Chapter 599 solemnly apologizes

    Before the "Ghost Story", the surrounding products basically belonged to the minefield of domestic movies, including Hong Kong and Taiwan films.

    Around the film is almost the exclusive interest of the United States Hollywood film, its novels, Manhua, game adaptation of the film, the sales of peripheral products can even exceed the box office, the profit is really very jealous.

    Domestic filmmakers and film investors have not tried it, but also want to eat some cakes inside, and the results are often hit by blood, and finally all are frustrated.

    The reasons for this are quite complicated. The maturity of the market, the acceptance of the audience and even the surrounding products themselves are related. The popular IP of domestic films also lacks the creativity and willingness to make peripheral products, often relying on things like posters. Make up the number.

    In the past, the best-selling domestically produced films, known as tens of millions of sales, but the data is suspected of moisture.

    On the first day of the "Ghost Story", there were 25.98 million peripheral sales. Although there are two Celebrity fans' bonus effects of Lu Chen and Chen Feier, it is still very unbelievable to the industry.

    The letter will be suspicious, and there is a loss in the circle.

    However, the reaction of Lu Chen fans was very different. When the "Ghost Story" officially broke out the first day of the box office and the surrounding sales results, countless fans ran to Wang Xiaoxu's blog to ridicule.

    You are not saying that "Ghost Story" is not available at the box office? Nearly 40 million on the first day!

    You are not saying that "Ghost Story" is faked around? The first day is 25 million+!

    Wang Xiaoxu, who has always refused to admit defeat, has chosen silence once and has no counterattack.

    Because he is not sure now, one's own previous judgments and predictions are accurate, the first day of the "Ghost Story" box office results can not be hammered, the film's pre-publicity and hype are doing well, and there are two popular Superstar's popularity effect, the box office is a matter of course.

    Some films had a high box office on the first day, but in a few days, the original form was revealed. As the number of people watching increased, the word-of-mouth dropped rapidly, and the result ended badly.

    Will "Ghost Story" be one of them? Wang Xiaoxu did not have full control, although his previous predictions were based on the understanding of the market, but the sales around "Ghost Story" was too dazzling.

    Really incredible!

    As a well-known film critic in the industry, Wang Xiaoxu has one's own news channels and sources, and how much insider.

    The first day of the "Ghost Story" box office and surrounding sales is likely to be completely true!

    This made Wang Xiaoxu feel that one's own common sense was subverted. He closed his door at home for a whole day, stationed in front of the computer to browse the webpage information, and smoked two packs of cigarettes.

    In the end, Wang Xiaoxu decided to go to one's own to run the theater to watch "Ghost Story" and learn about the situation.

    If there is no investigation, there is no right to speak. He is going to seriously write a film review of "Ghost Story"!

    The movie ticket that Wang Xiaoxu booked online was on the evening of April 4.

    He was also free the night before, but it may be because the time is too late. There are actually no tickets in the nearby theaters. The tickets for the night are sold out!

    At 8 o'clock on the evening of April 4, Wang Xiaoxu watched the film he had questioned in Hall 3 of the Earth Theater on the third floor of Beijing.

    It was just 9:30 after reading it. Wang Xiaoxu was crowded in the crowd, and it looked a bit ugly.

    Then he came to the movie perimeter and souvenir sales store on the right side of the hall.

    In the cinema of inch-inch gold, the area of ​​the surrounding stores is of course not large. The big location is reserved for ticket offices and beverage food points – the sales of popcorn can account for 20-30% of a theater's revenue!

    When Wang Xiaoxu came, the store was already a dozen or twenty guests, all of whom were young people, and most of them were couples.

    It is full of large-scale movie posters, and several display counters are filled with various movie peripheral products, such as dolls, set decorations, Item clothing, daily necessities, etc., which are full of shining lights.

    Wang Xiaoxu noticed that the goods on the display cabinet of the surrounding theaters of the Earth Theater are almost two points in the world, and half of them are around the "Flames of War", such as the spaceship model, the Q version of the male and female protagonists, the alien monsters, etc. Feeling full, the price is quite expensive.

    It is said that most of the peripheral products of Hollywood movies are processed and manufactured in United States Domestic, so these things are basically imported, and the price is very normal.

    The other half are all around the "Ghost Story", with different versions of the movie characters, the poster and the original soundtrack, including the commemorative set of accessories, Wang Xiaoxu even saw a cold sword – Yan Chi Man's sword model.

    This is a real guy who is hanging on the wall, but the metal is not sharp-edged, but it is very well-made. The details are completely gently with the movie. The surface of the sword body reveals eight dark red essays. !

    Wang Xiaoxu is very familiar with the memory of these eight words. The Yan Chixia in the movie is also crazy and mad. When you cast spells, you can feel the burning and passion.

    In Wang Xiaoxu's view, Yan Chixia is the most vivid character in this movie, and the domestic film has not had such an impressive character for a long time!

    He picked up a Yan Chixia doll on the glass cabinet, but the size of the palm, but the production is lifelike, the shape, the god, the intention in place, no worse than the "Flames of War" Even more in terms of features.

    Wang Xiaoxu knows very well that such things can never be produced in a day or two. Design, mold-making and production all require time. The film is undoubtedly laid out at an early stage.

    And its price is only half of the competition opponent!

    It’s so bold!

    Wang Xiaoxu secretly sighed, he put the Yan Chixia doll back, but hesitated or picked it up again and walked toward the checkout counter.

    58 yuan is really not expensive, and he really likes it.

    There are already two couples waiting in line at the checkout counter. They can buy more than Wang Xiaoxu.

    Wang Xiaoxu waited patiently, and after paying the money, he stopped.

    Back home, he put the newly bought doll on the desk and smoked three cigarettes.

    Wang Xiaoxu’s smoking habits are actually not big, but he has been very fierce yesterday.

    After the smoke was exhausted, the smoke still lingered in the study room. Wang Xiaoxu seemed to make an important decision in his heart. He straightened up and his hands began to tap the keyboard quickly.

    On the computer screen, a line of black headline text is being generated quickly: solemnly apologize to "Ghost Story"…


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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