Chapter 592 chapter celebration

    The film industry is a highly profitable industry. As far as the current movie market of Domestic is concerned, so many movie companies are among them. The three cinemas and small and medium-sized cinemas are desperately building theaters all over the country. Of course, they want to be attractive in this movie. Take a sip on the big cake.

    In the past ten years, there have been many films with investment of only 20 to 30 million, and finally won hundreds of billions or even billions of amazing box office. The profit is high enough to make the traditional industry shameless.

    But a careful analysis of these small, high-cost box office films can reveal the mystery of it – not a youth idol or a comedy, with no exceptions.

    Other high-end box office films are from high investment, and investment of one or two hundred million yuan abounds. Domestic blockbusters are desperately trying to move closer to Hollywood on the Special Effect, which also leads to increasing production costs.

    "Ghost Story" as a domestic film, its current box office has not surpassed everyone, the first week of the box office over 500 million domestic film, there are seven or eight examples.

    However, "Ghost Story" is a fantasy movie with a small cost investment. The $420 million first week box office makes it a very special example, and it seems to open a door and window for the industry colleagues.

    It turns out that this type of movie can be shot like this!

    "The Ghost Story" involves a computer with a few Special Effects, which are quite well-made. Many scenes rely on Item and traditional shooting techniques, but after editing and editing, the effect is very good, especially the battle scene is unique. The colorful and colorful whistle of the Special Effect doesn't know where to go.

    And the reason for its success is not only that, the distinctive characters, the beautiful and touching love stories, including the value of the main characters, and the impeccable ancient music, together constitute a classic!

    That's right, it's a classic!

    After seeing "Ghost Story", many people in the industry think that this film is enough to lead the new trend of domestic fantasy / god ghost film, and is fully qualified to achieve the classic position.

    On the Internet, the reputation of "Ghost Story" is still high, and the comprehensive score has been maintained at A level. Many film critics have strongly recommended on their blogs, and entertainment media have reported their concerns.

    Adding such factors has created the box office height of "Ghost Story" and overwhelmed the new and biggest competition "The Legend of the Holy Land."

    Compared to "Ghost Story", the word "The Legend of the Holy Land" that has just been released is much worse. This Hollywood blockbuster is not good at the box office in North America. It was originally thought of reclaiming money at the Domestic, but the audience did not buy it.

    On April 10th, the box office of "Ghost Story" fell to 81 million, a solid step toward the 1 billion mark, and the "Sacred Land Legend" plummeted to 47 million, although the two-day box office exceeded 100 million. The fact that such a high drop is evident in the foreboding prospects.

    Interestingly, another domestic film "Our Youth Is Not Lonely", which was released at the same time as "Ghost Story", actually rose against the market by one or two million, setting off the powerlessness of "The Legend of the Holy Land."

    Nowadays, the movie audience of Domestic has already experienced the baptism of large/wave Hollywood movies. The simple Special Effect and visual stimuli are obviously unable to meet the needs of everyone. Therefore, the "Sacred Land Legend" which focuses on the Special Effect is naturally easy to be abandoned.

    In a way, the days when a Hollywood blockbuster can swept the Domestic market are no longer there!

    However, many people in the industry believe that if there is no "Ghost Story", or "Ghost Story" is replaced by "Painted Skin" which has been downshifted in advance, the box office of "Sacred Land Legend" will not be so high and ups and downs.

    On the evening of April 12th, Chenfei Media held a celebration meeting of 500 million yuan at the box office of "Ghost Story" at the Beijing Meikadi Cultural and Art Center.

    The current movie threshold is getting higher and higher. It used to be over 100 million at the box office. It is worth celebrating. Now less than 500 million celebration will be laughed at, but in the case of "Ghost Story", there are two or three hundred million box office. Qualified!

    The movie has actually been sold to the box office, so the media will be on the same day, and the media invited by Chenfei Media will be present at the same time. There are also many unsolicited reporters gathered outside the art center. Try your luck.

    The 500 million celebration of "Ghost Story" will be quite grand, and it will be started a few days ago, and the original team of Xiangjiang will be invited, including the actress Nie Mingzhu and Yan Chixia. The actor is Ma Rongzhen.

    The two also received a lot of attention from the media. In particular, Nie Mingzhu, who has become popular in the Mainland with her "Ghost Story", has become the focus of the scene. There are countless flashes that illuminate her.

    In accordance with the practice, in addition to media reporters and insiders, there are many other Luck fans, all of whom are qualified through the blog Lottery.

    These fans and guests received a beautiful gift, all of them are satisfied, they also made the atmosphere of the scene very lively, especially when Lu Chen, Chen Feier, Nie Mingzhu and Ma Rongzhen joined hands When a bottle of big champagne, the audience cheered!

    Later, Lu Chen was interviewed by a number of media, and there were nearly 20 microphones with Logo in front of him. The reporters around him were more.

    A reporter can't wait to ask: "Lu Chen, would you please film the second part of "Ghost Story"?"

    Lu Chen shook his head without thinking, "No, but I have already sold the copyright of "Ghost Story" to the partners, so the second and even the third part may be shot, but I will not participate again. ”

    He wants to make a movie. There are too many scripts to choose from. There is absolutely no need to rely on the sequel to blame the old man.

    This made the reporters somewhat surprised. It is a matter of course to know that a box-office movie is a sequel. Lu Chen is willing to give up this lucrative profit.

    But then again, if he does not star in the actor, the sequel will lose a lot!

    "So what do you want to shoot in the second movie of one's own?"

    Lu Chen smiled slightly: "This is temporarily confidential. At present, I am preparing to shoot the third drama series "You from the Stars", which is expected to be turned on at the end of this month."

    This is also a small news, there must be a lot of Lu Chen TV fans interested.

    But when the reporters were satisfied, some people asked: "Why, why does this movie choose a new person to be the heroine, and Chen Feier plays the villain BOSS?"

    The reporter who asked the reporter braved the light in his eyes. Obviously he hoped to dig out a large amount of material from Lu Chen’s mouth.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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