Chapter 542, Boarding the Peak (below)

    Lu Chen, Yu Ming, Wang Quanfeng, Xue An and Ouyang Yu!

    [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] The best male Singer 5 nominee candidates.

    In the Chinese language Musical World, the male Singer has occupied more than half of the country, so no matter what the Music Award, the best male Singer is the most important and most eye-catching.

    Therefore, in some of the Music Awards in previous years, there were even a number of male Singers who also won the "best" strange things.

    [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] Best Male Singer, only one!

    The main hall of the National Grand Theatre suddenly became quiet, with 5,000 spectators and guests holding their breath, waiting for the most weighty award to reveal the answer.

    Together with those who watched the live broadcast of the Music Festival in front of TVs and computers.

    The five Singers who were nominated, Yu Ming’s voice is undoubtedly the highest.

    The 40-year-old singer has a brilliant resume. In his 20-year singing career, he has released 15 solo albums. The total sales volume of the album has exceeded 22 million. In the popular Musical World, it is undoubtedly One of the top people.

    On qualifications, Reputation, fame, connections…Yu Ming must steadily surpass the other four opponents.

    Including Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen is among the five nominees, and his popularity is second only to Yu Ming.

    Xue An and Ouyang Yu are not weak. They have wonderful performances in 2016, but they are from Baodao and Xiangjiang respectively. Participating in the highest popular Music evaluation of Domestic is undoubtedly the loss of “land” and “human harmony”.

    Of course, these two are still nominated in the "Best Overseas Men Singer".

    The term "overseas" as used here refers mainly to the three major SARs and Southeast Asian countries, as well as the Chinese-Korean population of Japanese and Korean in Europe and the United States.

    As for Wang Quanfeng, it basically belongs to accompanying running.

    Therefore, in the eyes of most people, the best male Singer competition is mainly between Lu Chen and Yu Ming.

    Yu Ming’s advantage is obvious, but he is not without weaknesses.

    In 2016, Yu Ming did not release a solo album. He only had two singles. Although both songs had been the leader of the summit, they were undoubtedly compared to Lu Chen’s impressive achievements in the popular Musical World. clumsy.

    This makes the competition for the best male Singer a huge suspense.

    The judges group of [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] will vote for more votes?

    Everyone is waiting to see.

    The person responsible for revealing the answer is Lu Ning, the vice chairman of the China Music Association. The well-respected and famous Musician has always been concerned about the development of the popular Mexican music. The establishment of the Global Chinese Original Gold Song List is also inseparable from his strong support. And push.

    In addition, Lu Ning is also the chairman of the judges group of the Golden Melody.

    This judges group has 72 judges, which are basically well-known figures in the industry. There are popular Senior Worlds that have long since retired, senior executives with media news circles, famous music commentators and educators.

    Fairness, openness and fairness are the principles of the judges group of the Golden Melody.

    Lu Ning is the cornerstone of the three principles of guarantee.

    He personally came to be the best male Singer Awards, which also fully illustrates the importance and gold content of this award.

    Facing the audience of 5,000 spectators, Lu Ning, who was already white and gray, opened the red envelope with ease and pulled out the paper with the winner's name printed on it.

    The seven cameras placed on site were all aimed at him.

    Lu Ning's gaze condensed and landed on the unfolded letter paper, which solidified for three seconds.

    And the feeling of giving these three seconds is so long, people are wondering if something is wrong.

    The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became dignified and depressed.

    At this time, several cameras under the command of the pilot gave five candidates a scene in time.

    Yu Ming face with a smile is very calm, but his eyes still reveal a trace of tension, although he has won countless awards in his previous 20 years of singing career, the first [Global Chinese Original Gold List] most The slogan of Jia Ying Singer is quite different.

    Lu Chen is calm and focused. His hands and Chen Fei's hands are tightly held, obviously the heart and the surface are different.

    Xue An and Ouyang Yu and others are either nervous or excited, and they all show their strong expectations.

    Just listening to Lu Ning slowly said: "Get…"

    "The best male Singer in the global Chinese original hit list is…"

    "Lu Chen!"

    The last two words, the famous Musician added a tone, and the bite was exceptionally clear.

    His Voice is transported through the microphone to the digital music processing equipment along the cable at the speed of light. Then, with the hi-fi sounds arranged around the hall, it is clearly introduced to the audience of 5,000 guests, as well as the number of TVs and computers. Tens of millions of viewers in the ears.

    Lu Chen!

    The first [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] The best male Singer belongs to Lu Chen. The young Singer, who has been debuting for less than two years, has also pushed him to the peak of the Chinese popular Musical World.

    It's a little weird, but it's just a matter of course!

    Looking back at 2016, the Chinese popular Musical World can't find a male Singer who is better than Lu Chen. The original works he created and sung deeply influenced the whole song, which largely reversed the original Popularity. The songs cover a lot, plagiarize, and imitate the Japanese and Korean works of Europe and the United States.

    From the second half of 2015 to the first half of 2016, Lu Chen's work frequently appeared on the original sound list. His second album, The Ordinary Road, created excellent sales results. The first ten works on the album Boutique, street knows the street and sings red and north and south.

    Winning the best male Singer of the year, Lu Chen is truly deserved, even if he does not like him, can not deny his achievements and popularity in the coming year, can not ignore his contribution to the popular Musical World .

    “Congratulations Lu Chen!”

    As Lu Chen's biggest competition opponent, Yu Ming, who lost this important award, stood up and applauded and sent one-to-one sincere congratulations to the winner.

    Of course, he is very sorry, but he is not disappointed, and there is no dissatisfaction.

    Even if he lost to a very younger generation.

    Because Lu Chen’s performance in 2016 is really good, the voting results of the Golden Jubilee judges group are fair.

    "Congratulations you!"

    Chen Feier first gave Lu Chen a big hug, full of joy and smile.

    Then the guests and the audience stood up, and the cluttered applause quickly became completely simultaneous, as if it was a summer storm, swept through the main hall of the National Theatre.


    Sitting next to Lu Chen, Tan Hong and Liao Jia and others hugged Lu Chen and patted his back to encourage support.

    "Thank you!""Thank you! ”

    Lu Chen went all the way, I don’t know how many blessings and congratulations I received.

    This is his peak moment!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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