the later editing is inseparable from him.

    The shelf of Lu Chen studio is basically built by him, the real veteran hero.

    For such a helper, Lu Chen is particularly concerned about it.

    Wan Xiaoquan is ready to stay in Xiangjiang New Year.

    When I heard Lu Chen’s inquiry, a bitter smile appeared on his face. He shook his head and said: “It’s not very interesting to go back. It’s better to stay here, there are more friends here.”

    Lu Chen silently.

    Character determines fate, and Wan Xiaoquan's character is doomed to his rough life experience. After that big change, he will be alone, otherwise he will not run to Xiangjiang.

    For Wan Xiaoquan, he came to Xiangjiang undoubtedly a turning point in life. Here he regained the career and confidence of one's own and met many friends.

    So he didn't want to go back to Beijing, go back to the cold and lonely home, and didn't want to see other people's sympathy and pity.

    Since Wan Xiaoquan insisted, Lu Chen would no longer be reluctant: "Well, you have a good rest for a few days, and Leader Zhang is here for me to celebrate the New Year, he can understand."

    Wan Xiaoquan is grateful: "Thank you."

    Early the next morning, Lu Chen flew back to Beijing on the nearest flight.

    Then I ate the second studio dinner.

    Beijing studio People here are more and more lively, and last year's studio was profitable. Lu Xi sent a big red envelope to all employees, and the gift for Lottery was also valuable.

    On January 27th, Lu Chen and Lu Xi returned to their homes in the coastal area.

    Chen Feier has arrived in advance.

    A round of family is a hot new year!


The second is sent.

    PS: Let's talk about it in advance here. The author of the day after tomorrow, the author will go out to travel, and he will not be able to come back until the 5th. Therefore, the update of these days may be slow. The author has not saved the manuscript. Try to strive for more and more. Happy National Day holiday! (To be continued~^~)

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