Chapter 323 is so dazzling

    Stepping on some erratic footsteps, Lu Chen once again boarded the Awards stage of the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs].

    He took the second Jin Bailing belonging to one's own from Lu Ning with respect and respect. He was also the most weighted trophy and expressed his gratitude to the Senior Musician.

    Then Lu Chen turned around and straightened his waist, lifting the trophy in his hand for everyone!

    The atmosphere in the main hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts reached its climax.

    Because the 5,000 guests and spectators present at the scene are witnessing a piece of history and a good story of the Chinese popular Musical World, witnessing the journey of a young Singer on the peak.

    They are honored.

    This is a scene that must be included in the history of Chinese popular Music. As for the story, a couple of lovers who have won the best men and women Singer at the same time, isn’t it the most talked about?

    There is no need to doubt that the entertainment sections of the major media tomorrow, Lu Chen and Chen Feier will be the winners of the best men and women Singer in the Chinese song list, and will definitely be headline!

    "Long live!"

    Also boiling, and the "Whale TV" Lu Chen anchor room, this special network space has gathered more than 3 million + fans, is using their way to celebrate Lu Chen's victory.

    "Best male Singer, I am well deserved!"

    "Sahua celebration, my morning formidable might!"

    “Hahaha, it’s true that Lu Chen got the best male Singer and the Golden Melody is fair.”

    "I guess that's right, my best male Singer in the morning, my best female Singer, the double sword and the world Undefeatable!"

    “The people of Beijing sent a congratulatory message!”

    "The people of Huhai sent a congratulatory message!"


    With a series of congratulations, it is a dense and horrifying reward. The total number of fish balls obtained by the anchors is skyrocketing in real time with an amazing Speed.

    Rough estimate, wait until the live broadcast of the Awards ceremony, Lu Chen in the [Whale TV] can get a reward of at least 3 million +, the myth of this online live broadcast platform Legendary!

    At the same time, Lu Chen Studio updated the new blog post in time, and Lu Chen won the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List] best male Singer, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the fans who supported him.

    In this blog post, the number of hits exceeds 500,000 in just a few minutes. The number of forwarding, commenting, and replying is even more amazing. Lu Chen’s fans have expressed their congratulations on the studio official V and Lu Chen’s blog. I hope he can make persistent efforts to create new achievements!

    The only regret is that Lu Chen can't visit the Internet. He also wants to post one's own award speech on the spot.

    “Thank you, thank you to the Global Chinese Original Golden Songs Organizing Committee and the judges group for giving me this glory!”

    “Thank you, Lu Teacher, for presenting this trophy to me personally.”

    Facing the audience who gradually calmed down, Lu Chen said with a golden robes trophy: "Before I came here, I told the media that I hope to get the best male Singer.

    “In fact, I just used it as an incentive for one's own and it was my dream.”

    "Today, my dreams come true!"

    His Voice suddenly rose aloud and won warm applause from the audience.

    The applause was a little bit, and Lu Chen went on to say: "I want to thank a lot of people, my family, my friends, my teacher, Senior…There is also a girlfriend who is with me. ”

    He looked at Chen Feier, his eyes were deep and tender.

    Chen Feier waved her hand with a smile and her eyes twitched with tears.

    She is happy for Lu Chen and proud of Lu Chen.

    She remembered the scene when she first saw Lu Chen, and remembered the moment when she felt the first time for Lu Chen. The moment of heart movement made her grasp the happiness of her life.

    In contrast, it doesn't matter whether you can win a grand prize.

    The two have the same gaze and the same mind.

    It’s just that the scene is not suitable for show love. Lu Chen regained his gaze and continued: “For me one's own, Music is already one of the most important components of my life. It carries my joys, sorrows and joys, carrying my dreams. And wish."

    Although Lu Chen has put the focus of his career on the film, the first film of one's own has been busy for several months, and no new album or single has been released.

    However, in his heart, the popular career of Music is still very important and irreplaceable.

    The dream of 2015 changed Lu Chen's life. Music made him embark on a different life path. Music made him associate with Chen Feier, and Music made him have thousands of fans.

    Music is already an indispensable part of Lu Chen’s vitality!

    He fell in love with Music deeply, likes to sing with his guitar, likes to stay in the studio and pursue perfect performance over and over again, and likes to face thousands of fans singing Singing.

    "Wait until one day, when I am old, looking back today, I think the glory that Music brings to me at this moment can make me have no regrets, because I love Music as one's own life."

    Lu Chen's Voice, echoing in the sky above the main hall, is powerful!

    "Thank you for witnessing you at the moment, thank you all!"

    The applause sounded, and the audience and guests once again got up and greeted Lu Chen.

    They congratulated Lu Chen and thanked him for his contribution to the popular Chinese Musical World.

    Lu Chen, who got the best male Singer, didn't immediately end after the speech of the award. According to the arrangement of the organizing committee, he sang a song for the audience.

    This song was chosen by Lu Chen one's own early, and he didn't know if one's own had a chance to sing.

    This song is "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart"!

    "Where is the world full of flowers,

If it does exist then I will definitely go,

I want to stand on the highest mountain there,

Don't care if it is a cliff!

    Use your strength to live with love and even the liver and brain.

Don't be satisfied with anyone, as long as you are worthy of one's own

I never chose to give up on ideals.

Even in the days of gray face.


    I'm free running, facing cold eyes and ridicule!

    How can you feel the vastness of life without suffering?

Destiny, it can't make us beg for mercy,

Even the blood is full of arms!

    Keep running, with the pride of the red!

    The shining of life does not persist in the end, how can you see it,

It’s better to burn with it than to linger.

One day will sprout again!


    At this moment, only this song can sing the love and passion of Lu Chen’s heart. From nothing to the peak, he spent less than two years to complete the journey of countless Singer’s life.

    Even if there is a memory of wealth from another world, he has paid for one's own countless efforts, hard work, persistent pursuit…

    Lu Chen holding the guitar, high head and indulge in Singing, the whole world seems to be cheering for him.

    His radiance is so dazzling on this highly anticipated stage!


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