Chapter 525 Numbers

    Time flies, unconsciously 2016 has passed, and 2017 came quietly.

    On the first day of the New Year, Lu Chen’s first lunch was eaten at Xu Ji Restaurant with his girlfriend and sister.

    There are many private restaurants in Beijing that are not familiar to the public. They are often hidden in the corners of the deep lanes. Only the real old man knows the exact location, and often needs to book to enjoy the delicious.

    The Xuji Restaurant on the edge of the Third Ring Road is one of them. Its master chef Fu is a retired national banquet chef and enjoys a high reputation in the industry, so this restaurant has become a frequent destination for many Beijing celebrities.

    In Xiaoya's elegant room, Lu Xi, who had just tasted a casserole and elk gluten, wiped her mouth with satisfaction. She gracefully took the teacup and cleared her mouth, as if inadvertently said: "This time, Mom asked me to ask. Ask you, when will you prepare for the license to do something happy?"

    Last night's [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] Awards ceremony, Lu Xi did not participate, not that she did not want to come, but there are important things to go back to the seaside home, so the lack of skills.

    Of course, I also visited my family by the way. My sister didn’t go home for a long time.

    Now Lu Chen studio is relying on Lu Xi alone, although Lu Chen temporarily put the focus of his career on the Xiangjiang side, but this does not mean that Beijing can relax here, there are many things in all aspects.

    For example, at the end of the year, the studio's accounts need to be counted, and the amount of money involved is quite large.

    Lu Xi is completely tied to Lu Chen's side, and her sister is so busy that she doesn't even have time to fall in love.

    So I saw Lu Chen and Chen Feier, both of them, I am a bit uncomfortable!


    Lu Chen suddenly stunned and didn't know how to answer.

    He has never thought about this problem.

    "Ah for what!"

    Lu Xibai gave him a look and said: "Are you prepared to drag Feier like this all the time? Of course, your men are fine. The older the more the more delicious, the more women we can have, the more we can squander, and then say…"

    “Mother still wants to wait for her grandson!?”

    Lu Chen’s surprise turned into a bitter smile.

    Chen Fei's pretty face is faint and said: "I don't worry about it for a while, let's talk about it in two years."

    In fact, she had talked with Lu Chen about the marriage. The unanimous decision of the two people was put on hold for a while, not to say what the fans are affecting, mainly because the current career of the two is expanding, not the right time for marriage.

    As for the birth of a child, Chen Feier’s idea is that she will have a child in the future, and she will retreat.

    Celebrity is also a mortal, and having children is completely different.

    Lu Xi said: "You don't want to care about him everything. It is not a bad thing to get married early, but you have to make a decision on one's own life. Mother doesn't mean you."

    Lu Chen suddenly breathed a sigh of relief: "I know."

    Lu Xi shook his head and hated the iron: "With you!"

    After eating this lunch, Lu Chen first sent Chen Feier back to Zichengyuan, and then took her sister to the studio.

    When he arrived at the office, Lu Xi took out a prepared financial statement for Lu Chen.

    The above content is the basic income and expenditure of Lu Chen studio in 2016.

    In 2016, Lu Chen Studio, which was established for a short time, was undoubtedly a year of rapid development and harvest. During this year, the studio staff doubled and the office space was moved to the current art park. Has a larger expansion space.

    Although the increase in personnel and the replacement of office space have brought a lot of cost, the construction of high-end studios has also cost a lot of money, but it is nothing compared to income.

    A "Blue Life and Death" and a "Full House" have made Lu Chen studio the name of the dark horse in the film and television circle. The benefits brought by the super high Viewership Ratings have made the studio earn a full pot. .

    Just the two big-selling drama series, studio's profit is steadily over 100 million, and it is pure profit.

    In addition, in 2016, Lu Chen endorsed a total of 7 brands/enterprises, with a total endorsement fee of more than 30 million, selling nearly 30 original songs and more than 20 million.

    Coupled with the sales profit of "The Ordinary Road", the reward of [Whale TV], etc., Lu Chen has now steadily ranked among the millions of Celebrity, and the income can definitely be ranked in the top three!

    This ability to absorb gold is terrible.

    But Lu Chen’s money is not just one's own to make money, and he has made a lot of money with him, such as Beijing Satellite TV, Zhejiang East TV, Haijin Satellite TV, and Gande Brothers, Crown Pictures, Flying Stone Records, etc. I shared a delicious cake in cooperation.

    Because of this, people who came to the door last year to seek cooperation did not know how much.

    In the circle, Lu Chen has become a favorite of many people.

    Fortunately, he went to Xiangjiang to go, otherwise these visitors are too late to entertain.

    "There was a VC in the past few days…"

    Lu Xi said in an understatement: "I want to invest in our studio and say that it helps us to list on Domestic."


    That Lu Chen studio first wants Level Up to become a company, recruiting and expanding the basic disk, and then opening several projects to increase the profit prospects, coupled with the huge investment and efforts to succeed.

    Lu Chen’s ambitions are not that big: “unreasonable.”

    His mind is sober-minded. At present, the development of studio is fast enough. It should be properly stable and stable. It is not advisable to become bigger and stronger blindly.

    "is unreasonable…"

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "We have earned enough money. It doesn't list on the market. It does not matter. Don't make a wedding dress for others. But I heard that Muchen crowdfunding is going to be listed in Xiangjiang?"

    As the founder of Crowdfunding Network, Lu Chen also owns 10% of the original shares that cannot be diluted in Mu Chen. Once Mu Chen crowdfunding is listed on Xiangjiang, his assets can be turned over at least several times.

    Lu Chen nodded: "There is basically no big problem."

    If all goes well, Muchen Crowdfunding should be listed in Xiangjiang in May and June this year.

    It can be said that the current money is a few figures for Lu Chen. I recalled that he worked hard in Beijing two years ago and worked hard to pay back the debts that the family seemed to be unclear forever. thousand.

    Life is so wonderful, fate is so incredible.

    Seeing that Lu Chen was caught in the meditation of memories, Lu Xi did not say anything more. She quietly left the office and let Lu Chen think quietly.

    In the afternoon, Lu Chen accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV Variety Channel in the office.

    At 7 o'clock in the evening, Lu Chen came to the long-lost Houhai Forgetting Grass Bar.

    Because here, there is a meeting of his fans.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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