Chapter 597 Important components

    Wang / Xiaoling returned to the company before leaving work.

    When she saw Lu Chen, she was naturally a very pleasant surprise. She also complained that Lu Chen did not bring her girlfriend.

    She is the fan of Chen Feier.

    Gao He asked about the cooperation of the 7795 platform. Wang/Xiao Ling said that the contract has been signed. After the happy network is officially launched tomorrow, the publicity advertisement can be placed on the 7795 website.

    7795 claims to have 50 million+ registered members, and the daily IP traffic exceeds 10 million. Although the data is definitely hydrated, the publicity on its platform is quite good.

    Of course, the advertising fee is not cheap.

    "This time I came over and brought money over…"

    In the evening, Gao He’s couple asked Lu Chen to have dinner together. After drinking a few cups in the box, Lu Chen said: “Tomorrow should be able to get the bill. Don’t just think about saving money. The flowers will have to be spent. I have to ask!"

    Gao He and Wang / Xiaoling looked at each other. Gao He scratched his head and said with apologetic words: "The third child, you have already added an investment, this time again…"

    Wang/Xiao Ling quickly added: "Now our company's money is enough."

    Happy and mutual entertainment has been established for seven or eight months, and monthly office rents, wages and salaries, etc. are at least 6.7 million, plus the investment of various equipment, the original investment of 5 million has long been burned. Light, all relying on Lu Chen later added a stroke to maintain the situation.

    Gaohe and Wang/Xiao Ling are newly graduated college students. They have no experience in running a company. They have paid a lot of “tuition fees” all the way to the present, and then they have been burning money without any income. The two naturally do not It will be calm.

    When Lu Chen made an additional investment, he did not dilute the two-and-a-half share, and remained at 10%. Now he has to pay for it, and the pressure on the two is very great.

    Lu Chen smiled and shook his head and said: "Enough? That is impossible! ”

    After a pause, he continued: "Happy Farm this game, we have to invest at least 10 million publicity fees, we have to continue to add in the future, and then the development of new projects."

    10 million publicity fees!

    Gaohe and Wang/Xiao Ling are all jaw-dropping, because [Happy Farm] is just a small game. It belongs to the casual virtual business category in the online game. The production cost is very low. If it is not one's own development, it is a mature and experienced company. To make, the cost is estimated to be half.

    Lu Chen actually wants to invest tens of millions of publicity fees on [Happy Farm]. This is beyond the imagination of the two. They can't help but ask: "Is it so expensive to earn back?"

    The two know that Lu Chen has money, and it is very rich. A song can sell for a million. But such a method of burning money makes them feel heartache too.

    Wang/Xiao Ling originally gave the [Happy Farm] an advertising budget of at most a million.

    Lu Chen patiently explained: "I have confidence in Happy Farm, I believe it can bring us ten or even dozens of returns, but we can not be satisfied with one or two small games, there should be a bigger goal."

    From the memory of the dream world, Lu Chen has a steady stream of inspiration and creativity. After [Happy Farm], happy and entertaining can continue to do [Fruit Ninja], [Plants Vs. Zombies, [Anger Birds] and so on, have a very successful mobile game in the dream world.

    However, the development of these casual mobile games is only to lay the foundation for happy mutual entertainment, Lu Chen's goal is even more ambitious.

    "Do you know "Jiang Hu"?"

    Gao He nodded and nodded and said: "I know, I also bought a hardcover version at home, very wonderful martial arts novels, written very well!"

    "Jiang Hu" is currently a hot book in the Domestic book market, and it has also set off a new wave of martial arts. The readers have received rave reviews and a large number of fans.

    Lu Chen said: "I have bought all the copyrights of "Jiang Hu", and I am expected to start filming the "Jiang Hu" movie trilogy in the second half of the year."


    Gao He suddenly widened his eyes and revealed a pleasant look: "That's great, you must play Linghu?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "This time to say, I am not jealous of you. The three "Jiang Hu" investment of at least 200 million will be the most important project I have operated this year."

    Gao He said sincerely: "It will definitely succeed!"

    The Wang/Xiao Ling sitting next to him asked thoughtfully: "Lu Chen, are you also preparing to adapt "Jiang Hu" into a mobile game?"

    Compared with Gao He, who likes to study technique, Wang/Xiao Ling's mind can be much more flexible. After more than half a year of tempering, she has demonstrated a certain talent in business, so she is keenly aware of Lu Chen's intention.


    Lu Chen clap and say: "Not only mobile games, but also a real online game!"

    If it was said that the establishment of happy mutual entertainment, Lu Chen mainly wanted to help these two eyes, but now his development ideas for happy and mutual entertainment have been broadened too much.

    Happy and entertaining can be integrated into his big IP plan, sharing the game and anime two blocks of IP adaptation, especially the game is a very important part of the plan.

    A movie takes a billion box office in Domestic, and it is divided into three or four billion yuan. After deducting costs and taxes, it will be completed by about one or two hundred million yuan. But a well-made and powerful online game is easy to run for more than 100 million yuan a month. Song, as long as it is not fooling around, it is simply a hen that lays golden eggs.

    Of course, this industry is also extremely fierce in competition. Lu Chen’s plan is to start from a small game like Happy Farm, let the happy and mutual entertainment grow and develop, and move toward the highest goal.

    “Happy and interactive, the current location is too small, and we will definitely move to a new place in the future. We need to recruit more and more professional talents, animation design, game planning, development engineers, programmers, art designers…”

    Lu Chen talked: "So I said that the money in the company account is not enough at all, and [Happy Farm] is going to be profitable, it takes a process, we can't waste time here."

    Gaohe and Wang/Xiao Ling have nothing to say. According to Lu Chen’s goal, it’s not too much to get into tens of millions.

    [Happy Farm] and "Swordsman Jiang Hu" online game including mobile games, it is completely different from the other, the latter need to invest in human and material resources that is really too much.

    I think that if they have a 10% stake in the future, they will feel like they are dreaming.

    Lu Chen raised his glass and smiled: "You don't have to think about it now, come, we will fight for success!"

    Tomorrow is the day when [Happy Farm] is officially launched.


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