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    Before the birth of the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs], the awards set by the three popular Music Awards of Domestic included the Media Recommendation Award.

    The Media Referral Award is a very special award. It is the only one that is not judged by judges or viewers, but is a common recommendation from major traditions and online media.

    There are a total of 235 recommended media in the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] list, which basically covers the national and three major SARs as well as a number of important Chinese media in overseas Chinese. Therefore, the weight of this media recommendation award is quite heavy, which greatly exceeds the original three major music. The same kind of prize.

    In addition to Lu Chen and Chen Feier, the winners of the media recommendation awards include three real café-level characters. The competition is as strong as the most important Singer and best albums.

    Along with the inspiring music, there are close-up photos of the five nominees on the big screen.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier also listed the middle now, causing a laughter from the audience.

    It’s very interesting. The two men and women who are in the limelight of the romantic Singer are a couple. Now they are competing on the same stage. I don’t know who will win, or both of them will fail.

    Announced the winner and the guest of Awards, Huang Yuan, CEO of Inspur Blog. As the biggest new media founder of Domestic, he is undoubtedly one of the best representatives of many entertainment related media.

    Huang Yuan was only in his thirties this year. He was very energetic in his suit. He opened the envelope with a smile and directly announced the answer: "The winner of the Global Chinese Original Golden Songs Media Recommendation Award is…"

    "Miss Chen Feier!"

    Chen Feier, Chen Feier won the media recommendation award and took the first trophy belonging to one's own individual.

    This result is not beyond anyone's expectations, because in the coming year, Chen Feier has always been the darling of the domestic media.

    Her album "Flower Woman", her successful transformation, her two drama series…I don't know how much material is provided for the media. Personal photos also appear on the cover of more than ten fashion entertainment media. There are countless other headlines.

    On the big screen, Chen Feier’s votes were also displayed, 109!

    This vote is very high, to know that the total number of votes is only 235, she took up nearly half.

    In the applause, Chen Feier went to the stage to receive the award, and then published a short award speech.

    After returning, she laughed at Hee Hee and shook the one's own trophy at Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded.

    But this is obviously not the moment when Chen Feier really has a good view, because it will soon be the first super heavyweight award tonight – the best female Singer!

    The industry recognizes that the best male Singer, Best Female Singer and Best Album are among the top three awards in any of the popular Music Awards, representing Singer's highest glory.

    The weight is the heaviest, and the competition is of course the most intense. In the past, there have been many popular Music awards in which many Singers have won the best men and women Singer's strange things, which is actually the result of this competition.

    The selection rules of the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List] limit the best one to ensure the gold content of the awards, and the competition is even stronger.

    Which Singer doesn't want, don't want to win this trophy that represents the highest honor of Chinese popular music?

    Chen Feier’s opponent is not a general generation. However, this highly anticipated grand prize has basically lost its suspense at the beginning, and the result seems to have been doomed.

    In 2016, the popular Chinese Musical World belongs to Chen Feier!

    This is a headline article title of a very influential media two months ago. Although it is slightly exaggerated, it also has factual basis, not too much touting.

    2016 is Chen Feier's transition year. It is very important for the sweet song of the debut of more than ten years. Before the launch of the new album, she is facing the bottleneck and breakout in her career. Although the popularity is still very high, fans are still very high. Fans are constantly losing.

    As early as last year, Chen Feier’s position in Musical World was a bit embarrassing. She couldn’t get rid of the embarrassment of the past style. It was difficult to transform, but she could only develop in variety.

    At that time, she served as the judges of "Singing China", which was based on the needs of various developments.

    Then Chen Feier met Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen created a new album for her called Flower Woman.

    "Flower Woman" was officially launched on April 16 this year. So far, the total sales of online digital figures along with physical CDs and peripheral packages have reached 7 million+, creating the highest record of Domestic record sales in a decade, some of which even Exported to many countries in Southeast Asia.

    Who is the best female Singer?

    The magical spell of death will appear from time to time, but if the judges of the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] will choose others in this award, the result is not just as simple as public opinion.

    In fact, the judges of the Golden Melody will not want to make a big news of sensationalism. Chen Feier is the best female Singer.

    Chen Feier, who won this award, was also very excited. In the acceptance speech, she first thanked the organizing committee, judges and team members, and said: "I would like to thank a gentleman here, thank you for his continued For my tolerance, support and…pet. ”

    Everyone immediately understood who Chen Feier was talking about, and the on-site videographer gave Lu Chen a scene in time.

    Lu Chen smiled and stared at the girlfriend standing on the stage. The eyes were full of gentle colors.

    Being able to own you and paying the whole world is also worth it!

    "This award is half of yours!"

    Chen Feier’s last words made a thunderous applause in the main hall of the National Grand Theatre. The applause also pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

    Chen Feier thanked everyone, and her eyes sparkled with crystal tears, not the sadness of memories, but the sweet joy.

    When she returned to her seat, Lu Chen gently held her hand.

    Chen Feier whispered: "Look at you."

    After the best female Singer, the winner of the best male Singer was announced!

    A photo of the five nominees appeared on the background big screen.

    They are Lu Chen, Yu Ming, Wang Quanfeng, Xue An and Ouyang Yu.

    Among them, Xue An is the famous Singer from Baodao, Ouyang Yi is Xiangjiang Singer, Yu Ming is the big-name character of Domestic Popular Musical World. Only Wang Quanfeng's reputation is slightly weaker, but there are also three solo albums in hand.

    On the qualifications, they are all above Lu Chen, and their fame is not much smaller than Lu Chen. The big coffee like Yu Ming is above the Lu Chen, which is undoubtedly the strongest competition of Lu Chen.

    So unlike the best female Singer, the best male Singer is really a suspense!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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