Chapter 593 The opportunity to cooperate again

    In the face of the endless problems of journalists, Lu Chen answered with ease.

    Even if the other party's problem may be very tricky or even malicious, he can always cope with it, there is no lack of humor and humor, so that all the reporters who are present in the old fritters are secretly admire.

    If Lu Chen is a big-name coffee in the circle for many years, it is normal to have such excellent performance, but he only debuted for only two years, which is amazing.

    Can only be said to be talented, in other words, Lu Chen is born to eat this bowl of rice!

    This kind of evaluation is by no means too much. Looking back on the two years of Singing's acting career in Lu Chen, I can only use miracles to describe it. He rises in Speed ​​in the circle. Although it is not a former one, the popular Music and TV dramas are comprehensive. Flowering, and fruitful, it is really unique.

    In 2015 and 2016, the Domestic Entertainment Circle, Lu Chen really became very different, and in 2017, he opened a new year of one's own with a box office sale of "Ghost Story"!

    I believe that at this moment, the entire Entertainment Circle can feel his temperature.

    For a promising young man, journalists who are used to the big winds are also cautious, and they have got red envelopes, so the next question is very normal.

    Interview, celebration, performance, Lottery…

    A lively celebration will be successfully concluded. The reporters and the fans who came to cheer are leaving with satisfaction, and the original team of "Ghost Story" once again reunited together to talk about the future.

    Lu Xi set a position in the Advanced Restaurant near the Meikadi Cultural and Art Center. Lu Chen, Chen Feier, Nie Mingzhu, Wan Xiaoquan, Chen Wenqiang, Ma Rongzhen, etc. gathered together and the atmosphere was harmonious and joyful.

    After three rounds of wine, Lu Chen specially respected Ma Rong’s cup and asked: “Ma Shu, how is it?”

    Ma Rongzhen drank the red wine in the cup and said with a smile: "Taluo is less blessed, everything goes well."

    He wore a brand-name suit today, and the whole person looked radiant and young at least ten years old!

    The celestial Celebrity of that year was back again!

    Now Ma Rongzhen is all right. The success of "Ghost Story" makes his salted fish turn over, and the price of the film is almost at the peak of the year. The film and the advertisement are constantly getting rid of the original embarrassing situation.

    Chen Wenqiang said: "Marco can now be seen, and the girls who pursue him can be discharged from Hong Kong and Kowloon to Central!"

    Ma Rong really smiled and said: "Strong brother, you are a lot of people."

    He also made a gesture of begging for mercy, making everyone laugh.

    Even Nie Mingzhu, who was whispering with Chen Feier, was lifted up, and Ming Ming whispered and chuckled.

    Aside from Lu Chen and Chen Feier, the "Ghost Story" has two people in Xiangjiang. One is Ma Rongzhen and the other is Nie Mingzhu, who plays Nie Xiao Qian.

    Just like Ma Rongzhen, who is proud of the scenery, Nie Mingzhu did not choose the route that the new star artist must follow after becoming famous. It is extremely low-key.

    She does not accept any announcements and advertisements, does not participate in the Program performance, and even rarely shows up in public. How many media want to interview her have eaten a closed door, which is very mysterious.

    However, this mystery is not detrimental to Nie Mingzhu's popularity in Xiangjiang. Her fans are more and more, and even many people have sealed her as the first beauty of Xiangjiang, so it has caused quite a lot of trouble in the circle.

    No matter how the outside world is boiling, Nie Mingzhu is still doing his own thing, not like the People in Entertainment Circle.

    But this time, "Ghost Story" 500 million box office celebration, she was very happy to promise to come over and also accepted interviews from many media, really give face.

    Lu Chen knows through Chen Wenqiang that Nie Mingzhu’s family is very unusual, and filming is only her interest.

    Ma Rongzhen asked: "Lu Shao, you really don't plan to shoot the second part of "Ghost Story"?"

    He knows that Lu Chen transferred the copyright of the follow-up film of "Ghost Story" to the partner Jiayang Film. One's own also got a high-priced contract from Jiayang Film, but in this old drama, he still hopes to sequel. Can be led by Lu Chen.

    The feeling of working with Lu Chen is really great!

    Ma Rong really knows that if there is no Lu Chen, the second part of "The Ghost Story" has a good box office, but it is basically delusional to win the success like the first one.

    Many people in the Xiangjiang film circle said that Yan Chixia is the essence of "Ghost Story", but Ma Rongzhen one's own is very clear, Lu Chen is the soul of this movie.

    When I heard Ma Rong’s problem, everyone turned to look at Lu Chen, including Nie Mingzhu.

    Lu Chen did not hesitate, but smiled and shook his head firmly and said: "Do not shoot."

    Although I know that the answer is so, everyone can't help but be disappointed. Most of you here want to be able to cooperate again, because the sense of accomplishment brought by a classic is really unparalleled!

    Chen Wenqiang sighed: "It's a pity…"

    At the same time, he also really admired Lu Chen.

    To know that even if there are many well-known big directors, after the success of the first film, they will take the second and even the third part, and maximize the value of the success, even the audience will be rejected.

    In Xiangjiang’s film history, there are many sequels that have produced seven or eight films.

    Lu Chen can withstand such temptations, and his perseverance can be imagined. Once he makes a decision, he will not easily change, and often such a person can achieve the greatest success.

    But even Chen Wenqiang did not think that Lu Chen refused at the same time, but also had the following – he took out the already prepared gift packages and delivered them to Wan Xiaoquan, Ma Rongzhen, Nie Mingzhu and Chen Wenqiang.

    Everyone took it curiously.

    Nie Mingzhu asked: "What?"

    The square package is heavy and heavy, and the package is quite beautiful.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You will know when you open it."

    Nie Mingzhu was also welcome, and directly pulled out the wrapping paper outside, suddenly stunned: "Hey? It is a book! ”

    This gift package is a set of hardcover novels, placed on the cover of the first volume of the ancient book, "Smile Jiang Hu" four vigorous and powerful handwritten Calligraphy words stand out.

    “Smiling Jiang Hu!”

    None of the people present were fools. They held a total of five books in their hands, all of them suddenly woke up.

    Is this the second movie that Lu Chen will shoot?

    Does that mean that everyone has the opportunity to cooperate again, and then take another one…

    Wuxia movie!


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