Chapter 534 Chapter Happiness

    Entertainment Circle has always been a vanity fair.

    Xiangjiang's entertainment industry is extremely developed, and there are a large number of Celebrity artists. Entertainment Manager Corporation abounds. Singer's new album development is a long-standing tradition and a witness.

    Superstar has superstar's arranging, small artists have small artists' routines, and in a circle, there are always a lot of people joining each other, but the album release will largely represent Singer's strength in the circle.

    As a female Singer who returned to the Entertainment Circle, although the number of comfortable fans was not comparable to her heyday, her connections were still there.

    Therefore, this conference, Shu Wei not only invited a number of Xiangjiang songs, the reporters on the scene interviewed are from the ATV and the newspaper's famous magazine, the momentum is grand and lively.

    At 8 o'clock in the evening, the coming guests came, and the press conference officially began.

    Shu Wei changed a skirt to go on stage, and instantly became the focus of the audience, the light of the flash one after another.

    She first thanked the guests and the media who came to the show, and then reviewed the one's own singing career with Host, thanking the seniors, friends and colleagues who had helped and supported her.

    Speaking of the emotional situation, Shu Yan's eyes faintly flashed with crystal tears.

    For her, this time the return is really not easy.

    When Shu Shu married the giants when his career reached its peak, and resolutely quit the music scene to be a broad wife, why did he ever think that there would be today?

    As the world is unpredictable, a Singer has been away from the music for many years. It is not easy to reproduce the glory. Many previous examples have proved that this turning back is the most difficult to go.

    Failed, and worked hard in vain, but also squandered one's own resources.

    So it’s as good as Shu Shu, and the debut album for one's own is also cautious and not released.

    The Entertainment Circle is no longer the Entertainment Circle when she is in the water. The new generation is like an idol, and the speed of the new artists being eliminated is unprecedented. The competition can be said to be extremely fierce.

    If Shu Wei does not come back, she will continue to be a high-ranking socialite without any problems. As long as her luck is not bad, she will definitely find a new happiness that belongs to one's own.

    And choose to return to the Entertainment Circle, then she must face the ups and downs of the circle, there is no comfortable day.

    Not everyone has the courage to start again.

    But Shu Shu is not a lonely woman after all!

    "I am here to thank a friend especially…"

    At this moment, Shu Shu, who stood on the stage, said with emotion: "He created a very good work for me. I can meet this song and sing this song. It is a kind of happiness!"

    Her eyes fell on Lu Chen's body with a grateful color in her eyes.

    "Below, please allow me to send this song for everyone, I hope everyone can like it."

    Applause and the accompaniment of the live band sounded at the same time.

    There are a hundred or two guests who came to this new album conference this evening. Most of them are insiders, including many representatives of record companies and their peers Singer.

    Shu Wei's new album name is "Years of the Year", and the title song is exactly what she is going to sing now, the title "Summer Wind".

    Previously Shu Wei had one's own new album to be rigorous, except for a few related people, who did not know what her returning works, or what style.

    In fact, there are not many people who care about it. After all, the time she left the music scene is not short, and Jiangshan has talented people.

    However, today, Shu Wei has developed a cloth conference with great fanfare, and used all the people's personal contacts to invite guests and the media to the scene, and to arrange such a large arrangement, which is quite ridiculous.

    It’s no exaggeration to say that the boat is so arrogant. The artist who is too angry is not worth the money. Although Shu Wei is not an ordinary Singer, a failure is enough for her to lift her head in the circle.

    It’s so big now, if the album is not selling well, it’s a joke.

    And Shu Wei is very confident about this, and it is inevitable that people will be interested in her new album, especially the album's title song is the focus of attention.

    Because the quality of the title song has largely determined the future of the album, it is very common for a good song to make an album.


    The hall quickly quieted down and the comfort on the stage began to sing.

    Her Voice is still so sweet, with a hint of laziness in maturity, easily evokes the fantasy of people's hearts.

"The wind in July is lazy,

Even the clouds are getting hotter,

Soon after, the day is boring,

After a while, the clouds rained.


    The temperature rises to the point where it can no longer be tolerated.

Simply closed his eyes,

Let the imagination change arbitrarily,

Scene, two people are walking together,

My face is also lightly pressed against your chest.

Hear the heartbeat, Wo…

    I care about the same temperature as the weather…"

    The beautiful and melodic melody, the simple and rich lyrics, is interpreted by Shu Wei differently from the unique style of ordinary Love Song. There is no sickness and grief and tears, and some are gentle and warm.


I will always remember the summer wind.

Clearly say that you love me.

    I saw your cool smile,

There are times when you are embarrassed.

    The summer wind is blowing warm,

Pass through the hair through the ears.

    You and my summer,

The wind whispered.


    Listening to this "Summer Wind", people seem to come to the island in the midsummer without knowing it, and the beloved people hold hands on the white sand beach, bathing in the sea breeze and listening to the dialogue of love from the heart.

    A simple and not simple warm heart Love Song!

    Some of the guests on the scene are experts. Their evaluation of a work is quite different from that of ordinary fans, but there is no doubt that the judgment of the market tends to be higher than that of ordinary people.

    The title song of Shu Xin's new album is different from the popular Love Song, which is nowadays in the music world. It is not vulgar, not kitsch, and is not artificial. It can be said to be a unique stream.

    Such songs are either appreciated by the niche, or they are red and purple, there is no other possibility!

    In the eyes of many people, the latter is likely to be bigger.

    Because today's popular popular Musical World, there is a lack of genuine original works.

    The simplest thing about "Summer Wind" is nice. Whether it is A section or chorus, it has a refreshing feeling. It is a work that really touches people.

    What is thought-provoking is that Shu Shu sings Mandarin instead of Cantonese, which is more conducive to distribution in the Mainland.

    Many people’s eyes are on Lu Chen.

    Because they are very clear, who is the friend whom Shu Wei just thanked!


Note: "Summer Wind" lyrics: Jay Chou / Composer: Liang Hongbin (to be continued ~ ^ ~)

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