Chapter 596 Happy and entertaining

    "happy farm?"

    Chen Feier’s eyes lit up: “Is the game you used to do with your classmates?”

    She knows that Lu Chen has invested in a website to do mobile games. She also knows Lu Chen’s relationship with Gao He. However, Chen Feier does not understand this aspect at all, thinking that Lu Chen is simply to help his classmates.

    I didn't expect the game to be really done now, and it was very fun.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Want to play? I will also install one for you. You can grow vegetables when you are bored. ”

    He is very confident in [Happy Farm], this interactive game has a strong appeal, unless it is completely uninterested in the opponent tour, otherwise it will inevitably fall into the hands.

    Chen Feier certainly agreed, so Lu Chen also installed the client on her cell phone.

    [Happy Farm] is easy to operate, including the complicated functions inside. Don't say an adult, even a few years old can play it.

    Therefore, after Lu Chen’s instructions, Chen Feier quickly sown white radish seeds on one's own farm land.

    “Remember to water, worm and weed regularly, collect and sell at time, buy new seeds, and earn more money to buy new land, tools and Advanced seeds.”

    "Remember, if you are mature, you must collect it in time, but I will steal it!"

    Lu Chenxi smiled very treacherously.

    Because it is a beta version, although the functions are all available, but since there is no official online operation, Chen Feier’s farm friends are alone in the morning.

    Chen Feier was so smart, and immediately found out the loophole inside: "Then I deleted you from friends, then you have no way to steal?"

    She said so reasonably, Lu Chen turned out to be speechless.

    Chen Feier smiled and swayed, triumphantly making a gesture of victory for him.

    "This is a slap in the face…"

    Lu Chen shook his head helplessly and said: "I want to go to Hangzhou, do you go with me?" is about to go online. [Happy Farm] is officially in operation. Of course, he will go to Hangzhou oversee.

    Lu Chen is also needed over there.

    Chen Feier put down the cell phone and hugged his waist and said: "I won't go, "Ghost Story" rushed to 1 billion box office, and we both have to stay one in Beijing."

    In fact, it’s okay for Lu Chen to go to Hangzhou in the next few days, and he will wait for more than half a year, not bad for ten days and eight days.

    However, "Ghost Story" has reached the current level, and the accumulated energy is already very large. It can accumulate a higher box office like a snowball, and he has little or no influence in Beijing.

    It is enough to have Chen Feier.

    After thinking about it, Lu Chen said: "Well, there is also an urgent urge there. I will come back in a few days."


    Chen Feier nodded and kissed him on his face.

    I don't know when it started. There is such a tacit understanding between the two people. One eye can understand the other's mood and mind.

    On April 13th, when the "Ghost Story" Domestic box office continued to rush to the new peak, Lu Chen quietly left Beijing with his assistant and flew to Hangzhou in the afternoon.

    Gao He personally drove to pick up the plane.

    "The third child, you come so fast, Xiaoling also said that you may not be able to come!"

    When I saw Lu Chen, he was extraordinarily happy. He said: "I and I just saw your "Ghost Story" two days ago. It was so great, I bought it in the theater. Set of surrounding souvenirs!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You don't say it early. I said that I will send you a limited edition of gold directly!"

    Gaohe Hahaha: "Give your movie up sales performance…"

    Due to Lu Chen’s relationship, he now often looks at entertainment news. He knows that the recent “Ghost Story” has been successful in Domestic, and the sales of box office and peripheral products have become a hot topic in the media, knowing what both mean for Lu Chen. .

    The two had not seen each other for a while, and naturally they were very happy to talk, laughing and laughing all the way to the company.

    The full name of the company established by Lu Chen and Gao He is called Happy Digital Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd., which is referred to as happy and interactive entertainment, mainly engaged in online games and cell phone game related projects and businesses.

    The location of Happy Inter-Entertainment is located in Binjiang IT New Industrial Park in Hangzhou. It is known as the entrepreneurial incubator of Zhejiang New Youth. Internet-related new companies are stationed in it and can enjoy the government's multiple support policies.

    Nowadays, the happy mutual entertainment is still a small company. The office is only less than two hundred square meters and has about 30 employees. But the sparrow is small and complete, and there are technical, marketing, customer service, finance, and logistics departments.

    When Lu Chen came, I didn’t have time to get off work. Most of the employees were there. Gao He called everyone up and said aloud: “We welcome our Chairman Mr. Lu Chen!”

    The employees immediately applauded, all of them showed an excited look, especially the female business person in the market and customer service department, but also the eyes.

    Everyone knows that the biggest shareholder of Happy Entertainment is the superstar Lu Chen in Entertainment Circle. Many people just chose this opportunity to join the fun and entertainment.

    But this is the first time that everyone has seen a real person with their own eyes, and naturally they are more excited.

    Very encouraging morale!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you, this time everyone has worked hard, our happy network and happy farm are about to go online, thank you for your efforts."

    "I hope to be able to work with you to make a domestic first-class game website, and let the fun and entertainment become the top game company in the industry. Without your hard work and wisdom, it will never succeed."

    "You are the most valuable asset the company has!"

    His voice just fell, and there was another round of applause in the office.

    Gao He added: "Our chairman just said when he came here, this month's bonus doubled!"


    The morale of this sub-employee is directly MAX!

    After meeting with the staff and talking, Lu Chen chatted with him in Gaohe’s CEO office: “What about Xiaoling? Where did you go? ”

    Gao He said: "She went to the 7795 headquarters to talk about platform cooperation, and should come back soon."

    Lu Chen nodded.

    7795 is a well-known website game and small game publishing platform of Domestic. The daily visit volume is very high. The company headquarters of this website is in Hangzhou, which naturally becomes the preferred website for [Happy Farm] promotion.

    But for how to promote Kaixin and [Happy Farm], Lu Chen has one's own idea.

    The publicity resources he now has are far from being comparable.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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