Chapter 528 is a very happy thing

    "Good evening, everybody!"

    Lu Chen smiled and waved at the scene of the fans, as if to say hello to friends.

    Many Celebrity artists like to choose a fan appreciation meeting in a bar or a small venue. Because the distance between the two sides is very close, they virtually eliminate each other's barriers, so that these Luck fans can really feel the idol. Charm.

    "good evening!"

    The fans’ response is not to mention the enthusiasm. The atmosphere created by the two hundred less fans makes people feel like they are at the scene of the concert. It is warm, hot and hot!

    Lu Chen adjusted the position of the microphone, and then said with a smile: "Thank you all for coming to this fan appreciation meeting, you are my best fans, and also the best friend. I heard that there are friends from Qionghai and It’s really hard and difficult to fly over Xijiang.”

    "So the first song of this evening is dedicated to fans from afar!"

    "A "The Ordinary Road", for everyone."

    The applause sounded loudly, and the pieces were supposed to be aided by fluorescent cards, and the lights on the stage reflected each other.

    Lu Chen holding the guitar, he took a deep breath, and his look became serious and sinking.

    His eyes looked at the I'm free side, as if wearing a void to look at the future.

    "Those who wander around ,on the road ,Are you leaving now?
Viavia. ”

    "Fragile, proud, That is how I once was."

    "Those who are passionate , and upset , Where are you leaving for viavia."

    "Like a mystery , and so silent , Are you really listening to the story ?"

    "I've crossed untold mountains and oceans , As well as through huge crowds , "Once , "But soon , "Once , Only to find the only answer is on the ordinary road ! ”


The "The Ordinary Road" is the title song of Lu Chen's second album. It has already been a familiar work by fans and one of Lu Chen's masterpieces.

    When I heard the familiar melody, the familiar Voice, the fans on the scene quickly and quietly, they listened attentively and enjoyed the life-specific Charm.

    At this moment, for fans who are sitting in front of the computer or holding a flat cell phone to watch the live broadcast of [Whale TV], the feeling is very different.

    Especially those iron rice who have been following Lu Chen and not abandoning and witnessing his growth have all been inexplicably moved.

    Time flies and time flies, the past will not come back, but the memories are still in my heart.

    These beautiful, warm, moving memories were revived by this "The Ordinary Road".

    “…Tomorrow is just around the corner hiahia, With the breeze blowing there is a long way to go , where is your story? ”

    After the song was finished, the atmosphere of the scene solidified for three seconds, and then the applause exploded!

    Others blew a loud whistle.

    "Thank you, thank you all!"

    Lu Chen smiled and looked forward to thank you.

    The applause is more heated, and the sounds of cheers and cheers come and go, and the sounds of the waves must be overturned on the roof of the bar.

    After a few minutes, the atmosphere on the scene was finally restored.

    Lu Chen said: "Everyone knows that last night I got Luck's best composer and best male Singer award in the Global Chinese Original Gold Song List."

    "Although these two awards are selected by the judges group, I think if you don't have the support and love of all of you, I will definitely not get these two awards. Of course, let the evening's thank-you meeting be justified, otherwise it will be eaten. The duck egg, it can only be changed into a fan meeting, let me spit up."

    There was a laugh in the bar and then applause.

    Lu Chen continued: "The past year has been like a dream to me…"

    He slyly told, some sentimental voices were spoken out, not pretentious and unpretentious, as if they were pulling home with friends, let fans fans see one's own more real side.

    Halo, who stripped the Celebrity idol, was not much different from the ordinary big boy next door. He was kind and easygoing, and he never treated the fans high.

    After chatting for a few minutes, Lu Chen said: "Thank you for listening patiently to me, surely there are friends who are still not singing, I want to listen to the song!"

    Everyone laughed at once.

    Not to mention, in the anchor room of [Whale TV], there are quite a few fans who are playing the curtains and listening to the songs.

    Then these incompetent guys were sprayed by the big guys.

    Lu Chen said that he understood: "Then I will sing, sing the first, and sing the new song. How are you saying?"

    New song ah?

    The fans are all overjoyed and screamed in unison: "Good!"

    Their Voice is so neat and loud!

    When Lu Chen’s fans are actually a very happy thing.

    Why do you say this way?

    Because Lu Chen can always come up with one or a few new songs from time to time, and these songs are excellent, nice works, so that fans are pleasantly surprised.

    Two albums, "You at the Same Table" and "The Ordinary Road", all the 20 songs are the original of Lu Chen's own. Under the atmosphere of the popular Musical World cover plagiarism, he seems to be a vast The clear stream has blown away the filth, so that everyone can see the hope and future of the Chinese popular Music.

    As a fan of Lu Chen, how can you be unhappy?

    The Golden Songs judges group awarded the best composer and best male Singer to Lu Chen, instead of a deeper and more famous competition opponent than his qualifications, and also affirmation and praise for Lu Chen's contribution.

    Since the album "The Ordinary Road", Lu Chen did not launch a new time, although he said in the "Love in Life" sung by Xiangjiang, it is a Cantonese song.

    Now I hear Lu Chen want to sing new song, whether it is the fans in the scene or the anchor room, it is especially surprising!

    Lu Chen intentionally sold a Xiaoxiao's Guanzi: "This song requires two people to sing, so I have to invite a friend to go on stage, so who wants?"

    "Please raise your hand if you like!"


    Many fans are a bit dumbfounded. Since it is new song, how can others sing?

    But more fans, regardless of their hands, shouted: "I, me!"

    Lu Chen smiled and stretched his finger to the right side of the stage and said, "That is this friend, this girl in a white dress is you!"

    Everyone’s eyes looked at the past in unison, and they all enjoyed it.

    The girls pointed by Lu Chen are very beautiful and very cute, and everyone is familiar.

    She is a member of MSN. In the eyes of everyone, Lu Chen’s sister is also the best sister of all fans.

    Mu Xiaochu!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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