Chapter 529 I have heard your song

    With a shy smile, Mu Xiaochu stood up in the position and waved to everyone.

    Tonight, although she did not apply heavy makeup, but a beautiful white princess dress with the care of a dedicated stylist, a beautiful and lovely temperament beauty girl is presented in front of everyone.

    "Little sister!"

    The fans really like it, everyone laughs and shouts her name.

    Just Lu Chen apparently opened a Xiaoxiao joke with them. This is undoubtedly a pre-arranged Program, but it still gives the fans in the live and live broadcast rooms a big surprise.

    Like Lu Chen's fans, there are many people in perhaps who don't like Chen Feier's true girlfriend. As for the reasons, everyone knows, but I don't like Mu Xiaochu's sincere heart.

    The brother-sister friendship between Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu is really an odd number in the Entertainment Circle like a big dyed cylinder. The person with heart and soul said that Mu Xiaochu relied on Lu Chen’s upper position, but the fans’ eyes were bright. of.

    Mu Xiaochu's talent is very good, and she is very hard. The most important thing is that she is cheerful and kind. She usually writes blog posts in her blog. She never intervenes in the circle. It gives people the feeling of being simple and kind. .

    Such a beautiful and simple girl can naturally get the care of fans, and occasionally black powder appears, and it is often smeared by the majority of fans.

    In the cheering and cheering, Mu Xiaochu stepped onto the stage and took the microphone and Lu Chen stood side by side.

    Her face had a faint blush, showing a bit of joy and shame.

    Lu Chen said: "When this song is played, my younger sister and I will sing together and everyone will applaud."

    This is also used to say that everyone slammed the palm of your hand and made the atmosphere very lively.

    The music prelude sounds.

    Mu Xiaochu held the microphone. She turned her head and looked at Lu Chen. She sang: "I have heard your song, my big brother, I understand your heart, your emotions!"

    Lu Chen and her eyes are opposite, gentle and laughing: "Can I ask your name, because you are my friend, I have another friend."

    Mu Xiaochu avoided his gaze: "I don't care if you remember my name, I just want to hear your new song, your Voice!"

    Lu Chen: "I sincerely thank you for your love for you. I will give you this moment with Music!"

    "May your Voice always be with me."

    "I will try my best to use the best melodies to accompany you…"

    The two sang one and one, although there was no long time of practice, and it was a little bit strange at first, but it soon became tacit and sang the true charm of this song "I have heard your song."

    Mu Xiaochu's Voice is sweet and sweet, Lu Chen is clear and steady, but the song really touches people's hearts is not the singer's voice and melody, but the lyrics.

    On this stage, Mu Xiaochu is not a member of MSN, a well-known female group. She is a fan of Lu Chen, a deeply loved fan, who uses her voice to express one's own admiration.

    The sing between the two is the interaction between the big brother Celebrity and the little sister of the fans. It is so sweet and sweet, it makes people feel so beautiful in this world, what a wonderful thing.

    Indulge in love, blend into the song and the melody, Music's Charm such as the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus quietly drifting away.

    "Ahhhhhh, my favorite little sister!"

    "The front is thick, my younger sister is mine, and it can only be mine!"

    "You, pull the sword, let us decide to fight, for the younger sister!"

    "Oh, you guys, this group of weak chickens, the younger sister will not like it, only the bloody man like me…"

    "Oh, actually, I really want to see Xiaochu’s sister stay with me in the morning. What do you say?"

    "Yeah, yeah, the two are very good, your Philippine is not bad, just let me go together in the morning!"

    "Haha, I like my palace!"

    "Single-woman, we must have a single female lord, the harem will go all the way to death, not only the female owner will off the shelf!"

    "stand by…"

    [Whale TV] In the anchor room, many fans are noisy, but their attention is not on the song.

    But after all, there is a small amount of quarrels. Most of the fans are listening carefully, and then use the fish balls in their hands to express one's own favorite.

    The lyrics of "I have heard your songs" are very straightforward and straightforward. There is no deep connotation. The melody is also biased towards the mass flow. However, under the joint interpretation of Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu, the people are full. Warm and moving.

    "I have heard your song, my big brother, I wish you all the best!"

    "I sincerely thank you for your love for you. I will give you this moment with Music!"

    After singing, Lu Chen turned around and smiled and opened his arms to Mu Xiaochu.

    "Thank you!"

    Mu Xiaochu grinned and shouted with Lu Chen, and then thanked the fans together.


    Everyone applauded and someone shouted: "Sing another song!"

    Although Lu Chen’s fans thanked him at night, at this moment on the stage, Mu Xiaochu’s popularity is no less than Lu Chen’s.

    Chen Feier, who is sitting in the VIP seat, is also applauding.

    Chen Feier knows that Mu Xiaochu and Lu Chen’s time are exactly the same. Her relationship with Mu Xiaochu is also very good, so she actually understands Mu Xiaochu’s feelings for Lu Chen.

    Not only the friendship between brothers and sisters, but the love of a girl is a girl’s jealousy. It’s just that Mu Xiaochu knows how to restrain. She doesn’t dare to love and hate like many girls now, dare to speak out loudly, but to love this. Deep in my heart, I have no intention of intervening in the feelings of Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    To be honest, Chen Feier said that it is impossible to have a little bit of acidity. The woman in love is always selfish. I hope that the lover will always belong to one's own and will not tolerate others.

    But for the simple and kind Mu Muchu, Chen Feier really can't afford any arrogance. The most important thing is that she knows that Lu Chen has nothing but brother and sister for Mu Xiaochu.

    Maybe time will dilute everything, I believe that Mu Xiaochu has grown up and will naturally look for true love.

    Chen Feier thought in her heart and sent Mu Xiaochu to the stage with applause.

    Lu Chen is of course still on stage.

    Tonight, he is the protagonist. After singing "I have heard your song" with Mu Xiaochu, he continued to sing "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky", "You at the Same Table", "Jiangnan", etc. s work.

    During the period, as a special guest, the band and MSN played separately and each sang a famous work, which made the fans who were present full of addiction, and constantly pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.


Note: "I heard your song" lyrics / song: Wang Hao (to be continued ~ ^ ~)

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